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Kayleigh and Mark ~ ‘Love Birds’

Oh So Perfect – Wedding and Event Portfolio

Goodness me, it seems we forgot to post this wedding up last season – goodness knows how as it was beautiful! But luckily we have realised today, and as such can share some lovely real-life wedding snaps from one of our weddings on the blog for you this afternoon! Saturday 13th September 2013, Kayleigh married Mark in a ceremony at Treberfydd House, near Brecon, followed by a marquee reception in the manor house’s glorious gardens. Kayleigh and Mark refer to eachother as bird - what better pet name for two love birds – so elegantly reflected in their pretty, vintage theme.

Oh So Perfect were delighted to provide On The Day Coordination for this pretty pair!

To view the video highlights from Kayleigh and Mark’s wedding, simply click here – or pop over and read the testimonial! 

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Kayleigh and Mark’s Wedding Film Highlights by White Rose Wedding Films

Thank you to White Rose Wedding Films who recently sent us this clip of the video highlights from our ‘Love Bird’ couple Kayleigh and Mark’s wedding last September in Mid Wales. What a cute pairing, don’t you think?

To view our photos from Kayleigh and Mark’s wedding, simply click here - or pop over and read the testimonial! 

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Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Griffiths

Gosh, I can not believe it has been a year since this great wedding – and you’ll remember the one, it was the one which made it on to your TV screens last Summer!

Sarah, Gareth and their whole family were such a wonderful bunch of people to work with, and a pleasure to get to know in the lead up to the big day last April.

Happy 1st Anniversary you lovely, lovely pair of people, we here at Oh So Perfect hope you have a wonderful day together remembering all the events of this time one year ago, and send you all our love and kisses for the future too!

To view all our photos from Sarah and Gareth’s Modern Hollywood themed wedding day, just follow this link! 

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Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – the repeat!

Remember all that fuss last year when we got to be on the telebox? Yep? Well we’re doing it again…


Following the recent announcement of a new series of RGWE being made later this year, we’re pleased to let you know that Series 4 of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience is being repeated on BBC1 Wales again this Spring time.

The first episode ‘Wedding Planner’ featuring Oh So Perfect’s very own Samantha as Rhod’s mentor as he helps us coordinate real-life couple Sarah and Gareth’s wedding will be shown at 22:35 BBC1 Wales on Tuesday 1st April – make sure you tune in!

Rhod Gilbert and Samantha Imbimbo reflect on the day.

Rhod Gilbert and Samantha Imbimbo reflect on the day.

To view the photos from Sarah and Gareth’s Hollywood Movie inspired wedding, just follow this link! 

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2014 Wedding Trends: Fashionable Themes

We’re delighted this week to be bringing you this inspiring little blog post featuring 2014′s hottest wedding themes currently trending this year, as written by Lianne Crosby from the wedding blog team…. enjoy! 

This year has seen a very big change in wedding trends, couples are pushing the barriers of a traditional wedding and now you can have your wedding exactly how you want it. Fashion is a huge factor when it comes to wedding trends, because whatever is fashionable at the time of planning may not be so fashionable when the big day actually hits. Doing your research and keeping an eye on what’s hot can ensure that your wedding will not only be ball but will also fit in with what’s current at the time. So what’s hot right now?

Image sources below

Image sources below

Image sources below

Image sources below

1920′s Style – The Great Gatsby

This is become a great trend for budding brides all around the world. With the release of The Great Gatsby soaring sky high at box office, the 1920’s lifestyle has become far more attractive to us. There is a touch of class that comes with this style of wedding, having everyone dressed to the nines and creating a dreamlike reception that everyone will enjoy. Going back in time is never a bad thing, this is the era that saw the first ever Academy Awards and the invention of bubble gum.

Image sources below

Image sources below

Geometric – Throwing Some Shapes

Geometry was never a strong point for many of us in school, but now we’re all a little older the idea of a geometric wedding has become somewhat intriguing. We’re used to weddings being quite soft and gentle but you can still create this illusion with geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are made with lines and are blocky, this means no curves and nothing round. So you could have a very square wedding cake, but it doesn’t look odd at all, it’s actually very stylish these days.

Image sources below

Image sources below

Woodland – The Great Outdoors

Even though Britain has been dubbed one of the wettest countries in the world, we do occasionally get the odd bit of sunshine. With the sunshine comes beautiful and stunning outdoor weddings in the sun. Woodland weddings work perfectly in the summer as you get the warmth of the sun but then the shade of the trees to stop you from getting burnt or heat exhaustion. It also gives you way more space to play with and also makes for some amazing photographs.

Image sources below

Image sources below

Quirky 1950’s – Cocktail Dresses at the Ready

Unlike the 1920’s style wedding, the 1950’s was a time with no less class but certainly more colour and shorter dresses. Instead of full length gowns you have gorgeous little cocktail dresses with hundreds of different patterns to choose from. This is also the time where rockabilly was popular, so polka dots with bright red lips were an absolute must. You can achieve this look with a vintage venue full of antiquities from the time.

Image sources below

Image sources below

Organic – Mother Nature of the Bride

More than just getting back to nature, organic weddings are a thing of beauty and a top trend in 2014. Recycling old clothes and furniture mixed with homemade outfits and furnishings made from natural materials. You don’t have to be a hippy to appreciate Mother Nature at her finest and you can create an amazing look for under half the price of the average wedding. To find out more about this style of wedding and the other above just visit Hitched.

Thank you to Lianne Crosby from the Hitched blog team for writing this article. If you would like to guest post on our blog, email your proposal to to be considered – we’d love to hear from you! 

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Wedding Themes 2014 – Image Sources

Great Gatsby

Table Decs – The Wedding Scoop

Cake –

Wedding Dress –

Shoes –

Flowers –

Chair –


Invites  Flowers –

Cake –

Backdrop –

Table –

Bride & Groom –

Woodland theme

Flowers –

Bride –

Quirky 1950s

Bride and groom –

Bridesmaids –

Short dress –

Flowers –

Tree with photos –

Table decs –

Bride –

Woodland mask –

Cake –


Basket –

Organic wedding

Cake –

Bouquet –

Organic bath bomb favours –

Recycled dress –

Table décor –

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Top Tips!

I have planned plenty of weddings, I’ve coordinated dozens of wedding days, I’ve been a bride’s best friend on several occasions, but I have never been a Maid of Honour!

This year that changes as mixed in amongst the summer season of Oh So Perfect weddings, is the wedding of my best friend, and as such I have been bestowed with the ultimate wedding-planning privilege – I am her Maid of Honour. Excited, much?

As a wedding planner, I get involved in lots of lovely personal moments with my bride and groom, helping them to identify themselves as a couple and sharing their ideas for their perfect day, but I like to take a little step back when it comes to ‘being with the girls.’ One of the loveliest things about being a bride is choosing your bridesmaids, asking the ladies closest to you to support you in the biggest day of your life, and one of the fun parts of being a bridesmaid is going bridesmaid dress shopping!

From Sarah and Gareth’s movie wedding –

I recently had the pleasure of joining my best friend and two of her other bridesmaids for a very fun afternoon of bridesmaid dress shopping. We had a lovely day together all of us, and it only took 3 rounds of trying things on before we found the dress and what a gorgeous dress it was! It gathered a resounding ooooh! from all of us as we each slipped into it, and a a big thumbs up all round as we all realised it was perfect!


We were very lucky to find something so perfect, so quick, but it’s not always as easy… shopping with 5 – 7 – 10! other girls can be a lot harder than shopping with just 3, so with this in mind, here are a few little tips for brides and bridesmaids to consider when choosing the perfect dress…

1. Think about your colour scheme and theme.
OK, sound obvious, but it’s important to remember that your bridesmaids will play a big role in carrying on your chosen colour scheme and theme of the day! It is important to have a clear idea of the sort of colour you are going for – take some swatches or an example of your stationary to help you find the right shade, and if it’s a particular style you’re going for (50s/Gatsby/minimal etc.) then keep the theme in mind when choosing the dress. Cut out some images from magazines, or build up a board on Pinterest first to share with your girls so they all have a clear idea of what it is you’re looking ahead of the shopping trip.

2. Do your research.
Got a very specific style/colour in mind? Remember that the evening wear/bridesmaid dress shops on the highstreet will all be working to current fashion trends, so you may find it difficult to get the exact colour or fashion style you’re after if it’s not akin to what’s currently going on in the fashion catwalk too. Look online first, check which stores are currently stocking what dresses and what dress specialists are in the area, and draw up a plan of where you want to visit before you hit the shops.

3. All girls are different!
What do you love most about your bridesmaids – the fact that they’re your nearest and dearest friends, right? And with that, you must remember that each of them is an individual, they’re all different and that’s why you love them! But I’m not just talking about personality, it’s also important to remember that each girl looks different too. We all have different shapes and sizes, different hair and skin tones, and it can be very difficult sometimes to find one dress which ultimately suits all styles! We were very lucky when buying our dress – a long empire line with floaty fabric, and a bold dark colour tends to hit if off with all different body shapes and tones too, but bear in mind if your girls are really different, squeezing them all into an unusual shape, fit or colour dress may prove tricky!

4. Talk to your ladies.
It’s important to speak to your girls before you go shopping.Ultimately the final decision is yours, yes, but following on from my last point here, each girl knows her own style and has a pretty good understanding of what will or won’t look good on her – she’s been buying clothes for herself longer than you have don’t forget! Talk to your ladies about what styles they think suit them – and more importantly what styles they would feel most comfortable wearing, because you want your bridesmaids to look and feel good on the day too so that they can relax and enjoy themselves rather than worrying that they’re not comfortable in the outfit you choose. You never know, they may inspire you to think of something different you hadn’t considered!

5. Think about your own dress.
What does your dress look like? Remember to consider your own style, and perhaps even take a photo from your own fitting with you so you can decide whether the bridesmaid dresses you choose ultimately compliment the tones, fabric and styles of your own dress too.

6. Don’t be afraid to try something on.
My best friend was adamant that she wanted us in knee length dresses. Yet, take another look at the picture at the top of this post…. floor length! When we found these dresses, she ummed and ahhed as it was short she had in mind, but I suggested we simply try them on anyway – you never know – and fancy that, they were just the ticket and she loved them!

7. Be clear on your budget.
Before you hit the shops, make sure you’re clear about how much you want to spend and who is spending what. If you are buying the dresses for your girls, make sure they know the price tag limit and what is included – do you want to include the shoes and accessories in this budget or will the girls buy these themselves? Be clear. Talk to your girls, find out how much, if anything they’d be willing to contribute if the budget needed to be stretched, or, if you’re asking them to buy the dress themselves then be sure how much they are all comfortable to be spending (with all accessories considered too – do not forget those extra penny pinchers!) and remember to respect their set figure when you’re looking too.

8. One for the bridesmaids…
One final point, and this one goes to the girls themselves. Ladies, we all have our tastes, and as a bridal party it’s our job offer help and advice to a stressed out bride, but ultimately, and the very end of the day, the decision is hers. It’s your best mate’s big day, so let’s keep it that way. Sure, speak up if you’re really unhappy or uncomfortable, but for goodness sake do not cause a full blown drama because you’ll be off that bridal party list quicker than you can say “top table.”

From ’27 Dresses’

Remember that scene from 27 Dresses where Ms Heigl pulls out all her bridesmaid gowns-gone-by? Yeah, there’s some real stinkers there, but you know what, she wore them, because that’s what a good bridesmaid does.

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The Oh So Perfect website is updated!

We’re delighted to let you know that the Oh So Perfect website is now once again fully up to date with new information on both our Home Page and our Portfolio Pages.

Did you know, we’ve moved?

Based between Oxford and Milton Keynes, Oh So Perfect organise, plan and coordinate luxury and bespoke weddings, civil partnerships and special events in the surrounding regions of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire,
London, East Anglia, the Cotswolds, Home Counties and Midlands.

Previously located near to Cardiff, Oh So Perfect also provide planning and coordination services for weddings taking place in South, Mid and West Wales upon request.

Planning your UK wedding from oversees? Oh So Perfect are also experienced in working with international couples and clients to help plan their wedding or event here in the UK whilst based abroad.

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A Valentine from Becky Lord

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Ahh… Becky Lord. What a lovely lady! I first discovered this graphic designer and stationery whiz last year, when Becky sent me a gorgeous box of goodies in the post.


The box consisted of a whole host of designs, bespoke invites and off the peg stationery for me to sit and peruse at my own leisure. The fact that the box also came with a cup of tea and box of scrummy biscuits made the experience all the more pleasurable!

A few months later, I found myself booking Becky to design some gorgeous bicycle stationery for one of my couples, and what a grand job she did do!


So, you can imagine my delight last week when something new arrived in the post from this designer…

Doesn’t it all look so lovely laid out on my desk? Becky Lord had sent me some glorious valentine treats – and of course the obligatory sugary snack to accompany my browsing!

In the package I discovered note-lets, postcards cards, cute confetti, patterned package tape, luggage labels and a lovely little print too; all themed to Valentines Day, love, and spoiling oneself.


I may have squeeled a little as I sorted through and decided which pieces to display and which to send on to friends.

I particularly love the ‘Love, is the new black’ print Becky had popped in – I think I may have to frame this and pop it on my desk!

All of these items and many more splendid things can be found on Becky’s website. So I suggest you go and take a peep!

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Road Trippin’ in Radiant Orchid

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I admit, it’s been a long time since we brought you a diary of a wedding planner post. In fact, with the exception of the few galleries we’ve managed to upload recently, it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to bring you many blog posts at all!

We’ve simply been so busy, lovelies! But, alas, despite our hectic wedding planning schedule and all that, we’ve decided to try and dedicate a little more time to the blog again bring you some more regular diary of a wedding planner posts, as we know you do adore them!

So, this week, Samantha jumped into her Fiesta and headed West, back to Wales to meet up with our international American couple, Jill & Nick – my ‘radiant orchid’ couple.

You know how we like to label our couples by their theme or colour scheme, and it seems a little unfair to refer to Jill & Nick as our ‘Americans’ so radiant orchid it is, after their chosen Pantone colour of the year colour scheme.

Quite often when working with clients based oversees, I don’t have the privilege of meeting the couple in person until the big day itself, or a few days before, for obvious reasons. Sure, we email regularly – it’s unavoidable when planning something so important – and we’ve had ‘face to face’ meetings over Skype, but it’s never quite the same as meeting in person when you’re discussing things so personal and exciting, is it? However, in a rare opportunity, Jill and Nick were able to visit the UK for a few days this week, and as such we panned three days together on the road with back-to-back meetings, consultations, trials, tastings, and even a photoshoot thrown in for good measure.


On Sunday we met – at last! – visited the venue, wondered casually around a wedding fair, discussed ideas, and even booked a fab photo booth. My couple have visited the venue before, but it was nice to walk around together, and a joy to listen to the mother of the bride’s reaction to the views as this was the first time she had visited Wales herself. It was a reminder that St Donat’s Castle really is breathtaking, and likely to be a real Welsh wonder to all the American guests who don’t often get to visit historic castles like this one! It was quite quirky to see the great hall set out ready for the college’s exam week, rather than the usual wedding breakfast set-up – how very Hogwarts!

On Monday, we packed in as much as possible. Our Radiant Orchids took tea with the vicar – how charmingly British! – before we met with chosen florist Verity, from Blush Floral Art in Cardiff. A world of creativity awaited us, and much talk of purples, whites, roses, lilies and hydrangeas… Oh I do love a pretty bouquet!

We then moved on to our consultation with Jacqui from Cakes 2B Seen where we ate plenty of tasty, delicious samples, and discussed the merits of fondant vs. buttercream icing. You’ll have to wait for the final wedding pictures to see which argument won!

The day ended with a meeting with the caterers and I left the radiant orchids and their respective moms to it as they tucked into their evening tasting to select the dishes for their wedding breakfast.

The next day, bright and early – the sun was shining hooray! – I picked up Jill and her mom and whisked her off to meet the talented wonder that is Kate Petersen. One trial was all it took to get Jill’s hair and make up wedding day perfect! Leaving us with plenty of time to chat weddings, proposals and bridesmaids. I won’t show you a picture of Jill’s finished bridal look it’s a surprise of course but here’s how she looked as we left for our next meeting…

We regrouped with the groom and met photographer David Long, who photographed my wedding with Annie and Humphrey last year too. An engagement shoot ensued, at Ogmore Castle – the site of Nick’s earlier proposal on their last Welsh visit – and another trip to the venue and the beach on site. The couple took to the photography session like a fish to water… almost quite literally at some points as those waves grew closer to the shore!!

We had a wonderful week, and achieved plenty. It was great to spend time discussing the wedding at length and the flow of the meetings made everything appear to come to life with great clarity – the wedding became a bigger reality, and the anticipation for the big day and it’s splendour grew before us! My radiant orchids have returned to the states beaming and full of excitement – hooray!

It was lovely getting to know both Jill, Nick and their moms along the way, spending time together discussing not just their wedding but the differences and similarities between American and British weddings I general. I have learned a lot, and enjoyed doing so.

Finally we said our goodbyes – for now anyway, we still have plenty to do! – and I was so touched to receive some yummy Californian candy bars from the bride’s mother in thanks for a splendid week of wedding planning. How very sweet indeed! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have weddings to plan… ahem… and chocolate to eat.


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