Fun With Nail Art

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I’ve always enjoyed wearing nail polish, but I hate it when it chips, and so often when getting ‘hands-on’ at a wedding I end up going bare on my finger nails to avoid the dreaded tip-chips. Or, if I do wear polish to a wedding, I tend to choose a very natural, subtle shade which is less noticeable when chips do occur.

However, the last few days I’ve come across a few blogs and pinterest pins which demonstrate very pretty, easy to do, nail art, and it has inspired me to get the paints out and embrace a little bit more colour on my day-to-day nail wear.

Here’s my nail art from the last few days…

I usually wear pale pinks and nude shades, however the wet weather last week inspired me to rebel a little by adding a touch of sunshine to my finger tips.

An ‘Oh So’ of the Day discovery on the Lyndar the Merciless blog inspired me to try something new at the weekend.

I always wear colour on my toes, you’ll be lucky to catch me without it, but this is a very daring new shade for my pinks.

What’s your signature shade? Have you tried out a new colour or style lately? How do you avoid ‘chips’ on a busy day? Share your comments below…

With love
Samantha x


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  1. Loving the polka dots! If I know I’m doing something where my ails are likely to chip, I always wear at least one coat of glitter polish – I’ve found it’s least likely to chip, and even if it does you can tough it up quicker + neater than other polishes :)


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