Under The Vintage Veil – The Official Veilbash Photos

They’re finally here – hooray, hooray! The official photographs from the Under the Vintage Veil ‘veilbash’ are now up online for your viewing pleasure, which after the poor quality snaps I managed myself is fantastic news for those of you who were looking forward to seeing some of the professional pics from the party.

You can see all the full details of the party and the accompanying photos on the Under The Vintage Veil blog now by clicking here.

So, can you spot me and my fabulous piece of floral headwear in amongst the crowd? I appear to have my iPhone in hand in most shots (cringe!) which just shows you I really did try to take as many pics for you lovely followers as possible, but unfortunately my camera phone just couldn’t handle the lighting in the venue…

Here I am attempting to take a snap of myself with the legend that is Sara Doron from Under The Vintage Veil – this photo was so dark on my phone that it never even made it onto the final cut on my blog, but hooray for Jayne Sacco for capturing us anyway – thanks Jayne!

All photos were snapped by the rather marvellous Sacco&Sacco Photography.

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