A little walk in Roath Park

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I had a busy day ahead of me when I woke up yesterday morning, and my first stop after dropping Mr Perfect into work was to head to Cardiff to begin a full day of meetings. Luckily for me though Mr Perfect’s early start time meant I arrived in the city a little earlier than I needed to and so I found myself with a spare hour to enjoy to myself in the morning sunshine – so off to the beautiful Roath Park I went for a wander around the gardens and boating lake…

The flower beds, baskets and tubs were in full bloom and smelt delicious!




Some of the other flowers and trees were beginning to blossom in the early Spring sunshine whilst others had some catching up to do. The gardeners were out preparing the rose beds, I can’t wait to visit those in a few months time.




I love the boating lake, it’s always such a popular spot in the sunshine full of smiling visitors having fun, but yesterday morning it was wonderfully peaceful and quiet to look at.






I think I made a few friends on my walk…



As well as the usual early morning joggers, there were lots of mums out pushing their newborns in prams, or grandparents walking toddling grandchildren over to feed the ducks and geese.

One older Chinese man in particular caught my attention as he walked along at a slow pace pushing his podgy, giggling grandchild in a buggy. As the baby beamed up at him from his tilted back seat, the old man strolled along singing Frere Jaques down to him, but it wasn’t the version we all know, it was in another language – I think Mandarin – I wish I’d asked! It sounded enchanting, so familiar to me yet so alien at the same time, and so touching watching him bond with the baby. He was singing all the way up the path – the thought of them kept me smiling all day. If you look closely in this last picture you can see him in red strolling off into the distance…


With love,
Samantha x

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