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A little walk in Roath Park

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I had a busy day ahead of me when I woke up yesterday morning, and my first stop after dropping Mr Perfect into work was to head to Cardiff to begin a full day of meetings. Luckily for me though Mr Perfect’s early start time meant I arrived in the city a little earlier than I needed to and so I found myself with a spare hour to enjoy to myself in the morning sunshine – so off to the beautiful Roath Park I went for a wander around the gardens and boating lake…

The flower beds, baskets and tubs were in full bloom and smelt delicious!




Some of the other flowers and trees were beginning to blossom in the early Spring sunshine whilst others had some catching up to do. The gardeners were out preparing the rose beds, I can’t wait to visit those in a few months time.




I love the boating lake, it’s always such a popular spot in the sunshine full of smiling visitors having fun, but yesterday morning it was wonderfully peaceful and quiet to look at.






I think I made a few friends on my walk…



As well as the usual early morning joggers, there were lots of mums out pushing their newborns in prams, or grandparents walking toddling grandchildren over to feed the ducks and geese.

One older Chinese man in particular caught my attention as he walked along at a slow pace pushing his podgy, giggling grandchild in a buggy. As the baby beamed up at him from his tilted back seat, the old man strolled along singing Frere Jaques down to him, but it wasn’t the version we all know, it was in another language – I think Mandarin – I wish I’d asked! It sounded enchanting, so familiar to me yet so alien at the same time, and so touching watching him bond with the baby. He was singing all the way up the path – the thought of them kept me smiling all day. If you look closely in this last picture you can see him in red strolling off into the distance…


With love,
Samantha x

‘Love Story’ Invites and Artwork

How gorgeous are these Love Story invites by wedding stationery designers
Something Kinda Cute…?

I create a bespoke design to really capture your own true love story.

Available as either a wedding invitation, or as artwork for your home; Something Kinda Cute will ask you a handful of questions to help ignite memories of your relationship milestones, and to decipher aspects of your personality, combined with a couple of key photos of you both together, which then go into creating a bespoke design to reflect your own love story.

Something Kinda Cute offer different size options to suit your wedding stationery budget, just email shell@somethingkindacute.com for a quote.

Or for bespoke artworks they will send you a printed version of your love story that you can frame, as well as a PDF if required for £75 (for up to A3 in size).

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 30th April 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here

Oh So Perfect packages

Pretti Perfect make Oh So Perfect a ‘cute jute’

We’ve previously blogged about the wonderful Pretti Perfect and their fab ‘cute jutes’  and now, in thanks of our support, the lovely ladies there have made us our very own Oh So Perfect Cute Jute to use at our wedding fairs and out and about on the road!

How fab does our logo look along the side of the bag! There’ll be no missing our wedding planner in action now…

To see more Pretti Perfect cute jutes, including their full range of bridal and honeymoon bags, or to commission your own design, visit the website:


Thank you Pretti Perfect! xxx

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 30th April 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here

DIY and Sunshine

Diary of a Wedding Planner

What a beautiful weekend we had here in the UK! Absolutely gorgeous weather graced us all weekend, with pure blue skies and sunshine – lovely!

This weekend I took a break from weddings to focus on finishing off some of the jobs left to do at Perfect HQ (for those regular followers of the blog you’ll remember we moved HQ last month). There’s still a lot of boxes to be unpacked, and DIY jobs to get finished, so Mr Perfect and I set aside Saturday and Sunday to get on with settling in…

The weather, however, came as a bit of a distraction! How could we stay indoors in such glorious weather? So while me may not have got all the ‘indoor’ jobs done, we did manage to spend a good bit of time out in the garden getting things sorted out there ready for the Spring and Summer. And I did manage to paint my radiator covers too!

Hope you like the photo – it’s our magnolia tree out in full bloom…

Did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend?

With love
Samantha x

Vintage Wedding Photos

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I recently ordered some vintage wedding photos on eBay to use in my wedding styling display at upcoming wedding fairs. Two arrived today and they’re so lovely I thought I’d share them here with you…

I especially love this one – look how happy the couple are, they’re so smiley! And how delightful to see a vintage groom standing proud in his old uniform…

I’d love to know more about them – when were they taken and who are they? I wonder if they’re still with us now? I hope they had a long, happy marriage – I wonder where life took them? Did they have children? Grandchildren? What stories are still being shared from their wedding day today? What colour flowers do you think the bouquets hold?

There’s something very enchanting about all old photos I think, but I especially love vintage wedding photos. So many stories captured in just one black and white image. I think vintage wedding photos may become my new collectors item – I adore them! Perhaps eventually I’ll cover my office wall with lots of lovely frames full of smiling couples from days gone by…

Do you have any family wedding portraits hiding away at home? Dig them out and have a look with your family, it’s amazing what memories they hold…

With love
Samantha x 

Natalie J Wedding’s iPhone snaps

Oh look! The wonderful Natalie of Natalie J Weddings has included a little snap of our vintage wedding styling in her recent Facebook post… check us out featured here (top centre)….

Photo’s taken by Natalie J Weddings at the Something Kinda Vintage Wedding Fair

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 30th April 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here

10 Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts

Oh So Inspiring – Ideas, Tips and Advice

  1. DO start with the budget. Sit down together and realistically discuss how much you would like to spend on your wedding, and how you will fund it. Will you use savings?  A loan? Will your family want to help out? Only spend what you can afford – you don’t want to end up with debt afterwards!

  2. DO put together a rough guest list as early as possible. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, and it may change here and there as the months go on, but it will give you a clear indication of numbers for when you start planning and booking your suppliers.

  3. DON’T forget to think about your venue’s interior. If you’re already set on a colour scheme or theme, try to find a venue which compliments your existing choices, or else choose a scheme which is supported by the colours already present in your venue’s décor. Visit our previous blog post ‘What To Think About When Choosing Your Colour Scheme or Theme’ for more tips and advice on this subject.

  4. DO design the invitations carefully. The wedding invitation is the first ‘clue’ guests receive about the overall style of your big day – so try to create an invitation which ties in to your colour scheme or theme so your guests have a clear indication of what they can expect. Wedding stationery expert Kelly White of White Crafts recently wrote this useful post on our blog all about choosing your perfect Wedding Stationery

  5. DO cheat to save cash. Cut costs by letting your wedding cake double up as the desert. You can even hire yourself a ‘dummy’ display cake and purchase a smaller, simpler cake to be cut up in the kitchen and served to your guests at the end of the night. Your guests probably won’t even notice the difference!

  6. DO seat friends and family together. It’s tradition at the wedding breakfast to seat your guests with people they haven’t met before, but often this leaves the room feeling very sober as guests exchange polite chit-chat. Scrap formalities and seat your guests together with the people they know – the atmosphere will be lively and your guests will have a more enjoyable experience.

  7. DON’T forget the kids. If you’ve invited guests to bring their children, make sure there is something available to keep them entertained. Place a colouring book or packet of bubbles on the tables with children seated to play with during the speeches, or even hire-in an event nanny who will keep the children entertained with toys and games all evening while your guests are busy dancing.

  8. DO practise your first dance. All eyes are on you here, and it can be embarrassing if you’ve not prepared. You don’t have to book a dancing lesson or choreograph a routine, but make sure you have a little slow dance at home together to your chosen song a week or two before so you’re used to each other’s moves before you take to the stage. Plus it’ll spark a romantic evening for you both!

  9. DON’T forget the groom. Girls, it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of planning a wedding, but remember there will be two of you exchanging vows, so be sure to include your man and allow him those personal touches he’d like too. (Except the perhaps the bunny girl waitresses – there’s a limit!)

  10. DO have fun and hire an on the day coordinator! Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, and many people do it without the help of a wedding planner; but do consider hiring a coordinator for the big day itself– you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day you spent so long planning, knowing someone else is there to set up and keep watch while you’re focusing on having fun. To find out more about Oh So Perfect’s on the day coordination package, as well as our other wedding planning services, visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

With love,
Samantha x

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 31st March 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here



This week Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events caught up with Verity Sidgwick of Cardiff based florist, Blush

At Blush ….we love flowers!

     Specialising in unique & beautiful wedding flowers with an eye for original detail – Blush offer a boutique service at an affordable rate.

We work with each individual to help them tell their story, and create something unique and beautiful to make their day memorable. We have created dreamy vintage themes, welsh grown flowers with a flowered bicycle basket and a bridal bouquet with a hedgerow theme and berries….white and classic chandeliers with dozens of creamy roses & trailing amaranthus…

We had great fun with an Alice in Wonderland wedding – creating Mad Hatter tea parties on each table, with arrangements of peonies and roses in birdcages, teapots and teacups….we love to create something different and beautiful.

And we keep it green -where possible, we use locally grown flowers and foliage.

We love flowers & we want to share that with you!

We run fun flower-workshops where you can come to us or we can come to you and bring everything you need to create gorgeous flower arrangements – perfect for an afternoon tea or fun night in with the girls over a glass of fizz.

Inspired – Beautiful – Special

 We also run a special masterclass for the DIY bride where we can teach enthusiastic brides & friends all they need to know about how to design & create fabulous centrepeices, beautiful buttonholes & floral favours & place setttings to add the personal touch to your day. We will bring all the tools , flowers & all you need – we can even bring vintage china, tea and homemade cupcakes to create the perfect setting for your flower workshop!

Our festive flowers will help get you in the mood for the season & you will leave with a bespoke door wreath or party centrepeice or garland to decorate your home.


We don’t repeat designs & ensure that each wedding has bespoke flowers which stand out from the crowd. We book one wedding per date to ensure we can pay attention to every detail & get it perfect.

We love what we do, we are excited by each new wedding & working with each bride to ensure wedding flowers reflect individual taste and personality.

We work with integrity & the bride & groom’s best interests in mind being imaginative, flexible & organized.

 We source the highest quality blooms within budget & work with local growers to source local flowers & foliage where possible.

I just love flowers, meeting people & creating beautiful arrangements. It is a wonderful industry to work in, its such a privilege to create flowers which  are special and memorable for people on their wedding day.

 I was inspired to start up Blush bespoke wedding flowers after seeing the demand for different and unique flowers for weddings – it is a lot of work creating new designs. We are constantly getting inspirations, not just from our bride’s stories, but from everywhere – changing seasons, fashion designers, art & flower trends.

I have always loved fresh flowers and I have had a passion for floristry for as long as I can remember.

My grandmother  was an amazing florist and gardener. Her house was always filled with beautiful arrangements and I learnt so much from her about creating displays, as well as growing & caring for plants and flowers.

I have 8 years experience specialising in  designing wedding flowers & I am always learning & updating my skills – you have to, in order to keep things fresh. My background in fine art has certainly helps me with design, balance & colour.

Every bride is different & their flowers are always unforgettable of course! I will never forget Angela & Gary’s Alice in Wonderland extravaganza and the sumptuousness of hundreds of roses and peonies.

 I really loved creating the floral bicycle basket for Stephen and Cery’s wedding last year. We sourced Welsh-grown flowers, which I picked myself from a local farm the day before the wedding – which was just a joy. A last-minute addition of gorgeous sloe berries picked from the farm’s hedgerows made an inspired addition to her bouquet.

Creating bridal bouquets will never lose its particular magic for me – it is a moment I savour.

I tend to work on everything else and save the bouquet for a quiet moment to really treasure – I love it as a moment of stillness, where you know you are creating something that is really special.

We offer all prospective brides free consultations & can come to you or meet over tea or coffee.

 For more information about Blush, or to contact Verity direct

visit the website


or email


(Photography by Sacha Miller)

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.

We’re giving away a Fortnum and Mason Champagne and Chocolates hamper to all couples booking selected services with us before 31st March 2012! To view this fabulous offer click here

Would you like to be featured as a recommended supplier? Contact Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events on enquiries@ohsoperfect.co.uk

Baptisms and Botticelli

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This weekend saw Mr. Perfect and I crossing the Severn Bridge on a road trip to Surrey for a reunion with old friends, all coming together to celebrate the first birthday and baptism of Mr.Perfect’s Godson, James.

It was lovely to take a weekend away and visit a different part of the country. Surrey is beautiful, some stunning houses and hotels in the areas we visited, and weren’t we so lucky with the weather? Beautiful blue skies all weekend, and Saturday evening was mild enough to go out into the town without having to get wrapped up!

Definitely very lucky weather for any couples who got hitched this weekend, and wonderful for everyone at the baptism as we were all able to enjoy our friends’ parents’ garden for the buffet afterwards – lovely salmon and cold meats, potatoes, salad and a dessert table which did them proud… I struggled to resist.

Sunday afternoon then Mr.Perfect and I parted ways, as he endured the 3-hour drive back to Wales (which became a 6-hour nightmare due to bad traffic on the motorway, poor boy!) and I joined some of the party on the train into London, where I was staying Sunday night.

Lucky me had the chance for a quick whizz around Oxford Street on Sunday evening – I may have over indulged on the Jo Malone counter in John Lewis  – before catching up with another old pal for a long cuppa. I love making the most of opportunities to meet up with friends when in London.

I thought that Monday would flash by in a succession of meetings (the reason I had really gone to the big smoke) before catching my train home at 6pm, but by chance I was all done and dusted by 3pm and found myself with a spare hour or two to kill before heading home!

So, to Trafalgar Square I went! Having studied History of Art at A Level, I absolutely adore any opportunity to visit a gallery, and what better than a few hours in the National Gallery yesterday afternoon. I checked my suitcase into the cloakroom and enjoyed a long hour and a half wondering around some of my favourite artists; Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto, the Dutch artists, Manet, Monet, Pissaro, and Turner, to name just a few, and discovered some new pieces that I hadn’t seen before. I was particularly drawn to a painting by Emile-Jean-Horace Vernet which really surprised me as it wasn’t the sort of thing I usually appreciated, but found myself unexpectedly mesmerised enough to come home still talking about it to Mr.Perfect last night.

I also picked up a new book – ‘London’s Strangest Tales – Extraordinary but true stories’ full of quirky and interesting facts and tales from the previous centuries of London’s greatest eccentricities and hidden tales, a real gem! I can’t wait to get stuck in…

What did you get up to this weekend?

With love,
Samantha x

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