Robert Spendiff – Nutritional Advice

We invited Swansea’s own health and fitness specialist, Robert Spendiff, to appear as a guest blogger on our Oh So Perfect blog. Here’s Robert’s advice to brides and bridesmaids wanting to look their best on their big day…


WEDDINGS… the preparation priorities used to be finding the perfect dress, the best hair stylist, and the right makeup. But today’s brides and their bridesmaids have added another “must do” before the “I dos” – getting into the best physical shape of their lives!

Today, a wedding is probably one of the most motivating events in a woman’s life  that will help the bride and bridesmaids to achieve their perfect body shape and weight.

But ladies, fear not! It’s your lucky day… I’m here to HELP!

Firstly, “congratulations” on your engagement! It’s the start of a new eventful chapter in your life, so let me help you to start it the best way possible. You may think, “I won’t have enough time before the big day” or “I have too much  happening already” but actually, that’s what I want to hear from you! That way there’s no escape, just pure determination, and I am here to help you change your lifestyle as well as reach your perfect body goals.

So where do we begin? There are some simple questions you must ask yourself before you start…

Herbalife helped this lovely bridesmaid...

  1. How long do you have to get in the perfect shape?
  2. Have you already bought a dress?
  3. Have the bridesmaid bought their dresses?
  4. Are you committed to getting fit?
  5. Do you want to feel and look healthier?
  6. What goals do I want to set?

Simple, yes, but they are the key questions to getting the perfect bride or bridesmaid body.

Let’s think about how long you’ve got until that walk down the aisle…

If your wedding day is about 12 months away then this gives you plenty of time to prepare and reach your goals.

Firstly you must start your clean healthy diet: cut out fast food and un-healthy snacking and replace them with healthy ‘step ins.’ So instead of having a chocolate bar grab some fruit or maybe a handful of nuts. Meal time is crucial even a year before your wedding, you must start to prepare your body mentally and physically by eating smaller healthier portions. Or if you’re really determined, you can have a look at some of my ‘miracle’ work products HERBALIFE.  HERBALIFE helps you stay on the move with convenient meal shakes and snacks, along with fat burning drinks and energy drinks –  a great way to tie in your waste and ‘unhappy areas.’

You can also book an appointment with me in the early days, and over a year’s course I can monitor your weight and internal body readings at just £5 per session, every 2 weeks, or FREE to brides who are using the HERBALIFE products with me.

For you ladies with less time on your hands before the big day, say 5-6 months to go, then there’s small tricks I can use to help you feel more body confident, such as by considering your dress: what parts of your body does it reveal? You’re back? You’re arms? And what parts do you feel uncomfortable in?

Let Robert help you look your best!

Together we can concentrate the training on those areas you’re concerned with a little more than others. Your eating will be similar to the above, but with a more immediate approach – a balanced diet with regular exercise is key to your transformation. Again involvement of the ‘HERBALIFE’ products will help speed up your weight loss – I’ve seen results in just 3 days with previous clients!

So how about those few last days leading up to the wedding?

Put simply, some foods are better than others if  you want to minimize your food intake but not starve. Eating the correct foods give you the healthy full feeling. Eat super foods such as berries, avocado, cinnamon, turkey and beans – just some of  great super foods that are a must in your new diet and crucial to the days leading up to the wedding.  So here’s a little plan of what you should and shouldn’t eat on the build up to your big day…

What to avoid…

Day/Night Before – ‘heavy’ meals e.g. steak, potatoes. Also, anything seafood, alcohol, late night snacks and fast food.

Wedding Day– Junk food, deep fried food, yeasty bread, heavy meats e.g. steak, gammon.

What I recommend eating…

Day/Night Before – A healthy lunch/dinner, salad, pastas, stir-fry veg etc.

Wedding Day – Fruit, cereal, coffee for breakfast, sandwiches, water during the day… well if you can!

If your lifestyle is hectic enough without concentrating on what healthy meal to cook next I can help you, if you only have a few weeks to lose inches again I have done it before. I hope that you use and respect the advice I have given and give it your best shot! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. For more in-depth meal and exercise plans do not hesitate to contact me on

Also, you can check out my fitness pages for more help, advice and information or

And remember… GOOD LUCK!

Robert Spendiff

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