Words of Love

We’ve put together a selection of readings and writings to inspire you from some of the biggest love stories, prose and poems of all time…

Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.

Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of eternal passion. That is just being ‘in love,’ which any fool can do.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Those that truly love, have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree, and not two.

from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Louis De Bernieres

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness. We pardon to the extent that we love. Love is knowing that even when you are alone, you will never be lonely again. And great happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. Loved for ourselves. And even loved in spite of ourselves.

from Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

You are my wife [husband]

My feet shall run because of you.

My feet, dance because of you.

My heart shall beat because of you.

My eyes, see because of you.

My mind, think because of you.

And I shall love because of you.

Eskimo Love Song

Myfanwy Price!

Mr Mog Edwards!

I am a draper mad with love. I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity, crash and merino, tussore, cretonne, crepon, muslin, poplin, ticking and twill in the whole Cloth Hall or the world. I have come to take you away to my Emporium on the jill, where the change hums on wires. Throw away your little bedsocks and your Wlesh wool knitted jacket, I will warm the sheets like an electric toaster, I will lie by your side like the Sunday roast…

I will knit you a wallet of forget-me-not blue, for the money to be comfy. I will warm your heart by the fire so that you can slip it in under your vest when the shop is closed…

Myfanwy, Myfanwy, before the mice gnaw at your bottom drawer will you say

Yes, Mog, yes, Mog, yes, yes, yes…

And all the bells of the tills of the town shall right for our wedding.

from Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

P. Jones

‘We are too old to be single. Why shouldn’t we both be married, instead of sitting through the long winter evenings by our solitary firesides? Why shouldn’t we make one fireside of it…

Let’s be a comfortable couple and take care of each other! And if we should get deaf, or lame, or blind, or bed-ridden, how glad we shall be that we have somebody we are fond of, always to talk to and sit with! LEt’s be a comfortable couple. Now do, my dear!’

from Nicholas Nickleby, Charles Dickens

We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love is our first.

George Whyte-Melville

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Welsh Chocolate Fountains

Oh So Perfect had the pleasure of interviewing the ‘Willy Wonka of Wales’ – Andrew Bowen of Welsh Chocolate Fountains. Here’s what Andrew had to say about the most popular chocolate treat in Wales…

Hi Andrew! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by Oh So Perfect РWeddings and Events. Tell us a little bit more about Welsh Chocolate Fountains, such as what you do?

Hi! Welsh Chocolate Fountains provide a delicious chocolate fountain for all the wedding guests to enjoy at their convenience. 

The chocolate fountain can flow when ever the bride wants it to flow. Some choose to have it flowing in the afternoon to keep their guests busy and fed prior to the wedding breakfast, whilst the bride and groom are busy having all the photos taken, but most brides choose to have the fountain flow in the evening because there are normally more guests at the evening party and this way nobody misses out on the chocolate fountain.

You’ve been serving weddings since 2006 – what areas of Wales does your service typically cover?

Welsh Chocolate Fountains was set up in March of 2006 in Llanelli but we have provided fountains for hundreds of weddings all over Wales. Most of our work comes from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire and Swansea. 

What sort of style wedding or event do you feel Welsh Chocolate Fountains suits best?

Our chocolate fountains will suit any style of wedding because the underlying fact is that people love chocolate! Also, our fountains are set-up on an illuminated base and surround which has a range of colours so it can be set to match the colour of the bride’s colour scheme.¬†

That’s very useful! Would you say the colour changing base is your unique selling point?

Lots of other companies have an illuminated surround but most of them do not have the illuminated base to go with the surround so the fountain is set-up on a table. Our combined surround and base make a stunning stand alone centrepiece and I believe that it looks much better than a fountain on a table.

Are the guests able to help themselves to the chocolate or is there a service attendant provided?

Our chocolate attendants can serve the guests, so there is no need for concerns about chocolate being splashed everywhere! But more importantly this method prevents guests picking  food items up with their bare fingers. Myself and staff have been trained in food safety/hygiene at Swansea College. 

And you’ve even been awarded recently for your service haven’t you?

On November 20th 2011 Welsh Chocolate Fountains won the award for the ‘Best Wedding Service in West Wales’ at the first ever Welsh National Wedding Awards!

Congratulations! How did that achievement make you and your staff feel?

For a few months prior to the event brides were asked to nominate and vote for companies in Wales who had helped make their special day an ‘extra’ special day, and I was very humbled and honoured that we won the award. I would like to thank everyone who voted for us as we were up against some very good competition…

I expect you were. So what do you think makes you stand out against other chocolate fountain providers in the region?

I am very much a people person and I am also very understanding of how massively important and how stressful a wedding is to the Bride and Groom so I aim to provide a totally stress free and friendly service to my customers. Being polite to each and every guest is also very important to me and I think this shows with the reviews that have been left for our company on Google.

I’m sure the quality of chocolate you use plays a big part in your popularity too?

I ensure extremely high standards of cleanliness, and freshness of my dipping items, plus I only use delicious Belgian chocolate!  Having high standards means that I sometimes loose work to companies who undercut me, but I don’t compromise on the quality of the products I use as not all chocolate tastes the same and good quality chocolate is very expensive.

Tell us a bit more about this ‘luxury’ Belgian chocolate that you use, and why it is so perfect for use in your¬†chocolate¬†fountain…

There is one myth about chocolate fountains that I would like to clear up – I get asked at most weddings, ‚ÄúHow much oil do you put in the fountain to make the chocolate flow?‚ÄĚ Welsh Chocolate Fountains do not add oil to our chocolate because the chocolate we use is fountain ready. We use a ‘couverture’ chocolate which means that it contains more than 32% cocoa butter solids and because of this there is no need to add any oil to the chocolate to enable it to flow smoothly.

People get confused because when they are using chocolate bars from the supermarkets in their home fountains, their fountains will not flow unless they add vegetable oil to it Рthis is because the chocolate they are using has a low cocoa butter content.

With Welsh Chocolate Fountains being a very popular name in Welsh weddings and events, I expect you’ve served a few celebrities too?

We have provided chocolate fountains at three Welsh rugby union international players’ weddings: Dwayne Peel, Richard Hibbard and Gavin Evans.¬†I have enjoyed every single wedding we have been at as I really enjoy meeting people and there is always a star at every wedding even though they may not be recognised internationally.¬†

All well known Welsh icons no doubt!

We have had many celebrities eat from our chocolate fountains but I get the most pleasure and satisfaction when you meet someone like a granny or a child who has a look of total amazement on their face when the come into the room and see the chocolate fountain for the first time and then the look of delight on their face when they taste the chocolate. 

So did you set up Welsh Chocolate Fountains because you love the chocolate or the guests you provide it to?

It makes me very proud knowing that I am providing a service that brings pleasure, happiness and satisfaction to so many people all at once, it is not just the bride & groom who enjoy the service we provide but everyone at the wedding. 

But surely the chocolate plays a little part…?

Yes, I am a big chocolate lover and I know that people love chocolate!

Was that part of the motivation for you to provide a chocolate fountain service to other chocolate lovers too?

Whilst coming to the end of my career in The Royal Navy I attended a function in Florida and there was a chocolate fountain there. I was amazed at how popular it was so I did a lot of research and when I left the Royal Navy I bought all the equipment, did some courses and set-up my company, Welsh Chocolate Fountains. I started the company without a single booking and I could not sleep for the first six months of trading, worrying that I had spent over ¬£20,000 on equipment and that it was going to be a flop. After attending some wedding fayres and setting up my website the phone started to ring and the bookings started to come in…¬†

Well it certainly paid off!

It did! Five years down the line we are growing stronger each year and we have just won our first award for the Best Wedding Service in West Wales at The Welsh National Wedding Awards.

For anyone ¬†yet to be convinced… can you describe your chocolate fountains in three words?

Delicious, clean and friendly!

Good answer! And finally, Andrew, what do you think makes a wedding Oh So Perfect…?

A chocolate fountain from Welsh Chocolate Fountains will make your wedding Oh So Perfect!!! People Love Chocolate!!!

Welsh Chocolate Fountains will be exhibiting their fountain for you to have a taste at a two-day wedding extravaganza being held at The Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli on the 7th & 8th January.

In the meantime you can visit their website for more photos, and information on the full chocolate fountain treatment, and to make your booking! www.welshchocolatefountains.com

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Circadian Fitness Pole Dance Parties

This week we’ve been talking to Dawn Roberts from Swansea’s hottest hen party venue – Circadian Fitness

The first time we met Dawn Roberts, she was dressed as a seductive lady-peacock, twirling effortlessly around her pole on stage performing as¬†Cariad Cwtch¬†in-front of a mesmerised crowd at Swansea’s biggest bi-monthly burlesque night, The Blue Stocking Lounge. With each twist and shimmy, we knew Ms Cwtch meant business, but it was the big smile plastered across her face as the audience cheered her every turn that told us this lady had a passion for pole-dancing that she wanted to share with others… and we were right!

Dawn owns and runs Circadian Fitness, a pole dance studio nestled into central Swansea where, as well as regular tuition, Dawn offers luxury pole dance Hen Parties
for the brides who are “up for fun and looking for something a little different!”

My parties can be themed, so can fit many different styles of Hen Party. We have done 20‚Äôs, 70‚Äôs, 80‚Äôs and Fame themed parties to name but a few…

I also teach a ‚ÄėPolesque‚Äô party – combining pole and burlesque. This is currently very popular, and I have also choreographed individual routines especially for brides who want something unique, which the whole party then learned together.”

Dawn has been running Circadian Fitness for over three years, having first fallen in love with her hobby after a somewhat unusual trip to the gym:

While working in a gym my boss sent me on a pole lesson, and I was immediately hooked. Within 2 months I had bought a pole for my home and was learning gravity defying tricks.

“After a little over a year I felt confident enough to teach. From then on my business grew until I needed a studio of my own to fit all the work in.

“I gained my Pole4fitness qualification with Fitness Wales and since then have had lessons from some of the most famous pole performers in the world ‚Äď including the former Miss Pole Dance World Felix Cane and The World‚Äôs Most Famous Pole Dancer Pantera Blacksmith.

“I was asked to do a pole party and loved the party atmosphere that could be created, and the fact that you are making someone‚Äôs memories. I have never looked back!”

It’s clear when speaking to Dawn that her passion for the art of pole extends seemlessly into providing a high quality service for all her students and clients, and you can guarantee that your hen party will be particularly memorable amongst others:

“I will always go that little bit further to make sure the client gets exactly what they want and more. I thrive on making people happy and welcoming them into my world! I have many testimonials to prove that my customers are happy with the service I provide.”

And it’s not just hens who receive the star treatment at Circadian Fitness…

“My favourite pole party was for a lady‚Äôs 69th birthday. She was amazing!”

Dawn can be found most nights in her studio “helping ladies (and some gentlemen!) hang upside down in gymnastic feats that boggle most people‚Äôs minds!”¬†

And having seen Dawn in action as Cariad Cwtch we can vouch that our minds were certainly boggled!

Circadian Fitness¬†is located on Union Street, Swansea. Visit the website¬†www.circadianfitness.co.uk¬†for more information about Dawn’s classes and parties, and to see photos and testimonials.



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Oh So Wonderful – Winter Wedding packages

Morning frost, an open fire, roasted chestnuts and Christmas charm are just some of the magical ingredients which could make your winter wedding feel ‘Oh So Wonderful‘‚Ķ

Many couples are now choosing to hold their weddings in the winter season, not only to indulge in the cosy, seasonal settings, but also to make the most of the venue and supplier discounts available outside of the traditional wedding season.

Oh So Perfect is proud to offer the ‘Oh So Wonderful‘ Winter Weddings seasonal discount on the following packages:

Packages above are available at a 20% discount for weddings taking place in November ‚Äď February.

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Beauty at Brookfield

This supplier profile features the lovely Sian Gibbs from Gloucester based beauty salon, Beauty at Brookfield…

Beauty at Brookfield is a cosy little beauty salon nestled into Brookfield Lane, Churchdown, Gloucester. The salon is owned and run by qualified beautician, Sian, and offers a full range of beauty treatments, nails, facial, waxing, spray tanning, wedding make-up, massage and more. Although predominantly salon-based, Sian will travel anywhere within the Gloucestershire county to assist brides with their wedding make-up on their big day.

“I can offer excellent, high quality treatments but at a fraction of a price as I work from home my costs are very low.¬† Also I can be very flexible working daytime, evenings and weekends.”

Beauty at Brookfield is suitable for any bride, as Sian prides herself on being able to adapt her service to provide make-up and nails to suit any style or theme, and finds that with her calming and caring approach she can relax even the most stressed of brides and attendants on the morning of their big day.

“I enjoy working on all my weddings, the more frantic and noisy the house is when you arrive the better!!”

Sian has been a fully qualified beautician in Gloucester for 12 years, having trained at Gloscat College, and since then has obtained  a NVQ in Customer Services, ITEC Indian Head Massage, VTCT Reflexology and more recently a short course in photography. She set up Beauty at Brookfield 6 years ago, after family life inspired her to start her own business when she realised that she wanted to work in an area that would fit in perfectly around her children.

“The happiness I see in my clients wedding photos is what attracts me to working in the wedding industry and the lovely thank you‚Äôs I receive afterwards.”

In three words, Beauty at Brookfield is best described as relaxing, cosy and reliable. Sian adores working at weddings, helping a bride to feel beautiful and confident on the day where all eyes are on her, and wants all her customers to feel relaxed and ready on their wedding day. Beauty at Brookfield are currently offering all 2012 brides a FREE Hot Stone Back Massage to be used the week of their wedding, if they book by the end of 2011.

“I welcome all new brides to pop in for a chat and invite them to try the mineral make-up I use for no cost.”

Finally, we asked Sian what she thinks makes a wedding Oh So Perfect

“Whether it‚Äôs a big or small wedding as long as you have the people you want there – that‚Äôs what makes it oh so perfect!”

You can contact Sian at Beauty at Brookfield on beautyatbrookfield@live.co.uk or by visiting the website www.beautyatbrookfield.com


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Charity of the Year 2012

“Here at Oh So Perfect HQ we’ve been thinking about our Charity of the Year 2012. Oh So Perfect’s Head Wedding Planner, Samantha, tells us why…”

I’ve always been¬†interested¬†in charity, I think it’s the appeal of working with people all interested in helping others, knowing you can make a difference to someone or something, no matter how big or small.

Promoting Race For Life

In school 6th form, I was appointed House Charity Captain, and regularly rallied up the year 7s to organise a lunch time cake sale or book swap. I even encouraged the staff and students to take part in the Salvation Army Operation Christmas Child, which then involved me transporting 77 festively decorated shoe boxes of goodies for orphans in Romania to the local drop off point in town, all piled high in my little Nissan Micra. It was hard to resist the temptation to drive them across town in my Santa hat!

Great Wall of China Trek

During my uni years I craved a challenge so found myself signing up to take part in a trek of the Great Wall of China for Scope, and a few years later dug out my walking shoes once again to take on the National Three Peaks Challenge with Mr Perfect and a handful of friends for both East Anglian Air Ambulance and St Davids Children’s Society, a charity close to Mr Perfect’s heart.

¬†Before I set up Oh So Perfect, my early career was dedicated to working in charity. I began my professional career working as an Area Event Assistant for CRUK’s Race For Life, continuing this role as a volunteer a year later, before moving on to my first ‘proper job’ working in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Me and my volunteers at Race For Life

From birds I moved to dogs – Guide Dogs for the Blind – one of the best jobs I ever had, so much joy came from working with such lovely creatures and didn’t I meet some inspirational people along the way. Early this year I began volunteering for bucket collections with RSPCA Llys-nini – the wonderful animal rescue centre who allowed me to adopt my lovely little one-eyed cat, Megan.

With designer Jan Constantine (second left) and Guide Dogs volunteers on ITV1's Auction Party

More recently I worked organising events and fundraising for the Wales Air Ambulance, where I continue to donate my time as a media volunteer, and after Wales Air Ambulance my professional career turned to Regional Fundraiser at JDRF – helping to find the cure for Type1 diabetes.

Climbing Mount Snowdon in the National Three Peaks Challenge

All of the wonderful organisations I worked and volunteered for before setting up Oh So Perfect have each taught me so much about so many different aspects of life, and it has been such a pleasure to be associated with them all. Through my career I have met so many incredible people who have utterly inspired me with their ability to keep smiling, no matter what life throws at you – many of whom I now call my friends -and I have so many fantastic memories from the events I have been involved with which I will cherish for years to come.

I've always loved a headset!

It is that wonderful feeling you get with charity, of knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s day. It doesn’t matter how much money you can give, every penny counts, that’s something I’ve learnt – every donation makes a difference, whether donating your money or your time, every offering takes someone a step further towards a smile.

That’s why we’ve decided to adopt a charity of the year for 2012. Except, it’s so hard to choose who to support next! So instead we’re going to pick TWO..! And this is where we need your help….

With crew and supporters at Wales air Ambulance air base

Please let us know of any charities you feel we should consider, I’d love to hear your thoughts on who we could support… Please leave your suggestions on the comments section below. We’ll be announcing our chosen charity at the end of the year!

Thank you for supporting Oh So Perfect’s Charity of the Year 2012

Samantha x

Oh So Supportive – On The Day Coordination

Although we adore our little wedding blog, here at¬†Oh So Perfect – Wedding and Events¬†our first love is wedding planning, and so we’d like to share some of our work with you…

Below is a snippet of details from our ‘Oh So Supportive – On The Day Coordination’ package. The services in this package are perfect for the bride and groom who wish to plan their own wedding, but want to relax and enjoy their big day, knowing everything is being taken care of…

For full details of all ‘Oh So Perfect’ packages and services visit our website www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

You’ve planned your own wedding to the very last detail and everything is set for the biggest day of your life‚ĶSo now you’d like to relax and enjoy your special day, without having to worry about setting up the venue, dealing with the suppliers, and keeping a watchful eye on the wedding cake!

Let Oh So Perfect to be ‘Oh So Supportive’ on the day you’ve put so much thought into planning, so that you can celebrate your wedding together with friends and family without any distractions.

Following on from an initial consultation 4 weeks before your wedding day, Oh So Perfect will take over where you need us to in the run up to the big day.

On the day itself we will be there from as early as you require to set up the venue, liaise with your suppliers, and ensure that your day runs smoothly from start to finish, so all you have to worry about is saying “I do!”.


  • Consultation meeting at a time and place convenient to you approximately 4 weeks before your wedding to discuss the details and begin the handover.
  • Production of an agreed time schedule for the wedding day.
  • Final checks made with all suppliers, confirming all details and schedules.
  • 8 hour on-the-day co-ordination service (extra hours on request).
  • Set up of ceremony and reception venues, and any alterations throughout the day.
  • Co-ordination and management of venue and suppliers.
  • Any outstanding payments of suppliers.
  • Toast Mastering (if required).
  • Coordination of order of events including ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance etc.
  • Overseeing seating of guests.
  • ‘Oh So Oops!’ emergency wedding kit box and guest refreshment kit.
  • Discreet dealing with any eventualities.
  • Unlimited access to ‘Oh So Friendly ‚Äď Bride-line’ for both bride and groom (see package for details) up to 4 weeks before the wedding.

If you’d like Oh So Perfect’s professional wedding planner to help coordinate your wedding, get in touch at enquiries@ohsoperfect.co.uk

For more information about all our packages, services and prices, visit our website:


We look forward to hearing from you soon x

Rebecca Cox Photography

For this supplier profile, we interviewed talented wedding photographer, Rebecca Cox..


Hi Rebecca, thank you for being agreeing to be featured in our blog!

No, thank you! I’m always looking for ways to raise my profile.

We absolutely adore your photographs here at Oh So Perfect. Could you tell us a little bit more about your style?

I like to adapt my style to suit the occasion. Having said that, my style is very relaxed so I prefer to work on a wedding where the bride and groom are after more natural pictures of their day, rather than the more formal, posed style.

Would be say you’re photographs show like a story book of their day?

Yes, I tend to appeal to couples who are setting out to have a fun day and want their photos to reflect that.

How would you describe Rebecca Cox Photography in three words? 

Creative    Indiviual   Relaxed

Tell us a little bit more about your service, where are you based?

I am based in Coleford in the Forest of Dean but I cover Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, South Wales. I’m happy to travel anywhere on request, as long as I can get back home within 3 hours.

That’s quite flexible! What do you think makes you stand out from other photographers working in your area?

I think I put people at ease when they meet me.

That’s very important, we always try to help our couples find a photographer who they feel they can trust and relax with, as it will show in their photographs if they’re nervous!

Absolutely, and I also have a good ‚Äúeye‚ÄĚ for photography – my pictures are good! [Laughs] ¬†How¬†big-headed¬†does that sound?! On the other hand you must have¬†confidence¬†in what you do!

Confidence must come with experience, how long have you been taking photographs?

My Dad gave me a camera when I was 8. Not an instamatic, one you had to use a light meter with, and he taught me how to use it. It was love at first click!

Have you had professional training too?

I did go to college to study photography, but I had a dreadful wanderlust, and I dropped out to become an airline stewardess (non PC term, I know, but thats what we were in those days!) However, I never stopped taking photos and learning as I went. So you could call me self taught.

You talk quite openly about your dyslexia, do you feel dyslexia has hindered your training as a photographer in any way?

Quite the opposite! I think the real talent for photography isn’t something you can learn in school. A photographer needs to see the world through different eyes to everyone else and this is where I think that my dyslexia kicks in.

You’ve been running Rebecca Cox photography since 2004, what attracts you to photographing weddings in particular?

I really love doing weddings Рhow wonderful, to be a part of such a special day for! I was very nervous about my first wedding but I got through it! I still get nerves before a wedding, but I think that is healthy, it keeps me on my toes!

Are there any weddings you have worked on which you have particularly enjoyed more than most?

I have enjoyed nearly all the weddings I have done, because there is always something different. I worked on one wedding with a great 30s themed wedding, and I had one in Gloucester Cathedral, which was amazing. But then I’ve had village hall weddings where everything was home made or second hand and they have been such fun.

Do you have any special advice for the couples you work with?

Yes, everyone goes on about it being the bride’s special day, but I make an effort to include the groom. Its his special day too!

It is! It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Rebecca, where can our couples catch you next?

My next wedding fair is at The Speech House in Gloucestershire March. But I’m always happy to sit with couples for a chat about their wedding plans, just get in touch!



Peter & Rachael ~ 06.08.12 ‘Margam Orangery’

Oh So Perfect – Wedding Portfolio

Peter & Rachael

6th August 2011

We’re delighted to share this lovely little wedding film with you…

Rachael and Peter’s Wedding Highlights from Orchid Films on Vimeo.

Peter and Rachael married at the beautiful Margam Park, in South Wales, on the same site Peter proposed to Rachael a year earlier.

The wedding was styled and coordinated by the wonderful Ruth Hunter of Finesse Planning, and Oh So Perfect’s own wedding planner, Samantha, was involved with assisting Ruth with the on-the-day coordination of the event.

The video was filmed and edited by Welsh Wedding Award nominees, Orchid Films.

Oh So Perfect will be running a full feature on Orchid Films in the next few weeks, so stay posted – we can’t wait to share more of their work with you!

For more information about Oh So Perfect’s own On The Day Coordination service visit Oh So Perfect Wedding and Events webiste


Video courtesy of Orchid Films


With thanks to Ruth Hunter at Finesse Planning


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