Charity of the Year 2012

“Here at Oh So Perfect HQ we’ve been thinking about our Charity of the Year 2012. Oh So Perfect’s Head Wedding Planner, Samantha, tells us why…”

I’ve always been interested in charity, I think it’s the appeal of working with people all interested in helping others, knowing you can make a difference to someone or something, no matter how big or small.

Promoting Race For Life

In school 6th form, I was appointed House Charity Captain, and regularly rallied up the year 7s to organise a lunch time cake sale or book swap. I even encouraged the staff and students to take part in the Salvation Army Operation Christmas Child, which then involved me transporting 77 festively decorated shoe boxes of goodies for orphans in Romania to the local drop off point in town, all piled high in my little Nissan Micra. It was hard to resist the temptation to drive them across town in my Santa hat!

Great Wall of China Trek

During my uni years I craved a challenge so found myself signing up to take part in a trek of the Great Wall of China for Scope, and a few years later dug out my walking shoes once again to take on the National Three Peaks Challenge with Mr Perfect and a handful of friends for both East Anglian Air Ambulance and St Davids Children’s Society, a charity close to Mr Perfect’s heart.

 Before I set up Oh So Perfect, my early career was dedicated to working in charity. I began my professional career working as an Area Event Assistant for CRUK’s Race For Life, continuing this role as a volunteer a year later, before moving on to my first ‘proper job’ working in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Me and my volunteers at Race For Life

From birds I moved to dogs – Guide Dogs for the Blind – one of the best jobs I ever had, so much joy came from working with such lovely creatures and didn’t I meet some inspirational people along the way. Early this year I began volunteering for bucket collections with RSPCA Llys-nini – the wonderful animal rescue centre who allowed me to adopt my lovely little one-eyed cat, Megan.

With designer Jan Constantine (second left) and Guide Dogs volunteers on ITV1's Auction Party

More recently I worked organising events and fundraising for the Wales Air Ambulance, where I continue to donate my time as a media volunteer, and after Wales Air Ambulance my professional career turned to Regional Fundraiser at JDRF – helping to find the cure for Type1 diabetes.

Climbing Mount Snowdon in the National Three Peaks Challenge

All of the wonderful organisations I worked and volunteered for before setting up Oh So Perfect have each taught me so much about so many different aspects of life, and it has been such a pleasure to be associated with them all. Through my career I have met so many incredible people who have utterly inspired me with their ability to keep smiling, no matter what life throws at you – many of whom I now call my friends -and I have so many fantastic memories from the events I have been involved with which I will cherish for years to come.

I've always loved a headset!

It is that wonderful feeling you get with charity, of knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s day. It doesn’t matter how much money you can give, every penny counts, that’s something I’ve learnt – every donation makes a difference, whether donating your money or your time, every offering takes someone a step further towards a smile.

That’s why we’ve decided to adopt a charity of the year for 2012. Except, it’s so hard to choose who to support next! So instead we’re going to pick TWO..! And this is where we need your help….

With crew and supporters at Wales air Ambulance air base

Please let us know of any charities you feel we should consider, I’d love to hear your thoughts on who we could support… Please leave your suggestions on the comments section below. We’ll be announcing our chosen charity at the end of the year!

Thank you for supporting Oh So Perfect’s Charity of the Year 2012

Samantha x

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