Under The Vintage Veil – The Official Veilbash Photos

They’re finally here – hooray, hooray! The official photographs from the Under the Vintage Veil ‘veilbash’ are now up online for your viewing pleasure, which after the poor quality snaps I managed myself is fantastic news for those of you who were looking forward to seeing some of the professional pics from the party.

You can see all the full details of the party and the accompanying photos on the Under The Vintage Veil blog now by clicking here.

So, can you spot me and my¬†fabulous¬†piece of floral headwear in amongst the crowd? I appear to have my iPhone in hand in most shots (cringe!) which just shows you I really did try to take as many pics for you lovely followers as possible, but unfortunately my camera phone just couldn’t handle the lighting in the venue…

Here I am attempting to take a snap of myself with the legend that is Sara Doron from Under The Vintage Veil – this photo was so dark on my phone that it never even made it onto the final cut on my blog, but hooray for Jayne Sacco for capturing us anyway – thanks Jayne!

All photos were snapped by the rather marvellous Sacco&Sacco Photography.

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P-O-S-H Vintage Hair Accesories

Oh So Honest – Client Testimonial


Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events were left smiling from ear to ear at Perfect HQ yesterday evening on receiving this lovely little tweet from Jill Hatton at Port Out Starboard Home…

You can read the original interview with Jill on our blog by clicking here.


1920’s Veils and Frocks

Diary of a Wedding Planner

We received an enquiry today to possibly help with the style and design of 1920s themed wedding next year. Well, I must say I am excited – I adore all things art deco and feathers and pearls make my heart flutter! Fingers crossed we’ll be working on this one as the era is one I share a passion for…

I adore the wedding fashion of the 1920s, those beautiful, beautiful long veils! Only last week I found myself yakking on to Mr Perfect about how much I adore those veils the women wore back then. We were watching a programme about King George V and it showed images of the wedding of King George VI where the late Queen Mother as we now remember her wore a real stunner of a veil. Mr Perfect said he thought they looked silly, but I guess you can’t please them all…

So it inspired me this afternoon to have a gander over Google and some original photos of 1920s weddings, and those beautilful frocks and veils, to share a few with you on the blog:

and more recently…

With love,
Samantha x


– King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
РFrom  http://vintagechampagnefever.tumblr.com/post/22372568728/1920s-wedding
РFrom http://atxweddingblog.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/this-wedding-trend-will-have-you-roaring-for-more/ (original source unknown)
РFrom http://www.projectwedding.com/post/list/weddings-100-years-ago (original source unknown)
– From http://weheartvintage.co/category/vintage/page/83/
– Lily Allen image from http://www.independent.co.uk

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‘Another Girl’s Shoes’ Woman and Home 1943

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I recently took a little weekend trip away to Brighton for an industry event, but also to spend some time with family in the place I call my second home. Whilst there, my aunt and I spent two days volunteering at the ‘Living History’ weekend at Newhaven Fort, where she also works. Now I admit I don’t need much of an excuse to get dressed up vintage-style on a normal day, so spending two days wearing full victory rolls and red lipstick dressed as WWII women was my idea of a good giggle!

My task for the weekend was to allow visitors to get ‘Hands on with History’ telling them about the selection of items we had on display which were genuine¬†artefacts¬†from the first and second world war available for them to look at, touch and try on.

One item which caught my attention was a genuine 1943 copy of Woman and Home. Whilst¬†browsing through this on my tea break, I came across an article called ‘Another Girl’s Shoes.’ It was very difficult not to read this article to myself in an upper-class war-time information voice-over, but I resisted, and as a modern-day wedding planner it struck me as an interesting little read which I thought I would share with you here on the blog… enjoy!

When you meet an engaged man – do you look on him as what he is – pledged to another girl?

Are you one of those girls who are building your house of happiness on the foundation of another’s heartbreak?

In other words, have you and an engaged man fallen in love with eachother? And has he broken off his engagement on your account? 

“But he loves me best,” you say, “and surely, if that is the case, it is wiser to find it out and shed the old love.”

Well, of course this is sometimes the case, and it may be true that it is fairer to the other girl, if he really has ceased to love her, to tell her so.

But has he – or does he only think he has?

That is the danger for you Рthe girl who has taken him away. Men do not always know their own hearts, any more than the girls do. They are not always quite sure that they are really through with that first girl, who has a prior claim on them. She may be far away, in some remote part of rural England, or the Highlands of Scotland, and you may be in the big city, or near the camp where his unit is. All this is in your favour, for it makes for forgetting. And sooner, or later, he tells you that he loves you the better than the fiancée he sees so rarely and from whom he will get free.

All the more does this happen when the man is a New Zealander, a Canadian, or an American. Their fiancées are thousands of miles away, and their letters are infrequent, and their images may seem to have faded right away Рfor the time being anyhow.

He never thinks of her, and you certainly do not. You believe him utterly when he says it is now you he loves.

He may be sincere when he says this, but he has not allowed for many things – the glamour of novelty – the strange surroundings – the excitement bred of war tension. All the things that have helped to make that girl in the far-off home-town seem almost like a figure in a dream to him.

But you may get a bad jolt one day. You may get a letter, telling you that his wonderful new love has no strength or substance in it, and that, after all, it is his fiancée who is the one he means to stick to. 

when a man is fighting, he has plenty of time to think in between whiles and look into his heart. And it is then that at last he really knows what matters most to him. The girl who was bound to him by every tie of honour as well as home associations; or the girl he was so crazy about for a short time, crazy enough to think he had forgotten what he now knows he could never forget.

So, if you are this second girl, I feel very sorry for you, but you will get very little pity from the world, because you made the mistake of under-estimating the pull of the girl he was engaged to when he met you. 

Don’t make this mistake – will you?

When you meet an engaged man, look on him as what he is, pledged to another girl. And be very chary of being the one for whom that pledge is broken. 

Wow – I feel like I’ve just been given a good telling off – don’t you? And we readers haven’t even done anything wrong! Are we supposed to read this and judge these ‘other’ women, or judge ourselves? Or should we be made to distrust and look down upon those lustful chaps staying in town who surely must be playing away? Does it make you feel as though you can’t be trusted to make your own decisions? Or are you the long-distance¬†fianc√©e¬†now panicking over your powdered eggs? Did you find yourself putting on a silly voice in your head as you read it like I did?!

I have my thoughts on the article, but I’d love to hear yours… leave your comments below…

With love
Samantha x 


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Happy Fathers Day

Oh So Perfect would like to wish a very Happy Fathers Day this year to all the Fathers of the Brides!

One of my favourite moments in every wedding is being able to watch a father walk his daughter down the aisle. It’s such a beautiful, personal moment. A very special memory shared between two people, even though witnessed¬†by a room full of onlookers.

I have seen every possible expression of honour, pride, joy, and sadness, but it still moves me every time. Something I really do treasure in my job as a wedding planner.

So, this year I would like to send out lots of love and wishes of a happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the brides out there. Also to the ‘father-figures’ and gentlemen who have stood proudly in place of an¬†absent¬†Dad, I blow you plenty of kisses too!

And to my own Dad, who is busy out hill walking on a cottage break in Exmoor this weekend, I hope you are¬†having¬†a lovely day with friends… xx

With love
Samantha x 

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#Veilbash Photo-booth

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Following from my previous post Under The Vintage Veil – What a Night! I thought I would share some very fabulous though slightly squiffy photos from the pop up photo booth of myself with Sarah London Photography, Sarah Roberts, and Emma Lucy Photo… well it’s not a real party without a few embarrassing photos is it?

The photo booth was supplied by Retro Me and the individual images have been edited using my iPhone.

With love,
Samantha x

Under The Vintage Veil – What a Night!

Diary of a Wedding Planner

So it finally arrived! After all my previous posts leading up to this event, and a lot of excitement on twitter, Sunday 10th June finally arrived and Oh So Perfect partied in style!

#veilbash (as it has most¬†affectionately been labelled) was organised and delivered by the wonderful Sara Doron and team at Under The Vintage Veil to celebrate the blog’s first birthday and successful year as a new and innovative wedding blog focussing on all things vintage-inspired and shabby chic.

The party was held at the rather fabulous Proud Cabaret in Brighton and consisted of a few announcements by Sara, a marvellous catwalk show, sweetie tables, cake (YES!), a pop up photobooth, hair saloon, pamper parlour and plenty of dancing the night away with cocktails in hand!

I met some really wonderful new people and friends who I hope to keep in touch with, and it was a fantastic opportunity to let our hair down and have a giggle with some of the wedding industry’s finest photographers, fashion and accessory designers, beauticians, suppliers and other wedding planners and bloggers.

The bash came with one rule only – this was not a heavy networking event – it was a party and should be treated as such, and it certainly was! But even so, you could see everyone was delighted to put faces to names and find out what everyone gets up to within the industry and in conjunction with the Under the Vintage Veil blog. It certainly highlighted to a lot of people there also just how important Twitter is to businesses, especially in this fast paced industry, as everyone swapped twitter names in place of business cards and asked ‘Do I follow you on Twitter?’

But that’s enough rambling from me, I know you’d like to see some snaps, and a final reveal of that flower headdress I have been going on about for weeks (it was perfect by the way!) so I will leave you now with my pictures of the night. I won’t lie to you, they’re not the greatest photos as I only had my iPhone to hand and the party lighting didn’t leave me much room for creativity, plus I was so busy chatting and dancing that I didn’t take very many in the end, but it will give you a taste of what the night was like. You can also check out the Under the Vintage Veil blog too for more detailed updates of the party and the professional shots that were taken… enjoy!

What I wore…

Dress: Clara by Rise Boutique on notonthehighstreet.com
Shoes: Purple suede chunky heels from eBay
Bag: Metal trim clutch by Warehouse at Debenhams
Headdress: Combination of Carmen by Crown and Glory and my own additional customising.
Jewellery: Diamond and emerald vintage ring belonging to my Grandma.

Sara opened the night with some announcements and introduced the catwalk show…

Dresses: Charlotte Bridal
Accessories: Olivier Laudus
Bouquets: The Finer Details
Shoes: Shoes of Prey
Hair: Hairport UK
Make-up: Brides and Beauty

Cakes and sweeties…

Cake: Cake Maison
Candy Buffet: Purely Events

No party is complete without a goody bag…

With love,
Samantha x

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Newlyweds Documentary Series

We’ve been asked by independent television production company Monkey Kingdom, the makers of ‚ÄėMade in Chelsea‚Äô and ‚ÄėMeet the Middletons‚Äô to share this flyer with you…

“This observational documentary series will document the crucial first year of marriage through the eyes of the newlywed. We are currently looking for wonderful couples who are planning a wedding between June and October 2012 who would be willing to share their special day with us and who are happy to commit to filming for a year after their wedding.”

If you’re interested get in touch!

The Journey to Brighton

Diary of a Wedding Planner


Regular followers of the blog and my Oh So Exclusive – Diary of a Wedding Planner category will know that this weekend is the Under The Vintage Veil bash in Brighton which I’ve been banging on about for the last month, as I pieced together the bits of my outfit ready for this Sunday’s party.

Well here I am, bags packed and on the train heading to Brighton!

My outfit is finally complete and ready to come out and play on Sunday. I decided to adjust my flower headband slightly after it arrived last week, and have since added some more purple flowers to match my colour shoes and some green foliage, making the overall item look more Paloma Faith than Lana Del Rey now, and even more fabulous! It’s certainly an eye-catcher of an accessory, but the dress code is ‘Bright and Bold, Glitz and Glam’ so I think it ticks all the boxes!

I can’t wait to arrive in Brighton – this iconic sea-side town is my second home. My father was born here, and growing up my most cherished memories are of summers and winters spent staying with my Grandparents in Embassy Court (true Brightonians will know all about Embassy Court!)

This weekend I will be staying with my aunt and uncle before I meet the girls on Sunday for the event, and I’m really looking forward to catching up with family in a town which never fails to make me smile.

My favourite thing about Brighton? The fact that it allows you to be anyone you want to be, without challenge or raised eyebrows. Probably a good thing considering my new piece of headwear….!

I’ve not yet had the pleasure of planning a wedding in Brighton, but I hope that one day I may do. Or, perhaps I’ll come across a couple in Wales with a personal link to my favourite city who’d like to bring Brighton into their wedding theme. Either way, I’d welcome any excuse to order a cake from Choccywoccydoodah sometime soon!!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, I can’t wait to bring you the gossip and photos soon!

With love, Samantha x

We Love Diamond Jubilee Memorabilia

We’re taking a break from weddings this weekend to enjoy the Jubilee (of course!). Here’s our pick of our favourite commemorative Jubilee Memorabilia available to purchase online…

Solar Powered Waving Queen – http://www.prezzybox.com

Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Crown – http://www.emmabridgewater.com

Royal Teabags – http://www.firebox.com

Corgi Tote Bag – 2d Scrumptious on http://www.notonthehighstreet.com

Jubilee Cake Pop Making Kit – The Little Cakepop Company on http://www.notonthehighstreet.com

Jubilee Contemporary Tea Cosy – http://www.bristishmuseumshoponline.org

Glittery Vintage London Postcards – http://www.nationalgallery.co.uk

Which commemorative Diamond Jubilee item will you be buying?

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