Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – DVD!

Hey, remember that time we were on the TV being all expert and that with comedian Rhod Gilbert? Well…

The Welsh production company behind TV comedy show Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, is launching an online campaign to finally bring more of the BAFTA Cymru award winning series out on DVD.

End of the wedding

Zipline Creative producers Rhys and Nathan, are close to launching a Kickstarter campaign to allow fans to pre-order copies of Series 3 & 4 as a DVD boxset and in an attempt to guarantee its release.

“We’ve always wanted the show to be released on DVD, but unfortunately although we’re the producers, directors, editors, do the camera and the sound with Rhod, the rights are actually owned by a much bigger media company outside of Wales. To cut a long story short, we just haven’t been able to do it.” says Nathan.

“Usually it’s giant corporations releasing these kinds of products, so as a tiny company based in the valleys it’s going to be a real underdog battle to get it off the ground. We hope fans of the show and followers of Mr Gilbert will get involved to help us achieve our goal.”

The critically acclaimed show sees stand up comedian Rhod Gilbert try his hand at an eclectic mix of jobs with hilarious results. Since the first series aired in 2010, Rhod has experienced careers all across Wales, from Bin Man to Fighter Pilot, Zoo Keeper to Mum, Policeman to Drag Artist and more.

BKkDuSxCAAAloWeThe series 3 and 4 DVD will feature arguably some of the best episodes of the comedy show to date. Who can forget Rhod dragging a bunch of Welsh pensioners on a chocolate snorting holiday to Belgium in the Coach Tour Guide show. Or even Scott Williams’ castle and Ella May’s play doh boat from the Teacher episode.

“We’re trusting in the support of our fan base to help us get them the DVD they’ve been craving all these years!” says Rhys Waters, also a producer and director of the show.

“It’s been frustrating because we’ve repeatedly had to tell eager fans ‘we don’t know’ whenever they’ve asked us when they might be able to buy the DVD.”

208939_10151375771428932_41807911_n“Kickstarter felt like the natural choice, as aside from working with the incredibly talented and funny Mr Gilbert, one thing that’s always brilliant about Work Experience is its loyal fans. So we’re creating something that allows fans to become part of the show”, said Rhys. “We can offer a lot more than just a copy of the programmes, they’ll have their names on the DVD, DVD’s and posters signed by Rhod, alongside some genuine props and costumes.”

Some of the goodies that the team hope to offer backers include:

  • Special Kickstarter limited edition design DVD Box sets of series 3&4 with Bonus features SIGNED BY RHOD.
  • An invite to the exclusive screening of 4 selected episodes of Work Experience.
  • Rhod / Rachel’s Wig from the ‘Drag Artist’ Episode.
  • The original Give a S#!t Weddings T-Shirt from the Wedding Planner Episode.
  • Give a S#!t Weddings Car Signage from the Wedding Planner Episode.
  • Rhod’s ‘finger gym’ from the Male Model episode.
  • Rhod’s ‘Rhod Squad Scout’s Camp Badge’ from the Scout Leader episode.
  • One of Rhod’s ‘Edwards Coaches Ties’ from the Coach Tour Guide Episode.
  • A Rhod Signed original limited edition promotional poster for the series.
  • Limited edition collage wall art piece featuring all Patrick Olner’s amazing photographs commissioned for Series 3 & 4.


521334_522797641095370_1219139076_nOn top of this, the team will be trawling the archives for as many extras and deleted scenes as they can cram on the disk. “Since we make the show, we know the footage and original edits really well. This gives us the unique ability to create additional funny scenes and unseen moments for those who want a bit more.” Said Rhys.

Although Rhod himself is not directly involved in the Kickstarter project, he backs Rhys and Nathan’s campaign and wants to see them achieve success. “I could not believe my ears when I heard those crazy dudes Rhys and Nathan were starting this campaign, but my ears were right and they are, so I wish them all the best. I’ll lob in some signed DVD’s or boxsets, and bits of work experience memorabilia for a few dedicated investors too!”

If you think you’d like to get your hands on some of these goodies or just show some moral support keep an eye on the @rhodsworkex twitter feed or follow Zipline Creative on Facebook, or alternatively email info@ziplinecreative.co.uk to get signed up for campaign updates.

“We are offering pledges starting at £1, so there’s an opportunity for all fans to support the project if they want. Hopefully we’ll get enough people behind us, if not then we’ll disappear back behind the cameras never to be seen in public again!” Said Rhys.

“It’s a bit of an all or nothing venture. Either Kickstarter works, and we can cover the rights of the show for release, or it doesn’t and to be honest, we’re not sure what will happen next.” says Nathan.

Press Release published on http://www.ohsoperfect.co.uk – all words by Zipline Creative. Samantha from Oh So Perfect features in series 4 episode 1 – The Wedding Planner. 

Top Tips: How To Handle Wedding Stress

There’s no denying that wedding planning can be very stressful, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first bride to admit feeling it either. When wedding planning reaches its most complicated, it can be easy to get caught up in the negatives and emotions of it all and lose sight of what it’s really all about…

…but? It’s about you getting married. It’s about saying ‘I do!’ It’s about realising how much you love somebody, and making that commitment to them in front of all your nearest and dearest.

It’s not about whether Auntie Jacqui and Uncle Marvin can bear to spend one afternoon in the same room as each other, and it’s certainly not about whether or not anyone will notice what colour ribbon was on the guest book either.

Whilst all of the little wedding details can be super exciting to think about and plot and plan, they’re certainly not worth losing your head over. Try to keep sight of the bigger picture and what’s really important…

Here  are some top tips to help you get your calm back:


Take a break

Your wedding doesn’t need to be on your mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s OK to take some time off to think about something else for a few days. Maybe even for a whole week!

Ban the word ‘wedding’

Make an agreement with your fiancé/family/best friend to ban the word wedding from your vocabulary on certain days. For example, no one is allowed to discuss anything wedding related on Monday through to Wednesday… or after 6pm on a Saturday… or at the dinner table…. or when Game Of Thrones is on… etc.

Have a pre-wedding mini-moon

Who says the honeymoon is only allowed after the wedding? Book a cosy weekend away with your fiancé to have some fun and relaxation and remember exactly why you fell in love in the first place… that’s why you decided to get married after all isn’t it?

Write a list and scribble it out!

Jot down all the things that are bothering you or making you feel most stressed. For each one, ask yourself out loud – does it really matter? If the answer is ‘yes’ then sit down and write the reasons why, and what you can do to fix it. If it’s ‘no’ draw a big line through it and yell out ‘it doesn’t matter!’ Maybe ask your bridesmaids to do this with you for a bit of moral support, and an outsider’s perspective too!

Delegate, delegate, delegate…

Believe it or not, there are lots of people who will want to help you with your wedding! Bridesmaids are there to be useful, and mothers LOVE any opportunity to get involved. Why not offload a few of the smaller tasks to them and take some of the stress off yourself for a while.

Call in the Professionals

No, I don’t mean a shrink! Many wedding planners now provide a helping hand for couples organising their own wedding by offering a one-off wedding help session. Book in an hour or two with your nearest wedding planner to talk through your plans so far and check you’re on track with all that you need to do. Some (myself included!) even offer this service over the phone or Skype to lend a listening ear and offer some tips and advice to help you on your way.

Step away from the Pinterest board!

Pinterest is a beautiful blessing, isn’t it? But it’s also a bit of a curse! Let me say this simply – your wedding will (probably not/ very unlikely/ it’s pretty doubtful) look exactly like that one there in that picture. That picture (probably not/ very unlikely/ it’s pretty doubtful ) wasn’t even a real wedding in the first place. Be inspired, but don’t become obsessed…. you’ll only disappoint yourself later.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Whatever the bridal blogs may tell you, truthfully, the biggest part of your wedding day is the bit where you say ‘I do!’ After all, isn’t that technically what the whole meaning of the day is really all about?

Don’t lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing. You are getting married. Not designing a feature shoot for Hello Magazine.

Feelings Come First

People won’t remember what shade of cream the napkins were, or how many teeny tiny lavender buds were mixed in with the confetti you scattered next to the home-made bunting (which, by the way, was an exact colour match of the bridesmaids’ knickers.)

People remember how pretty you looked when you smiled your way down the aisle; how they teared-up a little when your dad made his father of the bride speech; and what incredible shapes Granny threw on the dance floor to the sounds of Robin Thicke.

Don’t let your memory of the wedding be how stressed out you made yourself trying to figure out many portions of wedding cake it might take to fill up a vintage vase on a dessert table.


Right now. Turn off the lap top. Put down your iPad. You’re reading wedding articles again and you shouldn’t be. Now, go apply a face mask and make a cup of tea. (Or get back to work – you office time rebel, you!)

This article was written by Samantha Imbimbo and first published on www.weddingplanner.co.uk. It has since been published on www.ohsoperfect.co.uk and ukcelebrant.co.uk. All words and images are the property of Samantha Imbimbo. 

Top Tips: Advice for the boys on Stag Web

Our expert opinion bad been expressed once again, this week on Stag Web’s latest blog feature: ‘How To Get Married & Live To Tell The Tale.’

The full article, full of tongue in cheek tips and somewhat amusing advice, is available to view on www.stagweb.co.uk… But here’s a little snippet of our input on what to do when you’re the boy planning a big day.


Top Tips: Wedding Day Timings 

It can be quite difficult working out the timings for your wedding if you’ve never planned a big event before, as the last thing you want to do is plan an unrealistic wedding day schedule which your suppliers struggle to keep up with! That, or you might find your guests feelings a little bit lost and forgotten or otherwise rushed at various points in the day.

It is important to keep a good, steady pace throughout your day, and to not attempt to fit too much activity into a short period of time, or indeed leave long empty periods between entertaining points in the day that can really disrupt the party atmosphere.

Fear not though, as below is a rough guide to planning your timings on your wedding day, whatever your plans…
No matter how low maintenance you may believe yourself to be, it is always important to make sure you give yourself and your party enough time to get ready on the morning of your wedding. It may only take you 30 minutes to do your hair and make up on a normal day, but this definitely isn’t any normal day at all! Not only might there be a fair few of you waiting to get hold of the hair tongs, you’ll also be busy having fun, sipping champagne, chatting, giggling, and taking photographs, so give yourself a good few hours of getting ready time – it’s all part of the fun, after all!

At Oh So Perfect, we always make sure our bride is in her wedding dress an hour before the ceremony, to allow time for photographs, make up touch-ups, and for generally getting comfortable and taking some time to breathe and relax under all those layers! It can take up to 30 minutes to put on your dress too, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time, especially if you have a complex set of corsets, laces and buttons to do up at the back.

Depending on whether you marry in a church, with a registrar, or by using an independent celebrant, your ceremony may differ in its length from anywhere between 20 minutes to one hour. Even so, it is good to get your guests arriving about 30 minutes beforehand, and ensure everyone is seated before the bride arrives. After the ceremony, head straight out into your drinks reception, or on to the waiting transport to move you to your next venue, as any waiting around may confuse your guests as to where they’re going next.

It is traditional to hold a receiving line either at the exit of your church ceremony, or later on in the entrance to the wedding breakfast. Although traditional, most couples now opt to leave this out of their day altogether, and we couldn’t recommend this more!
A good receiving line can add around 30-45 minutes to your day, and may cause an uncomfortable queue leaving guests feeling a little bit impatient and bored. It’s far better to factor 20 minutes of time into your drinks reception to mingle freely with your welcoming guests, than to have them formally stand and greet you.

Your drinks reception should be no shorter than one hour, but certainly no longer than two! 90 minutes is about right to give your guests plenty of time to drink, laugh, mingle and chat before they begin to get tired on their feet. If you have a smaller party of guests, 60 minutes is ample too.

Plan with your photographer to start your couple portraits as soon as possible after the ceremony as your guests will be eagerly awaiting your return to say their congratulations to you. Ensure group photographs are taken at the start of the drinks reception too, so that your guests are free to mingle afterwards – save trying to round them all up again for photos later once they’ve already dispersed around the venue.

Aim to finish your couple portraits with at least 20 minutes to spare at the end of the reception, allowing you time to relax, freshen up and spend some time with your guests before the wedding breakfast call through.

For bigger parties of 150 guests or more, we recommend you call through to dinner about 30 minutes before food service is scheduled to start. For smaller groups 15-20 minutes is plenty to get everyone freshened up and seated before you are formally announced in to the room.
Ask your ushers to circulate amongst your guests during the drinks reception and remind people to check the table plan ahead of the call through to dinner. Also, position someone next to the table plan to help guests in finding their names and seats, to help speed up their entrance into the dining area.

As a general rule for any three course sit down meal, we recommend you allow 30 minutes for a starter, 60 minutes for the main course, and 30 minutes for dessert. These timings include the course being served, guests eating their food, and the plates being taken away afterwards. For exceptionally large weddings, you may need a total time of up to 3 hours for dinner. For smaller weddings, perhaps include a round of tea and coffee into your 90 minutes so as not to keep guests waiting at their tables towards the end of the meal.
In any case, always speak to your catering team to gain a clear idea of how long you should leave for the dinner service. They know their own team and their timing capabilities better than anyone!

If ever there is a moment in the wedding day most likely to disrupt your planned schedule, it is the speeches! No matter how simple and short you think they may be, never underestimate the full length of a good speech once a confident speaker gets going!!
So often our brides tell us “don’t worry, we’re only having a few speeches and I’ve told my dad/fiancé/best man to keep it short!” but truthfully, we’ve seen those same brides sat an hour into the proceedings, still listening to Dad wittering on about how proud he is of his little girl, with another 30 minutes of material stuffed up his sleeve yet to come!
We typically advise allowing 45 minutes to one hour for your speeches, as a worst case scenario. Or, 10-15 minutes per person.

If you have lots of speeches planned from multiple speakers, or if you know they’ll all likely be long ones once they get going, perhaps consider breaking them up throughout the day. For example, have the Father of the Bride and the Groom give their speech during the drinks reception, with the Best Man going alone after dinner, and anyone else who is contributing saying a few words as you cut the cake, or before your first dance.

Nervous speakers sometimes ask to give their speeches before the meal, so that they can relax and eat afterwards. Whilst we do sympathise with this, we would advise you to carry out your speeches between the main course and dessert, as if your speakers talk for longer than planned, this may disrupt the timings in the kitchen and allow food to go spoiled, and your hungry guests will begin to fidget at their tables in the hope of dinner being served soon!

If you are inviting evening guests to your wedding, it is best to time their arrival to start approximately one hour after dinner is cleared, as this will allow for any overspill of timings during the wedding breakfast part of the day, and give the venue time to do any clearing-up and moving around of the room.

If possible, have a designated area for your evening guests to arrive in, with access to a bar and some form of entertainment. This way, if your day is running over a little, at least your evening guests won’t feel as though they’re waiting too long to join you, or even worse, as though they’re crashing a part of the wedding they weren’t invited to.

A first dance usually starts around 8 or 9pm, essentially within the first hour of the evening reception. Even with the DJ spinning the best tunes, many of your guests will feel as though they can’t take to the dancefloor until you have, so try to have your first dance as soon as you’re ready, as this will allow the party to really get started!

It is up to you when you choose to call an end to your wedding day – you may never want it to finish! Guests will typically begin leaving around 11pm though, so midnight is a pretty good formal finish time for most. But remember, if you’re staying in a hotel with a night bar, or indeed if you’re having your wedding on private property, you’re free to carry on your celebrations in to the night with those guests who are staying. Just remember to ensure permission from the venue to party on into the small hours, and be cautious of any noise curfews in the neighbourhood!

This article was first written by Samantha Imbimbo for www.weddingplanner.co.uk. For more information about planning your wedding day visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk 

Jenny & Ben – Dairy Barns

Jenny married Ben in a beautiful Dairy Barn in North Norfolk, on Easter weekend 26th March 2016. 

Oh So Perfect’s Samantha not only had the privilege of attending  and assisting this wedding, she also had the absolute honour of performing a very special role on the day – being a bridesmaid! 

Despite being part of the main wedding party, Samantha’s ‘wedding coordinator hat’ couldn’t be completely left at home this weekend, and her pink clipboard perfectly complimented the pretty pale dress as she coordinated the day between sips of pink champagne.

On Good Friday, Samantha set to work primping and preening the beautifully selected wild flowers into rustic jars to form the centrepieces, whilst Oh So Perfect’s Daniel and the boys set to work in the barn draping home made bunting and hanging the ‘Bird Twitchers’table plan amongst the wooden eaves. 

On the wedding day itself, Samantha had the pleasure of announcing the new Mr & Mrs into the wedding breakfast, before tucking in to bangers and mash, followed by apple crumble and custard – yum! There were also scrumptious dairy ice creams and sweet pancakes to be devoured! 

OSP’s Daniel played a part in keeping the ceremony running smoothly and looking after the PA system too whilst Samantha flaffed with the wedding dress! 

There was a real ‘all hands on deck’ feel to this wedding, with the wedding cake being baked by the bride’s friend, and one of the most professional homemade photo booths ever seen hidden upstairs! 

Jen & Ben really did provide their guests with a most gorgeous day to be enjoyed by all… And it was a pleasure to be a part of it! X

 Well, even the greatest wedding planners need a little extra time to party!! 

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk to view our full range of planning and coordination services. 

Go Hen Feature: A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

  Oh So Perfect wedding planner Samantha gave an insight this week into what it takes to coordinate a wedding for online hen party experts Go Hen. Follow the link to read the article ‘A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner’ on http://www.gohen.com and see Samantha’s input as a feature writer for this popular website…

 Go Hen Feature: A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner 

Read the rest of the article online now! 

Image: GoHen.com

Top Tips: Children at Weddings

Lot’s of couples now are opting to have child-free weddings, and that’s OK – remember it’s your day, your way!

Read on for some top tips on how to deal with children and your wedding day, whether or not you decide to invite them…



Be clear on who you are inviting from the very beginning, by specifically addressing those invited on the invitation. If you are choosing to invite only the adults, address it thus so:

“Sarah & David”

Or, if the whole family are invited, address your invitation to everyone:

“Sarah, David, Millie & George / Sarah, David & Family / The Butler Family”


It’s OK not to invite children to your wedding if you prefer, but it is important that you are clear with your guests from the start. If not, you may confuse your guests or risk leaving them unsure, or worse still, they may find themselves feeling very embarrassed on the day when they arrive with the buggy! Include a clear but polite message on the information insert of your invitation, outlining your wishes.


Play fair to your guests; it’s not cool to allow some people to bring children and not others as it could upset or offend those told NO when they see other guests with their kids on the day – especially if they’ve forked out for a babysitter back home! If you have children involved your ceremony, most guests will be more understanding of this, but be where clear to draw the line beyond this.



Perhaps you wish to have a child-free ceremony, but are happy for guests to bring children to the reception? This is fine! Consider breaking up your day into ‘parts’ to include guests with families where welcome. Again, be clear on the invitation by perhaps inviting families to the evening reception only, or include a jovial note on the insert to politely inform guests that whilst you would prefer no young ones be present when saying your ‘I dos’ you welcome them to come and party with you afterwards.


Perhaps you would prefer to only include guests of a certain age: “We welcome guests over the age of 10 to join us…” Or “We politely request that younger guests are collected by 7pm leaving mum and dad to let their hair down with us late into the night…” are all perfectly acceptable requests.


Be thoughtful to seat younger families towards to back of your ceremony, allowing them an easy escape if they need one, and ensuring any unexpected noises are further away from where you are positioned to say your vows. Ask your ushers to guide families towards these seats when entering the ceremony venue – your guests will understand!


When plotting your wedding breakfast, seat families together where children can entertain each other, and parents can feel more comfortable together. Try to place tables with children towards the back of the room, so that younger voices are less likely to interrupt the speeches, and busy feet have a little more freedom to run around without disturbing diners.



If you have lots of children attending your wedding, it’s vital to cater for them too – they are also your guests, after all! Include some lawn games, bubbles, and kids activities for them to safely enjoy whilst mum and dad are sipping the champers, and place colouring books and quiet toys on the tables to entertain them through dinner. Hire a bouncy castle for the evening too – although you can guarantee it won’t just be the kids having fun on this!


It’s important to remember that children are children! Sitting at a dinner table for 2-3 hours is quite the challenge for any wedding guest, especially if they’re a little one, so if you have the budget available, why not consider hiring a children’s entertainer for the afternoon? After dinner, have the children escorted to a separate room where they can be entertained by a magician or clown, or watch a puppet show or film. Parents will be able to relax a little, and you and your guests can all enjoy the speeches without interruption.


If you are planning to invite a lot of children to your wedding, choose a venue with plenty of family accommodation on site. That way, guests have the freedom to put babies to sleep in the evening and continue to party, knowing they’re safe nearby. Better still, you could hire in a group of nannies or babysitters to take care of the younger children in their own rooms, so that parents can really relax and enjoy the rest of the night without distraction, or needing to depart early.

This article was originally written by Samantha Kelsie Imbimbo for WeddingPlanner.co.uk. The article was first published on WeddingPlanner.co.uk in February 2016. For more details about wedding planning, visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Oh so, I do! Wedding Celebrant

Oh So Perfect’s Samantha is proud to be recognised as a fully certified, professional marriage and family celebrant, and so as well as offering wedding and event planning services, Oh So Perfect are now also able to offer bespoke, personalised ceremonies for couples wishing to celebrate their marriage with an alternative wedding ceremony.

IMG_4053Traditional wedding ceremonies such as a church ceremony, or marriage by a registrar, are often quite limited in their conduct, as they are restricted by legalities and formalities in order for the marriage to be recognised under UK Law.

A wedding ceremony conducted by a celebrant, however, allows you as a couple to make your ceremony as personal as you wish, and can be conducted anywhere, anyway, anyhow!

Celebrants allow you the freedom to hold your wedding ceremony at any location you wish, whether indoors or outdoors, in a licensed wedding venue, or somewhere different altogether. From the beach, to a stately home, in a castle, or up a tree house… you could even celebrate in the comfort of your own garden – there are no limitations!

With a celebrant you also have the freedom to tailor your ceremony to suit your relationship, by writing your own vows, including personal poems and readings, or celebrating with the music that bonds you as a couple. You could even include a symbolic ceremony such as a hand fasting, unity candles, or a sand ceremony… the options are endless!


Samantha will work closely with you to identify your love story and the things that make you unique as a couple, helping you to design and write the ceremony as you see fit, so that you can celebrate your marriage in your own personal way. On the day of the wedding, Samantha will act as your officiant to conduct the ceremony in front of your loved ones, and send you forward into life as a married couple.

Celebrant services include:

  • Meeting with you approximately 2-3 months before the wedding, to discuss your ceremony in full and help you to plan the proceedings.
  • Assistance with writing vows, choosing poems or readings, and piecing together the general order of service.
  • Unlimited contact and guidance throughout the ceremony writing process.
  • Professionally written and personalised ceremony script.
  • Option to include a symbolic ceremony in your service, such as hand fasting, unity candles, sand ceremony, or anything personal and symbolic to you.
  • Rehearsal with you and your wedding party before the ceremony.*
  • Your bespoke wedding ceremony officiated by your Oh So Perfect celebrant.
  • Keepsake copy of your full ceremony script and a printed ‘Ceremony Certificate’ presented to you after the ceremony.

All of the above is included at £495*
*Additional travel expenses may be added.


Please note: A celebrant ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony, and so for your marriage to be recognised by law you must also complete the legal formalities at a registry office before or after the ceremony.

For more information about ‘What is a celebrant?’ and to learn more about the ceremonies offered by Samantha, please visit our sister website: www.ukcelebrant.co.uk

Top Tips: Where to begin when planning your wedding…

It’s always a little daunting when you start planning your wedding to know quite where to begin, but if you start at the very top with your budget and thoughts towards a date and venue, you’ll soon have a much clearer picture of the day you’re planning and the ball will start rolling very naturally to plan the rest!

The budget can be a difficult subject to start with, but it’s important to discuss this openly with your fiancé early on to be sure of your financial ability, and be able manage your wedding expectations within realistic reach of your money potential. As long as you are clear from the start about how much you would like to spend, and how you will fund your big day, then any dream can be made a possibility with careful thought and planning.

Here are some top tips to help get you started…


Before you do anything, it is important to sit down and discuss how much you feel comfortable spending on your big day. Consider where you will gather your finances from – Will you use your savings? Take out a loan? Will your family make a contribution? Speak to family members who may wish to contribute early on to be clear about how much help they may wish to give, or arrange a meeting with your bank manager to discuss your savings and the options for taking out a small loan. Discussion and planning is key though as it’s important not to find yourself with a disheartening debt to see you in to the start of married life!


Once a budget is set, do your best to stick to it. Write it down on a piece of paper, or start a spreadsheet to help you keep on track of spending as you go – it will save you from any surprises later down the line. Make sure to keep note of when payments and final balances are due, as these may pile up into a few weeks before the wedding and you’ll need to be prepared with your bank balance ready. Check if your suppliers have included VAT in their quotes and ask if there are any additional set up fees or travel expenses, as you’ll need to account for these extras within your budget too. Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare quotes from different suppliers before committing to a deposit.


It is perfectly possible to plan a beautiful wedding on any given budget – whether you have millions to spend or a modest amount, anything is possible as long as you stay true to your expectations. If you’re dreaming of a huge marquee wedding in the grounds of a stately home on a Saturday in August, you must be prepared to pay the premium prices to do so, as this is peak wedding season and Saturday’s are high in demand! However, if your budget is slightly more restricted, you can still plan a day which is equally as lovely, as long as you are honest with yourself about what you expect your perfect day to look like, and plan carefully to find the right costs to suit you.

Oh So Perfect Weddings


Some venues offer different rates depending on the time of season you book them, even altering fees by as much as a few thousand pounds depending on the date you choose! If a weekend wedding is really what you want, consider a Saturday in April or October, as it will likely be significantly cheaper than Saturday in July or August. If a High Summer wedding is top of your wish list, consider booking your wedding for a Sunday, when the rates may be a few hundred pounds cheaper compared to a wedding booked on the one day before.


There are no rules about how long it takes to plan a wedding, but a good recommendation would be to set yourself 18-24 months in preparation of your dream day. Many venues and much-sought-after suppliers get booked up a year or two in advance, so if you have someone very specific in mind to take your photos or bake your cake, you may have to be prepared to wait for them to be available. The hours needed to research suppliers, visit venues, and email enquiries can really mount up too, so if juggling this with a full time job, family, and commitments, you’ll likely find those extra months will help to fit everything in and make planning a less stressful task too. By allowing more time, you may be able to plan ahead and save up a few extra pennies in the wedding planning piggy bank along the way!


What decision should come first when planning your wedding – the venue, or the date?

It simply depends on which is more important to you. If you have a very specific date in mind for when you wish to wed, you may find that your first choice venue is already booked up, meaning you‘ll need to be prepared to consider looking elsewhere for somewhere suitable. Similarly, if your heart is set on that stunning barn/castle/stately home that you’ve been lusting after, find out what dates they currently have available and be prepared to choose from what they have on offer to secure your perfect pad.

Oh So Perfect Weddings


There are so many options now when choosing a venue, it can be hard to know where to look first. Make a list of what you consider to be the ‘essentials’ (Location? Accommodation? Outdoor access?) and the ‘preferables’ (Type of catering? Colour scheme? Swimming pool/spa?) then use this to help you check off the list when researching possibilities. Plan a visit to some of your first choices and take your time there to ask questions whilst you walk around and gather a feel for the venue. You could even arrange to visit some of those venues which perhaps you are less sure of too, as you may discover something more desirable in person which you missed on the website!


Pinterest is a bride’s best friend when starting out planning your wedding. Let your thoughts go free to the wind, scour online wedding blogs and directories, and pin anything and everything that inspires you or takes your fancy. It may seem a little indulgent at first, but you will start to see patterns forming in your pinning which offer suggestion to the style of wedding you imagine having, even if you didn’t realise it yourself! Of course, don’t expect your wedding to look exactly like those weddings you see in the snaps, but do use the images to gain a feel for your perfect day.  You can share your board with your suppliers along the way to give them an insight into what you’re thinking too.

Plan your budget…..

Think about your proposed wedding date…

Find your venue….

Before you know it you’ll have the location booked and a date set firmly in the diary, and you’ll be well on your way towards planning your perfect wedding!


Samantha x
Wedding Planner and Owner at Oh So Perfect

This article was written by Samantha Kelsie Imbimbo for WeddingPlanner.co.uk. The article first featured on WeddingPlanner.co.uk in January 2016. All photos belong to Oh So Perfect.

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WeddingPlanner.co.uk : Expert Advice – First Steps

Oh So Perfect‘s Samantha, is delighted this afternoon to announce a new online residency over at the marvellous wedding blog and directory WeddingPlanner.co.uk – offering top tips and advice each month to blog followers online!

Samantha’s new position as wedding planning expert and chief agony aunt on this popular UK wedding directory involves answering your most agonising wedding planning questions and concerns, as well as providing you with top tips for planning your day.

This month’s article features guidance and advice for the First Steps when planning your wedding, including finding a venue and where to begin with managing your budget.  

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