We don’t just cater for ‘vintage’ – oh no!

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Those of you who regularly follow the blog and activities at Oh So Perfect will no doubt have noticed that we’re currently going through a bit of a ‘vintage’ phase. Now I say ‘phase’ very carefully, as personally I absolutely adore ‘vintage’ and all that comes with it… it is certainly no ‘phase’ in my life!

I first created my ‘vintage suitcase’ display for when we attended the Something Kinda Vintage wedding fair back in March. The stand was designed to fit the theme, and show retro-inspired couples an example of the sort of styling we could help them create on their own vintage themed wedding day. It proved very popular on the day, with plenty of ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhs’ !

Owing partly to the very popular trend in the UK at the moment for ‘vintage’ themes, and due to my personal love for the vintage scene and lifestyle, the suitcase has recently stuck with Oh So Perfect, and is attracting lots of attention at wedding fairs and on the website/Facebook page etc.

However, at Oh So Perfect we don’t just cater for ‘vintage’ weddings – oh no!

As dedicated wedding planners and stylists, we happily work with all manner or styles, themes and ideas, and will always work closely with our couple to find the right style for them, whatever their personal taste.

So that brings me neatly back round to this little blog post; a chance for me to express delight at some of the more contemporary, unique and altogether more personal themes I have come across/worked on/ been inspired by lately…

 Rock’n’Roll Bride

I’m a big fan of the Rock’n’Roll bride blog – it’s full of some very quirky ideas and styles to inspire a whole manner of ‘alternative’ couples – whether retro-Rockabilly inspired, lover of all things ‘Goth’, or just a little bit edgy, there’s always something interesting on there to inspire the most unusual of weddings! 

Black Horses

I recently met a bride at a wedding fair who wanted to plan her wedding as far away from the ‘expected’ style as possible. One of her choices is to have black horses leading her carriage. I met another bride at the same fair who is having skeletons incorporated into her centrepieces… I’d love to see the finished result, how marvellous!

Glitz and Glam

A few years ago I had the pleasure of assisting Finesse Planning at their ‘Glitz and Glam’ theme wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan Hotel. The venue didn’t have a flower in sight; instead contemporary mirror balls, giant cocktails glasses, fabulous feather displays and red uplighting turned the wedding into a glam, modern affair, styled by Ruth Hunter herself.

Full-on Vegas

One theme I would absolutely love to get my hands on but haven’t been given the opportunity just yet is a Vegas theme. Yes, yes, it’s cheesy and has been done many times before, but still, how fantastic would it be to find a couple ready to embrace the theme to the full? Give me slot machines and showgirls, giant dice displays and some fountains and I’d be in wedding-planner heaven, wouldn’t it be fun to style?! I think so… 

Eastern Promise

This week I’ve been pulling together the final threads ready for this weekend’s charity ‘Mumbai Ball’ I’ve helped to plan in Cardiff. I’m hoping to have some beautiful snaps to share with you next week of the vibrant colour scheme, henna artist, musicians and genuine Indian-chef prepared dinner that’s being served to the guests. What I would really love to do one day is style a marquee wedding with an Asian or bohemian-style theme, creating a lavish Bedouin tent in the middle of the countryside, now that would be exciting.

So to conclude, Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events isn’t all just about vintage elegance, and any opportunity to embrace a new theme and style fills me with so much natural built-in wedding-planner excitement I can’t even tell you! Bring on the next challenge…. :)

What would be your perfect wedding theme? Have you seen been to a uniquely-styled wedding you’ll never forget? Share your thoughts below….

With love,
Samantha x

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination services and packages.


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