Bananas for bananas

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This week I’ve primarily swapped my wedding hat for my charity hat once again as I prepare for this Saturday’s Carten100 charity bike ride with JDRF. As a fundraiser for JDRF, I am in charge of preparing 750 goody bags to be given to the cyclists as they cross the finish line in Tenby on Saturday afternoon.

So, yesterday my Ford Fiesta and I took two trips back and forth to a wholesalers in Swansea to pick up 750 bananas, lucozades and mars bars. I walked back and forth between my house and my car (I have calculated!) 43 times in the rain bringing in the stock ready for packing. I often think my neighbours must wonder what I’m up to with some of the odd things I take to and from my car on a regular basis, but any curtain twitchers yesterday afternoon must really have been baffled.

My plan for today? I’ll be sticking on a film this afternoon as I turn my living room into a full factory production line and get filling those bags ready for Saturday…

With love,
Samantha x 

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