What Would The Queen Wear?

Oh So Stylish

It’s safe to say Jubilee Fever has well and truly set in here at Oh So Perfect, and so in keeping with Queen Elizabeth II’s celebration of 60 years this coming weekend, we’ve been putting together a couple of little Jubilee-inspired blog posts to honour the occasion.

Since it feels only appropriate that our first Jubilee post be wedding-related (we are wedding planners after all!) we’ve been casting our eye back over her majesty’s fashion choices over the last 60 years of royal weddings to ask ‘What Would The Queen Wear?’

 The nation adored this canary yellow outfit for William and Kate

Flowing in bright blue and pearls for Charles and Diana

Keeping it simpler in cream and black for Charles’ second wedding to Camilla

Blue again, but a sapphire shade for Princess Ann

Pastels were definitely the Queen’s favourite in 2011, pretty pink for Zara and Mike.

The young Lady Elizabeth as a bridesmaid for Lady May Cambridge and Henry Abel Smith

And of course, her majesty showing us all exactly how to dress like a Royal, on her own wedding day…

Which outfit was your favourite?

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‘Love by’ Under The Vintage Veil

Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events are delighted to be ‘loved by’ the Under The Vintage Veil wedding blog

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Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

We’re starting our day today with a spot of our favourite activity – shopping!

We’re busy this morning building a ‘shopping list’ for one of our wedding couples, so that we can start finding all the bits and pieces to pull together their wedding design and comparing prices on items to source or hire. Like every girl, our wedding planner Samantha loves shopping around for good value and a bargain, and our brides never spend a penny more than they want to, if anything Oh So Perfect are here to help them save money!

It’s a common myth that:

“Wedding Planners are expensive and my wedding will end up costing more…”

Not true! We’re here to work closely with the budget you’ve set to help create your dream wedding no matter how much or little you’d like to spend.

At Oh So Perfect we’ll help you find ways to achieve the look for less by identifying areas and ways where your costs can be cut smaller. We shop around comparing offers and prices with different suppliers, and will help you to consider whether to hire or buy the different aspects of your wedding to find the best bargain and make planning easier for you. We’ll even find ways to help you become a DIY bride and cut the costs of hiring a service altogether when you can do it yourself (or with our help!) just as easily.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the time to shop around – we’re here to do it for you!

Plus, as experienced wedding planners, sometimes we receive special offers from  suppliers we’ve worked with and trusted before, but any supplier discounts offered to us are always given directly to you.

Still not sure?

As well as our full planning, styling and coordiantion packages at Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events we also cater for the couple with a limited budget by offering a ‘pay-as-you-go’ style service.

‘Oh So Helpful – As and When Planning and Support’ is the perfect pay by the hour service if you just need a little helping hand along the way, and you can even book an hour or two with Oh So Perfect for some advice about how to manage your budget and plan your wedding on a shoestring.

We’ve even helped a bride and groom plan their wedding with only £1,000! Now there’s a bargain….

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‘Trash The Dress’… or just the wedding party?

Oh, we love!

Oh, we love Nick Murray Photography at Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events because he’s not afraid to be different, and we love different!

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a more traditional type of wedding photo if that’s your style, but what we love about Nick is that as a photographer he shows couples that if being the same is not your thing then there’s no harm in doing something different, and that’s something we firmly believe in at Perfect HQ.

Here’s one of Nick’s latest shots (yes this is a real wedding!) which remind us a little of a ‘trash the dress’ style shoot, except it’s more ‘trash the entire wedding party!’

You can read our previous blog post which features an interview with Nick Murray and lots of different examples of Nick’s wedding photography, from vintage to contemporary, traditional to ‘wow!’ by simply clicking here

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Update on ‘The’ Dress and an Oh So Glorious Crown

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Regular readers may remember that last week I wrote about my search for the perfect dress and accompanying accessories for an event I am attending in Brighton next month: Flower Headbands and ‘The’ Dress

Well my first piece of exciting news this week is that I can now proudly announce that the event is the 1st Birthday Party of the wonderful Under The Vintage Veil wedding blog, which quite frankly all vintage-inspired brides reading this (or even just vintage fans in general!) need to go and check out right now…

The second piece of exciting news is that the dress I ordered online for the event has arrived and is a beauty! I’m normally quite reluctant to buy clothes online, I hate not being able to try something on before I make a purchase, and as I am pear-shaped I quite often flit between sizes and feel the need to take two of each item into the dressing room. I decided to take a risk last week however and bite the bullet – I ordered online. One of my ‘usual’ sizes was actually sold out,which ultimately made deciding on which one to actually buy to try at home a lot easier, and I so I was delighted to find that not only is the dress as pretty as the picture appeared, it also fits – hoorah! Now, I’m keeping the actual dress under wraps for now (just in case!) but you will of course see photos next month when I blog about the event.

So this brings me on to my next piece of exciting news… the flower head dress. As I expressed in my previous post, I am desperate to get my hands on a lovely Lana Del Rey-esque floral crown to wear with said dress for the event, and my desire to find one was slowly turning into an acceptance that I would probably have to get crafty myself.

Well, alas no! I have this week discovered the saviour of all saviours as far as flower head-wear is concerned…

Dear readers, I bring you Crown and Glory. I actually discovered this fabulous little accessory company mentioned on the Rock’n’Roll Bride blog earlier this week and thought I’d take a look at the website where I found this brilliant little button:

You can imagine my delight! A whole section of a website dedicated to purchasing Lana-esque headwear – just what I’ve been looking for!

I found ‘the’ crown to go with ‘the’ dress quite quickly as I already knew I was looking for dusky purple roses, and this one fit the bill. The only problem I found is that my perfect piece is in fact a bandeau, whereas I’m looking for a headband, but I noticed on the website that Crown and Glory also take commissions for bespoke designs and decided to get in touch.

Well I’m so glad I did. Sophie King, owner and creative genius at Crown and Glory got back in touch within the hour, and what a lovely lady she is. Sophie was quick to let me know that she’d be only too happy to turn a bandeau design into a headband, but unfortunately, my chosen piece was sold out (no!) so perhaps I could choose a different one for her to work on for me instead. I emailed back and explained about the event and the dress (yes, she was even lucky enough to see a photo!), and that the purple and roses were exactly what I’d been looking for, and she has kindly agreed to create me my perfect headband from another bandeau which had currently been on loan for a shoot and would be back with her next week. Happy, happy wedding planner!

So, I would just like to say a big thank you to Sophie for being so kind, polite and helpful with my enquiry yesterday afternoon, customer service at it’s absolute best, and now send you all off in the direction of Crown and Glory to go and look at the wonderful headbands, bandeau, clips, combs and fascinators on offer, while I can happily get back to working on wedding planning.

Here’s my pick of some of the other items I’m loving on Crown and Glory…

With love
Samantha x


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Vera Wang – Grecian Wedding Dress

Oh So Stylish / Oh, We Love!

With the Olympic Torch currently working its way around the UK, this week we turned our eyes towards some Ancient Greek wedding inspiration in honour of this Olympic sporting tradition.

This Grecian inspired dress by Vera Wang is definitely our favourite find, and not only is it Oh So Stylish – we love it so much we had to include it in our Oh, We Love! blog category too…

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Wye Valley Weddings

You can now find Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events on the Wye Valley Wedding Directory


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What’s your favourite thing about Summer?

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Today I have been asking followers on Facebook and Twitter “What’s your favourite thing about Summer?”

Abigail  – Abigail’s Collection

Flip flops and toes in the sand

Singing Waiters @singingwaiters2

BBQs, and light nights and mornings

Cotswold Meringues @MeringuesUK

Eton mess, cream tea, fresh fruit, yumyumyum!

Amy Charlene Designs

Drinkies in the garden and BBQs

Natalie – Natalie J Weddings

The smell of sunshine, mmmmm!

Alan ‘Twisty’ Watkiss

Being able to sit in the garden playing guitar and chilling :)

Michelle – Something Kinda cute

I like waking up to the sun shining through my window, it puts me in a real good mood! I also like going for a siesta ;)

Deanne – Finesse Planning

The colour of a cloudless sky…awesome!

Lilly Laudanum

Smelling the grass and not having to wear heavy clothes! Also seeing my lillies come up! They are the only thing I can grow! :-)

Kayleigh Laura Ashton

Seeing people smiling and wearing bright coloured clothes. Everyone is happier when the sun is out x

What’s yours?

With love,
Samantha x 


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Sunshine, Poppies and Silly Cats

Diary of a Wedding Planner

The sunshine is certainly making us smile at Perfect HQ this week, hasn’t the weather been beautiful? The smell of fresh cut grass (cut by Mr Perfect, his dad and baby brother on Monday evening – it was like watching The Three Stooges out there), bonfires in nearby gardens, and BBQ wafting across the streets – perfect! And those longer evenings always feel so much more productive don’t they, like there’s more time in the world to actually get things done after the 6pm evening switch off. OK, I admit, I very rarely salute to the 6pm evening switch off, but it doesn’t feel so bad when the sun is still glimmering…

I have temporarily moved my office into (what I am now calling) the ‘summer room’ at Perfect HQ, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself working away here with the double doors open to the garden next to me. I have been able to sit here tapping away on my laptop, occasionally looking up to see the sparrows and great tits on the lawn or hanging from bird feeders and trees, and when I need a little break it’s up I get and out I go for a quick stand in the sun.

We moved into the new Perfect HQ back in February, and it’s delightful now discovering what pretty plants and flowers are hidden around the garden as each week something new surprises us by coming into bloom. This week saw the first openings of our giant poppies. They’re so beautiful, but don’t last very long. I’d love to style a gorgeous outdoor wedding with lots of hay bales, cornflowers and giant poppies colouring the tables and walkways, but it would have to be very carefully planned to ensure they open at just the right moment for the wedding day itself!

Early this morning, whilst tapping away in the summer room, I looked up to see this silly thing staring right back at me, and it did make me chuckle… perhaps Meg is enjoying seeing me in the summer room too…

What have you been doing to make the most of the good weather this week? Do share…

With love,
Samantha x 

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Word Of The Day – ‘Floof’

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon today at the very picturesque Broadway Country House near Laugharne in Carmarthenshire. What a gorgeous venue, and what an even more gorgeous couple I’m working with there!

Today I met with one of my current  brides and grooms, and a few of their nearest and dearest attendants, to talk about the venue design and décor for their reception at this lovely location and I think it’s fair to say that today’s word of the day was definitely ‘floof!’ 

‘Floof’ – what  a cracking word. It makes you feel just a little bit fabulous when you say it out loud doesn’t it? For anyone unsure, a floof is a tissue paper pompom ball,  and they’re looking likely to feature heavily in this particular wedding design, which means I get to keep saying it again and again… hoorah!

I’m so excited about this wedding, it truly is going to look beautiful, and I’m so lucky to be working with such a wonderful bride and groom on it – so fresh and full of creativity! My bride today even arrived armed with collages and cut outs, as well as plenty of props and photos to add some inspiration to our designs. Fantastic.

The photo above is a snap I took of the chandelier in Broadway’s orangery. I can’t wait to see it again with some added ‘floof’…

With love,

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