Proposal Cakes by GC Couture

We simply HAVE to share these fabulous little proposal cakes with you from the wonderful GC Couture Рwhat a lovely way to be proposed to! 


Just in time for Valentine’s day, the luxury cake brand behind Cheryl Cole’s birthday cake, GC Couture, has prepared a special proposal cake! If you’re planning to propose, this gorgeous cake, in the shape of a ring box is such a sweet way to pop the question. With the ring cleverly concealed in the icing cushions, how could she possibly say no?

The cakes cost £25 with a £15 delivery charge to central London and the immediate M25 area. Unfortunately due to the delicate structure of the cakes, they can’t be posted but customers outside of the delivery area can collect directly from GC Couture’s Watford HQ.


To order a cake in time for Valentine’s Day, order by 6th of February by calling 01923 228165 or email


With love,
Oh So Perfect x


Painted glasses – sneak preview

Diary of A Wedding Planner

I’m currently working on a little side project here at Perfect HQ and thought we’d share a few sneaky peek pictures with you…



More details to follow soon – stay posted!

Oh So Perfect team x

What to think about when choosing your wedding theme or colour scheme…

Oh So Perfect‘s head¬†wedding¬†planner, Samantha, lists the important things to think about when choosing your perfect theme or colour scheme for your wedding day…

One of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of planning your wedding is finding and selecting the perfect theme or colour scheme which represents you, your partner, and your special day together. But so often we see couples who have chosen a beautiful colour scheme only to match it to the wrong venue, or who have attempted to execute a theme which was unfortunately much bigger than they could ever have handled on their budget and ended up looking like a half hearted attempt to create something which appears almost unfinished.

In this competitive¬†age of¬†media¬†weddings, bride’s often find themselves forced to endure a fair bit of¬†‘wedding envy’ due to programmes such as Four Weddings¬†and Don’t Tell The Bride¬†encouraging individuals to openly judge a couple’s dream theme,¬†or in a world where OK and Hello¬†magazine constantly thrust multi-million pound celebrity weddings with designer¬†d√©cor¬†onto our coffee tables persuading us to feel utterly incapable of creating anything quite as fabulous/decadent/divine/ ridiculous (delete as appropriate) on less than ¬£100k.

Your wedding’s theme and colour scheme is one of the most likely things your guests will continue to remember long after you’ve cut the cake and shared the first dance, and it’s perfectly understandable to want your wedding to look as beautiful and memorable as possible, regardless of how much you’re able to spend. You don’t have to wave goodbye to big bucks to create a colour scheme to die for, or take out a bank loan to create a theme to be enjoyed, but there are some very simple things to consider when selecting the elements of your perfect day to help ensure that your theme is easily executed to perfection…


Ahhh, the venue… Now this is the ‘biggy’ when it comes to complimenting your dream theme, and yet so often this is the one thing which couples fail to think about when choosing what they want most.¬†Your venue is ultimately the backdrop for your wedding, and so it is incredibly important to bare it in mind when choosing your theme and colour scheme.

What sort of venue are you looking for…?

Are we talking about the grand, Victorian manor house set amongst acres of land and manicured rose gardens, filled to the brim with antique furnishings, family portraits and classical statues and fountains; or is this the trendy new city-centre based venue boasting a modern, vibrant cool setting, geometrically perfect lines and a state of the art lighting system; or quite possibly is the venue that ticks all the boxes as the perfect setting for your wedding actually a white sandy beach on an exclusive island in the Maldives, flanked with clear blue waters and exotic palm trees?

It really is quite simple – your dream ‘vintage affair’ is not going to look quite so accurately nostalgic in the city ice-house, and your super contemporary, everyone-must-wear-monochrome ceremony probably won’t be¬†complimented¬†too well by Lord Pompous of Wellypiddle staring down from his gleaming, gold plated frame. And I highly suspect that that the winter-themed wedding you always dreamed off won’t look quite right if the holly and ivy wreath is draped across a banana tree…

Select your venue based on your idea of a theme – consider a setting and¬†d√©cor which will best compliment the intended look of the day, whether it’s vintage, traditional, contemporary or otherwise.

What colours does your venue already feature…?

Another major aspect of the venue that couples often fail to consider when choosing their colour scheme is the existing colours in the room. If your wedding is taking place in a stately home or hotel, it is quite likely that the rooms you are using already have a carpet, wall paper and drapery or curtains around the windows, and in the case of many hotels these fabrics are often a very bold colour, or feature an elaborate pattern of sorts. This is something you are unlikely to be able to change, so in order to produce a colour scheme for your wedding which will have the greatest effect not only to look well thought-out and impressive to your guests’ eye, but to help make your wedding photos look even more incredible, consider the colours in your room and use them to contribute to and compliment your own¬†d√©cor.

I once assisted as an On The Day Coordinator for a wedding where the bride and groom had opted to theme their day¬†with a gorgeous deep shade of turquoise – all the ribbons and chair covers, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the centre pieces, flowers and even the candles all shone with this decadent colour, but unfortunately the room was carpeted in bright crimson and yellow, and the (rather large) windows were flanked with heavy gold drapes which fell right to the floor. I met the room with a sigh (and secretly wished they had also booked me to be their stylist!) as I thought what a shame it was that they hadn’t complimented the existing colour scheme with a¬†beautiful¬†burnt Autumnal colour scheme, or else found another venue which would have better complimented the turquoise and blue in their photos and film…

Use the colours in your venue to your advantage to compliment and enhance your own wedding colour scheme, or if you’re fully decided on a particular colour find a venue that will match it well, or else hire a marquee to act as a blank canvas for your dream palette.


Your wedding invite is the first clue your guests will receive…

Once you have decided on your colour scheme or theme, you will have a clear idea of what you want from your wedding stationery designer, and they will be able to expertly advise you as to how best to compliment your wedding’s style through the use of place cards, table settings, menu’s, the order of service and the seating plan. But it is important to work with your stationery designer closely to create the perfect invitation which will begin the process of unveiling your overall wedding theme.

The invitation to your wedding is the first ‘clue’ your guests will receive as to the theme or colour scheme, and often will leave guests feeling a certain sense of expectation as to what they will experience on your big day. Be clear about your colour scheme by featuring it on the invite – your guests (particularly family) may wish to compliment it with their choice of outfit, card or gift. If you have chosen to run with a specific theme, don’t be shy to include some clear hints in your design – it will lead your guests into an expectation of that theme on the day, and help to get them even more excited about attending something fun and unusual. If your guests receive a pretty pink invitation, decorated with ribbon, lace and pearls, they’re going to mighty surprised when they arrive at your ‘Vegas Casino’ themed reception…

Be clear with your stationery designer about the overall look you want to¬†achieve on the big day so that they can help you implement your wedding theme or colour scheme starting with the words ‘You are invited…’


This may seem another obvious choice, but again it’s the sort of thing that can easily be forgotten when planning a theme or colour scheme. It is important when choosing your theme to think about the time of year your wedding is taking place, the season, and even the month, as it will all help to enhance your wedding’s style.

What season will you be marrying in…?

It may strike you as obvious, but it is important to think about your seasons when planning your wedding. If you’re dreaming of a vintage garden party wedding with open marquees, bunting and games on the lawn, then you should probably reconsider booking your special day in Autumn or Winter. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the warmth and luxury of ¬†one of the most spectacular, oak-clad rooms complete with roaring open fire and then your guests probably won’t appreciate your decision to host the wedding on one of the hottest, most glorious days of the year!

He loves me, he loves me not…

Whilst it is true that in today’s florist industry you are likely to be able to order any style of flower at any time of year, regardless of whether it is native to that particular month, you may wish to consider your theme’s floral arrangements during particular seasons. For example, your traditional Welsh daffodil inspired wedding won’t look quite so patriotic if you’re wedding is in¬†September, and your splendid holly and mistletoe wreaths won’t be quite so splendid hanging from the church doors in May.

You may even wish to think about the month…

Even particular months come complete with connotations, especially those months outside of the traditional wedding season (May-September). If your wedding is booked to take place in February, your guests may be expecting a very red, romantic Valentine’s feel, or for weddings in November and December the expectation is that of Christmas charm. You can certainly use this to your advantage if it’s the look you wish to achieve, but if not perhaps re-think your date some more.

Different months and seasons come with connotations of the sort of colours and themes guests will expect to see at a wedding. Use this to your advantage by complimenting your colour scheme or theme with a date that supports your style.

The Dress

And I say The¬†Dress with added emphasis on the ‘The’¬†because this is something which can be particularly important to the bride who spent her days as a little girl wondering around the house with a net curtain on her head (Yes, I mean me – but I was only actually allowed to do this when my mum was taking them down for a wash…!)

You’ve dreamt about the perfect dress for years…

If you’re the kind of bride who already knew before you first put on your engagement ring the exact style, colour, shape, material, (shop?!) you dream of for your wedding dress, then it’s important to consider this when selecting your theme. Unless you’re willing to consider something else to wear other than that specific dress you’ve always known you wanted, then you may have to match your theme to the dress.

If you’ve always wanted to wear something long and figure-hugging, perhaps with a long-sleeved bolero or even a furry stole, then it’s probably not a good idea to select a sea-side theme. Similarly, if the dress you’ve been staring at in that shop window has delicate red crystals embroidered into the bodice, then a purple colour scheme is unlikely to go down too well.

Or perhaps you haven’t chosen your dress yet, but the theme is already set and half-way towards being created, remember to consider this when trying on the possible dress which will become ‘the one.’ If you’re heart is set on the vintage theme – choose a¬†vintage-inspired dress to compliment the style; if you’re going for an all-out contemporary vibe, find a dress which features an unusual cut or modern¬†accessories. And the same for the gents – if you’re embracing the Victorian manor house, have your man wear a traditional top-hat and tails, or throw him into that powder blue two-piece to help bring the ‘Rock’n’Roll’ wedding to life.

Your bridal outfit is equally as important in styling your overall perfect theme as the colour on the chair covers, or the music played as you say ‘I do’

Run with it!

And my final piece of advice when considering your colour scheme and wedding theme is to simply run with it, like there’s no tomorrow, and like you’ll never have the chance to do any of it again (because, of course, fingers crossed you won’t!)

You only get one opportunity…

This is your wedding day and it’s about you and you – both of you – not anyone else. If you’ve got your heart set on the dream theme then don’t be afraid to be bold and go out and create it in it’s entirety. Colour schemes are beautiful and when applied correctly (using the tips above!) will always look fantastic, but to pull off a full wedding theme takes commitment and dedication. One of the worst things you will see at a wedding is a theme which has been thought about but not executed – sure the table names are named after your favourite books, sweets, romantic songs (for example), but if you aren’t brave enough to carry out the rest of the theme in its entirety (a wedding breakfast in an old library, a great big sweetie table full of candy and colour, stationery made to look like old records!) then you’re idea will be sadly wasted.

Don’t be afraid to do something wonderful. Anything is possible, even on a budget, you just need the imagination and creativity to be able to pull it of and give your guests a day to fully enjoy and remember. Tie together all elements of the theme from the table names, to the stationary, the cake to the entertainment, your¬†d√©cor¬†and your outfits, and even the food and the favours. You won’t regret it, and nor will your guests.

Be brave with your choices, stick to what you want and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Anything is possible.

I hope my ideas and advice offer you some food for thought as to how to style your wedding to it’s full advantage. I’d love to hear what colour schemes and themes – good and bad! – you have seen at weddings you’ve attended ¬†– leave your comments below…

With love, Samantha 


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Vintage Me

Today’s Oh So Perfect supplier profile is on the rather splendid crockery hire and catering company ‘Vintage Me

Vintage Me offer vintage crockery hire of up to 140 place settings, as well as event styling.

We cater traditional afternoon tea and cream tea catering, using local and organic produce where possible.

They can also provide a pop-up tea room consisting of a marquee complete with miss-match wooden garden furniture, spotty table cloths, bunting and other vintage fancies.

We’ve taken our pop-up tea room to private events such as christenings and corporate doo‚Äôs etc. I also take it to the Royal Air Tattoo in Fairford where I am the main food caterer in the Battle of Briton section, and also I attend Fairford steam rally every year as well as a few others.

Vintage Me was set up by Eve Coombs in 2008 and is based outside Cirencester Рcovering the whole of the Cotswolds, the South West and London. They were the first vintage crockery hire company to start up in the Cotswolds.

I set up Vintage Me due to a love for delicate pretty things. I loved savouring the most every day things, like a cup of tea in a bone china cup and saucer and feeling a little bit extra special by it, and then it became a guilty habit that got out of control!! I just want every one to be able to have lovely things for their special day; I just can’t stop myself, it’s in my blood!

Vintage Me appeals to the couple who want a creative touch to their wedding day, and wish to personalise their event.

I can provide a full on vintage affair, or clients can hire small elements to give their wedding a twist or a personal touch, we’re more glam vintage than retro. Lots of twinkly glass and mirrors with a bit of glitz!

Eve has even played host to some very special events in the past…

I have supplied to an amazing events company in London called Urban Caprice and they hired a lot of my crockery for 3 major events – Tesco‚Äôs Florence and Fred new Spring Range 2011, Lacoste’s New Pink Perfume launch 2010, and also a Sainsbury’s food photo shoot. Also Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen (as in long-haired Lawrence’s wife!) hired from me for a charity Garrison Girls night.

¬†In three words, Eve describes Vintage Me¬†as ‘indulgent’ , ‘quintessential’ and ‘decadent,’ and she has most enjoyed every wedding or event which has been held in a garden or field.

That’s what I really love Рvintage out doors!

Vintage Me  stands out from other vintage crockery suppliers due to the fact that they have no minimal/extra charges. As well as passion, Eve even has a degree in fine art and textiles, and a sharp eye for detail.

In truth the dress, location and all the rest are not the most important, what is is that you have found the person you want to share your life with and that you want all your family and friends their to share it with you.



To find out more about Vintage Me or to get in touch with Eve direct, visit the website

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Nick Murray ~ Testimonial

Oh So Honest – Client Testimonial

We love to share our client testimonials with you, it’s so rewarding for us to hear how our wedding planners have made our couples’ special day ‘Oh So Perfect’

But we’re incredibly honoured when we receive similarly kind words from some of the professional suppliers we get to work with within the industry. These guys have worked with numerous wedding planners and coordinators, so it’s wonderful to receive such a lovely recommendation like this one.

Here’s what professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, Nick Murray, had to say about Oh So Perfect…

I recently got married myself, so I know what a minefield organising a wedding can be like. Colours, cars, cakes, dresses, music, favours and photographers; the list is huge!

Book guys like me as early as you can, or get the guys at ‘Oh So Perfect’ to have the headache for you. It sounds obvious, but with¬†so much to think of, it’s easy to let the bigger things slip your mind.

Wedding planners do this day in, day out. You want to enjoy the build up, not look frazzled walking down the aisle. I wish ‘Oh So Perfect’ were around when I got married!

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Nick Murray Photography

At Oh So Perfect we absolutely adore meeting and interviewing all the lovely wedding suppliers we feature on our blog – but it’s not often we find someone as full of character, charisma and charm as professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, Nick Murray.

It gives us the greatest pleasure to introduce to you one of the most creative and inspirational photographers in Wales – if not the UK! – we’ll let his words and pictures speak for themselves…

I’m an ‘all day’ photographer. I’m there for as long as the couples want me there. I’m not the kind of photographer to shoot off as soon as the guests sit down for a meal, or charge hundreds of pounds for every hour after a set time. This is my art, and I’m not a weekend warrior trying to make a few extra quid. I care how my work is presented and do everything I can to make the couple’s images as cool as possible. If I’m not proud of them, they don’t see them.

My love of photography makes the wedding industry a no-brainer.¬†It’s such a rich pool of work, you’re never just shooting ‘a wedding.’

I love all my weddings, naturally, although one in particular recently stands out for me. The couple were so much fun, had total faith in my ideas, and would literally do everything I suggested with such enthusiasm, that it made the shoot an absolute joy. We shot the wedding in the Brecon Beacons which is one of the most stunning places to shoot in the whole of Wales, if not the UK. The light was perfect, it was warm, hazy sunshine, and the fun we had really shows up in their photographs. They were so pleased they even came back to me after the wedding to upgrade their package, so they could have more photos of the day. They phoned me to tell me their wedding album was beautiful, made them both (!) cry, and their living room was covered in my photographs. This is why I love my job.

I’m lucky enough to come from a very creative background and love the diversity of ideas that spring up in todays weddings. There’s so many awesome couples trying out new concepts on their big day, it’s refreshing for them to keep you on top of your game. Without being a ‘jack of all trades’ it’s important to keep in mind that every client is different, and expect something unique and particular to them. Vintage, contemporary, alternative & traditional all excite and inspire me. If a client really wants something, I go above and beyond to research it for them.

My wedding business is a few years old, but I’ve been shooting photographs for as long as I can remember. Really, since I was a kid. I’m based in Newport, South Wales, with my main area being here, Cardiff, Bridgend and Swansea but I shoot all over the UK. I’m lucky enough this year to be asked to shoot a wedding in Cyprus. I’ve also shot as far as Canada and Japan. The Japanese wedding was cool.¬†14 courses of Sushi!

I appeal to cool couples that love creativity, and hate the idea of the photographer running the day. That’s not what it’s about.

I’ve been shooting ever since my dad gave me my first camera as a kid.¬†A little 35mm that I used to carry around everywhere.

I’m mainly self taught, but I do have a degree and Masters degree in Film and Photography, which kind of helps, ha ha!¬†I also worked in film and television production after university,¬† so everything you see is the culmination of years of being in the creative industries.

I’ve won awards through the SWPP and I’m regularly in Voice magazine.¬†The guys there are great to me, and really love my work.

I recently got married myself, so I know what a minefield organising a wedding can be like. Colours, cars, cakes, dresses, music, favours and photographers; the list is huge!¬†Book guys like me as early as you can, or get the guys at ‘Oh So Perfect’ to have the headache for you. It sounds obvious, but with so much to think of, it’s easy to let the bigger things slip your mind.

Wedding planners do this day in, day out. You want to enjoy the build up, not look frazzled walking down the aisle. I wish ‘Oh So Perfect’¬†were around when I got married!

To view Nick’s full photography gallery, and get in touch with the man himself, ¬†visit the website


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Victoria and Adam’s Sweetie Table

Oh So Perfect – Wedding Portfolio

Following our previous post featuring some pictures of the freshly painted personalised sweetie jars we made for our couple Victoria and Adam to use on their sweetie table at their engagement party, we thought we’d share some photos of the jars in action!

The cupcake centrepiece was won in a prize at a wedding fair last weekend. Victoria won 36 cupcakes for her wedding from ‘Cakes by Sue’ in the raffle at the Dragon Hotel Swansea last Sunday. Luckily our wedding planner was on hand on the day to persuade Sue to let Victoria and Adam have the cupcakes for their engagement party instead as the wedding isn’t taking place until 2014 and Sue agreed – if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Here’s some snaps of the sweetie table…






Congratulations to Victoria and Adam on their engagement – we’re looking forward to helping them plan their Oh So Perfect wedding next!

If you’d like help planning your wedding, or require an On The Day Coordinator for your big day, visit our website for full details on our packages and services.


Victoria and Adam’s hand painted engagement party sweetie jars

I couldn’t head to bed tonight without sharing these pictures first…

It’s our couple Victoria and Adam’s engagement party tomorrow evening and after a quick dash into town this afternoon we managed to pick up these fab glass sweetie jars and ice cream sundae glasses for the sweetie table for under a tenner! But of course plain jars just don’t cut it here at Oh So Perfect so this evening I whipped out my paint brush and some blue marabu glasart paint (a little side project we’re working on…) and added some sweet-shop charm to the containers in the party’s colour scheme… I even managed to personalise the jars with the couple’s names as a keep sake of their special night!

Sorry for the poor quality pics, I snapped them on my phone before packing them away for tomorrow, but we’ll try and get some better pics when the table is all set up properly and the jars are full of yummy treats…

But for now…





Right, better get some sleep!

Samantha x

Look Darling

We’re absolutely delighted to be sharing this lovely interview with you – here’s what happened when Oh So Perfect caught up with the very fabulous Emma Lester from 50’s inspired wedding gown and accessory retailer ‘Look Darling

Emma, thank you so much for¬†agreeing¬†to an interview with Oh So Perfect – as you know we absolutely adore your dresses and can’t wait to share them with our followers! Please can you tell everyone a little bit about who ‘Look Darling’ are…

Look Darling is a wedding gown and accessory retailer dedicated to helping brides who want a 1950s look for their day.

Our aim is to offer a range of necklines, fabrics, colours and details to enable every bride to find a 1950s silhouette to suit. All of our gowns are exclusive to Look Darling in the UK. We offer the widest selection of tea length dresses in the North West, and one of the biggest collections in the country.

You have no idea how much our wedding planner, Samantha, wants to buy your Ruth dress, wedding gown or not!

Thanks so much! Did you know ‘Ruth’ is also available in coloured fabrics? I have a sample in a very nice mallard green in a size 8 if you’re interested!!!

(Samantha: “Oooohh don’t tempt me!! Sounds gorgeous!”)

[Laughs] Look Darling has a fabulous website with wonderful, clear photos for brides to admire when choosing their dresses, but can your brides view their dress to try on before purchasing?

Yes, we are based on the Wirral peninsula, in the north west of England, but brides can view the range at selected wedding fairs around the country and we can accept online and telephone orders from brides worldwide. ¬†Brides can sign up to the newsletter via the website to be notified of fairs that we are exhibiting at in the coming months…

And you’ve recently opened up a studio too…?

That’s right, the online store went live in August 2011, with the home based studio opening to welcome brides to view and try on the full range of gowns and accessories on 13th November 2011.

What sort of price range can your brides expect to find at Look Darling?

We seek to offer a wide range of 1950s style wedding and occasion gowns in the £295 Р£795 price bracket, along with a selection of beautiful shoes and accessories to complement the gowns. We strive to maintain a price point that is affordable, but that allows us to offer fantastic quality.

You stock bridal gowns from the very popular American vintage-inspired label ‘Dolly Couture.’ What do you think makes Look Darling stand out from other Dolly Couture stockists?

As a stockist of the exceptionally popular Dolly Couture label, we subscribe to the Dolly policy of ‚ÄėNo Unhappy Bride‚Äô.¬† We believe that a fantastic range of styles, an affordable price point and exceptional customer service are the key elements to a successful bridal business.¬† We work hard to offer all of this and more to all of our brides.

With the website having only gone live within the last 6 months, Look Darling seems to be building in popularity and status very quickly… Have you been featured in any bridal magazines or blogs yet?

We have! There is a full two page spread on Look Darling in the current Winter issue of Pure Weddings magazine, which is the Archant Life wedding publication for Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire.  Oh and look out for a feature coming up on the Fifties Wedding Blog in the next month too!

We adore the Fifties Wedding Blog… Obviously the dresses you stock are predominantly suited to the 1950’s style – would you agree that Look Darling only appeals to the retro or vintage-inspired bride?

I think there is no typical Look Darling bride:  the 1950s look is timeless and ageless.  We have something for everyone, from fun and funky to elegant and sophisticated.  Many of our gowns can also be customised to suit each bride perfectly.

Can you describe Look Darling in three words?

Stylish  Affordable  Fun

What inspired you to set up Look Darling – we’ve spotted your wedding ring – were you a 50s-inspired bride yourself?

Yes, when I got engaged, I knew that I wanted a 1950s style tea length wedding gown.  I struggled to find what I wanted though, and most of the shops I went to either had no tea length dresses at all, or perhaps a token one that was brought out from a back room where it had been gathering dust for years!

Oh no! That should never happen to any wedding dress! Even the ‘ugly’ ones… [Laughs]

Exactly! It was clear to me that there was a demand for this style of dress, as there were some very expensive bespoke options available and these businesses seemed to be overwhelmed with custom. I also noticed from spending a lot of time on wedding forums and blogs that there were many brides crying out for a more affordable option.

I noticed that many brides were resorting to ordering their dresses from overseas, without the opportunity to try on first. There seemed to be a huge amount of positive feedback for a company called Dolly Couture, who offered an online store based in the USA selling a range of ‚Äėcocktail length‚Äô 1950s and 60s inspired gowns. I felt that if someone were to offer the Dolly Couture collection in the UK, there would be a very enthusiastic reception for it.

And so you jumped at the opportunity…?

No – at the time, I was working long hours as a lawyer in the City and the idea of starting up a business doing just that was pie in the sky!¬† A lovely idea, but a huge undertaking.¬† So I continued with my legal career, all the while thinking ‚Äėwhat if‚Ķ?‚Äô

So what finally persuaded you to make the big career change?

A couple of years later, we moved back up north and I quickly fell pregnant. Whilst I was on maternity leave, the seed of the idea continued to grow and I spent more and more time thinking that there was a gap in the market for a bridal retailer offering an affordable range of 1950s inspired dresses.  After much planning and a lot of help from my IT-whizz husband, the online store was born.  I began offering Fancy New York and Dolly Couture gowns for sale online, with a price range from £495 Р£795.

Well thank goodness you did! Did you always plan to open the bridal studio too or were you originally planning to run the business entirely online?

Well it quickly became clear that brides were keen to try before buying. So I set to work (or rather, put my husband to work!) converting the top floor of our house into a bridal studio and office. I began receiving appointment requests almost immediately, and many brides waited months until the opening to come and view and try the range.

Giving up half your house – now that is commitment – and a very committed husband too may we add!

Yes! Another thing I noticed was that I was receiving a lot of enquiries from brides looking for dresses around the ¬£300 price point.¬† I decided that the only way I could meet this demand would be to design and source a collection myself ‚Äď so I did just that.

And so there’s now a Look Darling own label too….?

The Look Darling own label collection launched in October, and so far the ‚ÄėRuth‚Äô dress is our most popular style.

We will be introducing a new version of the ‚ÄėRuth‚Äô dress with a full lace overlay and lace ¬ĺ length sleeves in spring this year, after receiving regular bespoke requests from brides looking to add lace to this style.

Don’t tell Samantha!


What a move though, from lawyer to seamstress – wow!

My background is legal, so I am used to working to tight deadlines, having good attention to detail and dealing with clients who demand the very best service.

I do not have any dressmaking skills, but fortunately I am very ably assisted in this area by Laura and Julia at Seams Sew Easy.  They are experienced and fully qualified seamstresses who offer a comprehensive alterations service, with fittings available at the studio.

Thank goodness for Laura and Julia! Did you feel nervous at all taking on such an important part of the wedding industry without having experience as a seamstress?

Before opening the home studio, I was nervous that brides would think it a bit odd to come to a private house to try on wedding gowns.  However, we decorated an equipped the studio so that it looked just like a bridal shop and I hoped for the best when I started to welcome my first brides.

And you haven’t looked back…

Not at all. It was a lovely moment when I received an e-mail from one of the first few brides who came to the studio saying how much she had enjoyed the experience ‚Äď it gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing and that the business was offering something that brides wanted.

Well we certainly think your are, and what a fabulous collection. Where can our followers catch you next?

The home studio is open for appointments on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and appointments on other days can be accommodated on request.

We will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Miss Vintage Affair at Glenmore House, Surbiton, Surrey on Sunday 19th February, and at The Vintage Wedding Fair at the Guild Hall in Chester on Sunday 11th March.¬† We will also be at the Vintage & Handmade Bridal Fair at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Saturday 31st March. Plus you can sign up on our website for the newsletter to be notified of forthcoming bridal fairs ‚Äď we are adding new dates to the diary all the time!

Emma, it’s been so lovely speaking to you, and we wish you all the best for 2012. Before we say goodbye, please can you tell us what you think makes ¬†wedding Oh So Perfect….?

As a bride, the thing that made my wedding Oh So Perfect was doing everything we could to ensure that our guests had a great time.  We spent our money on the things that mattered to us, like a free bar, transport for guests to the ceremony and then on to the reception and a ceilidh band so that everyone could join in with the dancing. We enjoyed our day immensely and we like to think our guests did too.

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Need help planning your wedding day? Visit for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 31st March 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here. 

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Victoria & Adam ~ Testimonial

Oh So Honest – Client Testimonial

We absolutely adore receiving lovely feedback from our wedding couples, and love to share their comments with you….

Victoria and Adam are due to marry in 2014, and asked Samantha from Oh So Perfect to accompany them on their first visit to a local wedding fair, to help them take some inspiration from the exhibitions and give them advice on what to look out for when booking the important aspects of their wedding day.

On arriving at the wedding fair Victoria admitted how nervous she was about going inside – she said her stomach had been in knots all morning! However after an hour or two with Samantha she only had lovely things to say leaving the fair:

“Thank you so much for today – you’ve opened up my eyes to so many ideas and things I hadn’t even thought about doing!

One afternoon with you, has been incredible and I feel like a very lucky Bride-to-be. My day is going to be “Oh So Perfect” Thank you so much. No one does this job better :D ‚ô•”

Here’s a testimonial of the day from Victoria herself:

“Anyone planning a wedding? Please consider ‚ô•¬†Oh So Perfect¬†‚ô• Wedding Planners! 1 day with them and I am more excited and relaxed about our big day then I ever thought possible…¬†I was a nervous wreck, but after a few hours with Sam at a wedding fair today and Im so excited!¬†Sam is fantastic, she is just incredible.”

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 31st March 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here. 

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