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With over 10 years of experience producing documentries for the BBC, Sally and Emma are the creative duo at the front of Wales’s best wedding film company, providing couples across the UK with “amazing wedding videos which couldn’t be more different from the traditional concept of a wedding video!”

Oh So Perfect are absolutely delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with Sally Davies of  – the award winning – Orchid Films

Hi Sally, it’s a pleasure catching up with you. First of all, a massive congratulations to you for your recent win at the Welsh National Wedding Awards…!

Thank you! We’re delighted to say we’ve just won ‘Best Wedding Videographer in Wales 2011’ in the very first  Welsh National Wedding Awards. As we’ve only been in business for three years it was a real thrill for our work to be recognised.

Winning the Best Videographer in Wales was a real highlight for us, and we were touched by how many of our couples got in touch to congratulate us.

I bet! So tell us a bit about what makes you a worthy, award-winning team… 

Our films are very different from the traditional 2 hour “music and pictures” wedding video. You hear as well as see what happens, which really brings the day to life, and the films are about 40 minutes long so tell the story of the day in a concise but moving way.

Every wedding and couple are so different and we really get into all the detail and planning that’s gone into them, and reflect that in the films.   We are also friendly outgoing people who relate well to others.  And as we’ve both organised our own weddings we know all about the effort that goes into it.

You won the award for Best in Wales, but you do Orchid Films operate outside of Wales too?

We are based in Cardiff but cover the whole of the UK.  We’ve filmed weddings all over England and Wales as well as three in Jersey and have a booking for Scotland in 2012.

If the wedding’s outside south Wales we ask for travel costs, but don’t charge for the time spent travelling.

How would you describe the style of your videos?

They’re shot in a documentary style with sound, so very much tell the story of the day, but have a cinematic look so are beautiful too.  They’re about 40 minutes long and some clients say it’s like watching a TV programme about their wedding.

And we’ve heard you have another style which is popular too…?

Yes, we are also Marryoke specialists, and offer a music video independently of a wedding film which is a very popular choice.  About a third of our bookings are for a Marryoke on its own without the main video.

Sounds like fun! What sort of style of wedding do you feel Orchid Films is most suited to? 

We film what happens and never ask anyone to do anything especially for the camera so our coverage suits any style of wedding.

However, we do like to meet our clients and get to know them, to find out what kind of a couple they are – e.g romantic/fun/stylish as that influences the way we edit their film.

Can you edit the couple’s film to compliment the theme too?

We can, we personalise the film by using the same font on the DVD as on their order of service or seating plan, and reflecting their colour scheme on the DVD.  And of course the choice of music for the video is down to the couple.

That’s a good idea. What kind of couple do you think Orchid Films mostly appeals to?

A discerning couple who recognise a professional film when they see one!  So many of our couples have said they weren’t going to have a video until they saw ours, because they are so different to the traditional wedding video and more like a TV programme.

What advice would you give to a couple on a budget, who were perhaps thinking about whether to hire a videographer or a photographer?

If you’re in two minds about having a video, just ask yourself how you will remember your day afterwards.  Once the day’s over, all that’s left of everything you paid for will be the photos and although they’re important nothing compares with actually seeing and hearing the day’s events.

We’ve spoken to couples before who felt that their videographer sometimes appeared as a distraction to the guests. How do you tackle this issue? 

It’s important to us to be discreet and to dress to blend in.  Couples often say afterwards they hardly noticed we were there!

Sharad & Katherine’s Marryoke from Orchid Films on Vimeo.

And we’ve seen you in action too, at a wedding in Margam Park! It was amazing to see how well you could communicate with each other across a room without any sound, just subtle signals. You’re experience working in TV must help you in that respect?

Yes, we both have more than ten years’ experience producing documentaries for the BBC – that’s where we learned our trade.

Since starting Orchid Films three years ago we’ve been on extra editing and colour grading courses, and in June 2011 spent three days at a camera masterclass led by Philip Bloom, recognised world wide as an expert on the new generation of DSLR video.

So tell us, what inspired you to move on from the BBC and into wedding videography?

Emma was planning her own wedding and was in despair about a videographer after seeing dozens of samples.  As a TV producer/director she was looking for something like a documentary about her day that was beautifully filmed.

She suggested to me (a fellow film maker who’d recently left the BBC) that we should go into business – and thus Orchid Films was born!

And three years later, you must know the industry very well. What attracts you specifically to working in weddings?

We both love weddings, and recognise it’s a real privilege to be asked to record them.  For example, when you’re filming the bride as she’s getting into her dress, it’s a very intimate moment and yet you’re there along with her mother and closest friends.

Are there any weddings you have filmed which have  particularly stood out in your memory?

Every wedding is so different, we come away with memorable moments from each one.   A particular one we’ll always remember was Ian and Emma in our first year.  They only booked us three days before their wedding which would have been memorable enough.  But on the day – in June after a week of beautiful sunshine – there was torrential rain all day.  The bride arrived at the church in wellies, and guests were delayed getting to the reception because floods had shut the road en route!

Oh no!

It was a wonderful day in spite of the weather though!

Oh, and another one – our first civil ceremony when Andy and Darren officially became a couple at Portmeirion was one of the most emotional days we’ve filmed.

Any ‘Bridezillas’…?

Despite all the warnings about Bridezillas, in more than 60 weddings we haven’t met one yet!  All our couples have been really lovely, and quite a few of them have kept in touch with us.

You’ve worked alongside wedding planners and on the day coordinators, what do you think makes a wedding Oh So Perfect?

Once the day arrives, the bride and groom should just relax and really enjoy the day whatever it brings, and not worry even if things don’t go as planned.

It’s also a good idea to get help with the wedding and not do everything yourselves as by the time the big day dawns, you’ll be too exhausted to enjoy it!

We certainly agreed with that! And finally, Sally, how would you describe Orchid Films in three words?




And on that note, we leave this friendly lady to get back to her editing… 

You can find out more about Orchid Films and view videos of their work on their website www.orchidfilmcompany.co.uk – Orchid Films welcome people getting in touch and are happy to hold no obligation chats in person, phone or Skype – contact info@orchidfilmcompany.co.uk

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