Happy Fathers Day

Oh So Perfect would like to wish a very Happy Fathers Day this year to all the Fathers of the Brides!

One of my favourite moments in every wedding is being able to watch a father walk his daughter down the aisle. It’s such a beautiful, personal moment. A very special memory shared between two people, even though witnessed by a room full of onlookers.

I have seen every possible expression of honour, pride, joy, and sadness, but it still moves me every time. Something I really do treasure in my job as a wedding planner.

So, this year I would like to send out lots of love and wishes of a happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the brides out there. Also to the ‘father-figures’ and gentlemen who have stood proudly in place of an absent Dad, I blow you plenty of kisses too!

And to my own Dad, who is busy out hill walking on a cottage break in Exmoor this weekend, I hope you are having a lovely day with friends… xx

With love
Samantha x 

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