Love Divine

Following the popularity of Oh So Perfect’s previous look into vintage hair accessories, this week we’re bringing you another example of some very pretty vintage-inspired things! Meet Amanda from web-based bridal jewellery and accessory company Love Divine

Hi Amanda – welcome to Oh So Perfect! Can you start by giving our readers a little insight into Love Divine…?

Hello Oh So Perfect! Love Divine design and make stunning vintage inspired bridal jewellery, tiaras and headdresses, and other wedding accessories such as tie pins, buttonholes, and bridesmaids’ jewellery.

We are based outside of Tunbridge Wells in the beautiful county of Kent, but orders are sent worldwide and we are hoping to be able to offer bespoke fitting sessions shortly. 

How delightful! What materials do you make the accessories from? 

We like to be a bit different so we use feathers, tweed, freshwater pearls and crystals to accentuate the designs and make them unique. Our designs are mostly vintage-inspired and some are designed and made around real vintage pieces.

Where do you find your materials?

As much as we can our supplies are sourced from small manufacturers in this country – we do not mass buy or buy from abroad at all (no Chinese imports here!).

Is your use of UK-only manufacturers and suppliers your unique selling point?

Not necessarily as such, but we stand out from other similar bridal accessories companies because we do not over-inflate our prices, we love what we do and don’t feel the need to charge more than necessary for pieces.  Because we love what we do, we offer an outstanding service, both online and over the telephone.

We love good customer service – it’s so vital! 

It is!

What else is special about your Love divine pieces?

With our bespoke service we can transform a family heirloom into something truly special and one-off for your wedding day.

It’s lovely to have your ‘something old’ made into something so special, and something you can pass on to future generations too… So tell us, what sort of bride do you think Love Divine is most suited to? 

Oh, we like girly girls most of all.  Brides that aren’t too proud to wear something a bit different, a bit more flamboyant rather than the run of the mill bridal accessories you see so often.

We love flamboyant! – OK, you have three words to sum up your style….

Oh, now this one is hard! Okay three words would have to be…. Vintage-Inspired; Decadent; Divine!

Hmm… isn’t that four? We’ll let you off! [Laughs] How long ago did you set up Love Divine in all its glory?

Love Divine in its web form was set up over the Christmas break 2011 (hard going when you have two children and house full of family!), but the designs and thoughts have been around longer than that!

Had you been planning to launch the business for a long time then?

I originally started designing and making 10 years ago when my daughter was born, starting with children’s jewellery making parties.  I dabbled with various types of jewellery making before taking a job with a leading bridal accessory company. We parted last year so that I could concentrate on building something for myself.

So did you learn most of your accessory making talent from within the wedding industry itself?

Well, I, myself, am completely self taught and have been making jewellery professionally for ten years now.  Although, when I was younger and at home I made all my own clothing and accessories, some good, some not so good!  But we all learn from our mistakes!

[Laughs] We certainly do! What inspired you to go it alone again after working in a leading bridal accessory company?

Having children and the near impossibility of holding down a full time job meant I needed to do something with more flexibility, something that required my creative skills and something that meant my doodling designs on everything actually was worth it!

Well it certainly was worth it, your designs are beautiful. We especially love the ‘Belle’ hair comb…

Thank you! I am so proud whenever a new design is ready to be launched.

What’s your favourite thing about  Love Divine?

Oh, I get silly over deliveries of pearls and feathers and crystal beads!

[Laughing] Really?!

Yes, my family have learnt to just ignore me when the postman comes! [Laughs]

What’s the next big step for Love Divine? (apart from the next thrilling delivery from the postman!)

We’re hoping to be appearing in some of the wedding/bridal magazines over the next few months and also hoping to be able to offer a fitting service soon too.  It’s a case of watch this space on that one…

How exciting! We’ll certainly be watching… What, in your opinion, do you think makes a wedding Oh So Perfect?

Having everyone you love around you is most important of course but I feel looking your best with great accessories to accompany you down the aisle can’t be bad either, can it?

It certainly can’t! [laughs] Amanda, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you. Before we part, is there anything else you’d like to add?

We did just want to say that we love cake too, whether it’s wedding cake or not!

[Laughs] Note to brides – Love Divine also love cake! You’ll be getting lots of cake for your future thank you’s now!

For more information on Love Divine bridal accessories, or to get in touch with Amanda directly about your own wedding accessory requirements, visit their website 

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