What’s your favourite thing about Summer?

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Today I have been asking followers on Facebook and Twitter “What’s your favourite thing about Summer?”

Abigail  – Abigail’s Collection

Flip flops and toes in the sand

Singing Waiters @singingwaiters2

BBQs, and light nights and mornings

Cotswold Meringues @MeringuesUK

Eton mess, cream tea, fresh fruit, yumyumyum!

Amy Charlene Designs

Drinkies in the garden and BBQs

Natalie – Natalie J Weddings

The smell of sunshine, mmmmm!

Alan ‘Twisty’ Watkiss

Being able to sit in the garden playing guitar and chilling :)

Michelle – Something Kinda cute

I like waking up to the sun shining through my window, it puts me in a real good mood! I also like going for a siesta ;)

Deanne – Finesse Planning

The colour of a cloudless sky…awesome!

Lilly Laudanum

Smelling the grass and not having to wear heavy clothes! Also seeing my lillies come up! They are the only thing I can grow! :-)

Kayleigh Laura Ashton

Seeing people smiling and wearing bright coloured clothes. Everyone is happier when the sun is out x

What’s yours?

With love,
Samantha x 


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