Vintage Wedding Photos

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I recently ordered some vintage wedding photos on eBay to use in my wedding styling display at upcoming wedding fairs. Two arrived today and they’re so lovely I thought I’d share them here with you…

I especially love this one – look how happy the couple are, they’re so smiley! And how delightful to see a vintage groom standing proud in his old uniform…

I’d love to know more about them – when were they taken and who are they? I wonder if they’re still with us now? I hope they had a long, happy marriage – I wonder where life took them? Did they have children? Grandchildren? What stories are still being shared from their wedding day today? What colour flowers do you think the bouquets hold?

There’s something very enchanting about all old photos I think, but I especially love vintage wedding photos. So many stories captured in just one black and white image. I think vintage wedding photos may become my new collectors item – I adore them! Perhaps eventually I’ll cover my office wall with lots of lovely frames full of smiling couples from days gone by…

Do you have any family wedding portraits hiding away at home? Dig them out and have a look with your family, it’s amazing what memories they hold…

With love
Samantha x 

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  1. They are lovely, I have some fabulous ones of my grandparents wedding in the 1930s. They all have absolutely huge bouquets, even the bridesmaids. I shall have to dig them out now – thanks for sharing
    Carolyn xx


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