Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

We’re starting our day today with a spot of our favourite activity – shopping!

We’re busy this morning building a ‘shopping list’ for one of our wedding couples, so that we can start finding all the bits and pieces to pull together their wedding design and comparing prices on items to source or hire. Like every girl, our wedding planner Samantha loves shopping around for good value and a bargain, and our brides never spend a penny more than they want to, if anything Oh So Perfect are here to help them save money!

It’s a common myth that:

“Wedding Planners are expensive and my wedding will end up costing more…”

Not true! We’re here to work closely with the budget you’ve set to help create your dream wedding no matter how much or little you’d like to spend.

At Oh So Perfect we’ll help you find ways to achieve the look for less by identifying areas and ways where your costs can be cut smaller. We shop around comparing offers and prices with different suppliers, and will help you to consider whether to hire or buy the different aspects of your wedding to find the best bargain and make planning easier for you. We’ll even find ways to help you become a DIY bride and cut the costs of hiring a service altogether when you can do it yourself (or with our help!) just as easily.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the time to shop around – we’re here to do it for you!

Plus, as experienced wedding planners, sometimes we receive special offers from  suppliers we’ve worked with and trusted before, but any supplier discounts offered to us are always given directly to you.

Still not sure?

As well as our full planning, styling and coordiantion packages at Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events we also cater for the couple with a limited budget by offering a ‘pay-as-you-go’ style service.

‘Oh So Helpful – As and When Planning and Support’ is the perfect pay by the hour service if you just need a little helping hand along the way, and you can even book an hour or two with Oh So Perfect for some advice about how to manage your budget and plan your wedding on a shoestring.

We’ve even helped a bride and groom plan their wedding with only £1,000! Now there’s a bargain….

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit for our full list of wedding planning, styling and coordination packages and services.

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