Oh So Curious…

It has arrived! The Curiosity Project has landed at Perfect HQ!


“The Curiosity Project is, simply put, a mass exchange of personally chosen gifts between anonymous participants. The idea itself is simple. Find a box, fill it with trinkets or curiosities and mail it to a stranger. Be creative with it. Take time over choosing its contents, if you’re crafty make something. You could find a collection of old things or something brand new. Let it say something about you. Include something that has a meaning for you. Decorate the box, wrap it beautifully. Write a note to the recipient if you like, but don’t sign your name. In time, you’ll receive your own Curiosity Box from a secret somebody.”  Grant-Riley Weddings.

After unwrapping the outer layer of the box, Mr. Perfect and I discovered a fascinating array of beautifully wrapped items and note tags waiting to arouse our curiosity.


Each item was wrapped in a layer of black tissue paper, followed by brown parcel paper, and tied with a pretty ribbon. A ‘clue’ or inspiring thought was attached to each gift, neatly handwritten and sealed with a kiss!








So what did we discover? I unwrapped the first intriguing item, a clue to the identity of our box’s sender… Two pretty little badges with images of flowers on and a note: “A clue about what I do… Curious?! X”


Next, Mr. Perfect unwrapped a pretty silver decoration : “We have these all over our home, or for your Christmas tree/festive decorations x”… While I discovered a candle tied with a very honest reflection : “Never underestimate the power of candlelight – turn off the ‘big’ lights, have a bath… Reeelax – we don’t STOP enough these days x”














A quirky package followed: “I can’t stop collecting these but never know what to do with them… Maybe you do? X” – Buttons!


And a fabulous set of vintage note cards tagged with a note from the heart: “it’s so lovely to open a letter so take the time to write, I’m sure it will be appreciated x”



Finally a pretty fabric with russian doll print, ideal to use as a reusable wrapping paper of it’s own (perhaps for our own curiosity box?), and a final thought from our sender, a quote they had found whilst travelling over 10 years ago which has become a mantra for the unidentified ‘me’…

“Set your sights high, the higher the better.
Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now.
Realise that nothing is too good.
Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.
Be enthusiastic about life.”


How very curious, indeed!

Samantha x

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