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Diary of a Wedding Planner

We’ve been sent a little sneak-peek taster from Emma Bunting of the bespoke top-table bunting for our Laugharne couple next month. Our couple are having the title of their first dance song printed on the flags of their bunting to match their colour scheme during the wedding breakfast… how cute is that?! I won’t tell you what song it is, that’s a secret for now to keep you (and their guests!) guessing…

With love,
Samantha x

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Oh So Perfect Have Got It Covered!

With only 7 days left to go before our first wedding of the 2012 season takes place, we’ve been busy at Perfect HQ this week re-stocking and sorting out our on the day¬†coordination¬†kit in preparation for tackling any possible eventuality at all of our couples’ wedding days.

Our ‘Oh So Oops!’ emergency kit box is packed to the max with every single thing you could think of to ensure that we’ve got every eventuality covered. From selotape to sticky dots, hairspray to handwash gel, ¬†tissues to tit-tape, we’ve got everything you can imagine to help brides, grooms and all the attendants and guests feel totally relaxed and at ease on their special day.

Whether the groom is feeling stressed; a bridesmaid is feeling faint; a bra strap snaps; shoes get scuffed; the best man needs to floss before his speech; the decorations are falling down; the bouquet needs freshening up; you name it, we’re prepared! ¬†Go on, test us, I bet we’ve got it packed!

“OK, smarty pants, you might be ready for anything, but you can’t prevent bad weather!”

Well no, that is true. But then we do have two fabulous big white umbrellas up our sleeves too!

The ‘Oh So Oops!’ emergency kit…. just one of the many reason you need Oh So Perfect to help coordinate your wedding day!

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DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial

We’ve been getting crafty at Oh So Perfect this week in preparation for Emma and Andy’s wedding in Laugharne next month. Tissue paper pompoms, or ‘floofs’ as we love to call, them are inexpensive and easy to make, yet they can add so much colour and fun to a venue.

Here’s our DIY tutorial of how to make these lovely, puffy paper balls for yourself!

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in your choice of colour (we recommend 10 sheets per pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon wire (or fishing wire)
  • Floristry wire (we’ve used silver, but you could match the colour to the paper if you like!)

 Step 1

Layer up your 10 sheets of tissue paper (they should all be the same size and shape!) and begin to fold them concertina/fan-style.

Step 2

Snip off a length of the fishing wire. This will be used to hold your folded tissue paper together at the centre.

You can fold your tissue paper in half while it’s like this to help you find the middle!

Step 3

Wind the floristry wire around the centre and twist the wire together to keep it secure.

Step 4

This is a good moment to attach your length of nylon wire, as it will be a lot easier to add now then when the pompom is full. It also means you can hang it up as you begin separating the layers of paper.

Cut off your required length of nylon wire, and attach it around the floristry wire.

Fold the floristry wire over, or twist it together, to prevent the nylon wire from slipping off.

Step 5

You can now begin separating the layers of tissue paper using your hands.

You may find it easier to hang the pompom first, or ask someone to hold it up for you using the nylon wire, but we’ve¬†illustrated¬†this without hanging it first.

Lift the outer sheets to their highest capability.

Gently lift out the outer layers on the top and the bottom, and work your way towards the middle, pulling each inner layer out a little less each time.

The central layer shouldn’t need any tweaking at all.

Step 6

Your pompom should now be looking something like this…

Step 7

If you haven’t already hung up your pompom, now is a good time to do so. You will then be able to work on the other side with ease.

Repeat¬†Step 5¬†on the other side of the pompom…

Use your hands to tidy up the areas where the two sides of the pompom meet. They don’t need to touch perfectly necessarily, as long as they all open out fairly evenly.

Step 8

Stand back and look at your pompom in all its hanging glory!!

Stay posted as next month we’ll be bringing you the full story of Emma and Andy’s wedding which we’ve designed, styled and will be coordinating ¬†on the day, with full photos and details of how we made their special day Oh So Perfect!

Here’s some of our purple practice floofs for their wedding…

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A Sunday Afternoon Trip to the Gower

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Today I took a little trip down to one of the most beautiful areas in Wales, the Gower, for a final details meeting with one of my couples at their wedding location.

Despite the unfortunate looking weather forecast, the sun stayed out long enough for us to enjoy sitting outdoors throughout the meeting, while we discussed all their wedding plans and styling for their big day later this month.

I can’t wait to¬†co-ordinate this wedding – the colour scheme is a lovely contemporary mix of black, white and green, with romantic heart details, and peonies and roses selected to adorn the bouquets. The venue is beautiful too, with meadows, rivers, lakes, and a pretty little swing; perfect for photo opportunities. There was even a horse and her foal welcoming me on my way in!

It looks set to be an¬†absolutely¬†stunning day – let’s just hope the sun is shining on the big day too!

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Emma Bunting – Unique British Bunting

When receiving a product or service from a company or supplier, people are often very quick to criticise the bad, but all too slow to commend the good! So when we receive good service from our suppliers at Oh So Perfect we like to shout out about it!

This week we have been super impressed by the dedication and customer service shown by British-based bunting company Emma Bunting (formerly Little Bundles).

Welcome to the world of Emma Bunting, a unique and specialist company based in the heart of Northumberland, who designs and creates some of the best British Bunting around Рfrom the quirky, to the traditional Рthere are no rules!  As much as possible we use British manufactured materials, as well as up cycled or vintage pieces to create a unique length of bunting that can be treasured for years.

Emma Bunting have been sourcing fabrics to create a bespoke bunting for the wedding¬†d√©cor¬†of one of our couples’ weddings this coming August, and yesterday sent us samples of the chosen fabrics for us to give the go-ahead to get started…

Not only did Emma Bunting work closely to our brief selecting fantastic fabrics to match the colour of our bride’s bridesmaid dresses and chair sashes, she also recommended different types of fabric to compliment and add texture to the overall design.

The service from Emma Bunting has been friendly, helpful and welcoming from day 1 and we can’t wait to see the finished result. Stay posted for the full wedding portfolio of ‘Emma and Andy’s Wedding’ to follow in August where you will see the finished bunting in all it’s glory!

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“(Stop!) Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman!”

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I love that song. I also love the postman.

One of the exciting parts of being a wedding planner is waiting for the postman (DHL man, Parcel-force man, FedEx man etc. etc…) ¬†He always brings me such exciting parcels full of beautiful and fabulous wedding related bits and bobs, what’s there not to be excited about?!

I saw so much of my previous postman (we moved Perfect HQ back in February) that he would even pop in and use my bathroom from time to time on his rounds!

A big parcel arrived at Oh So Perfect today containing 17 rolls of white, lilac and violet tissue paper that I’d ordered for part of one of my couple’s wedding styling. Hopefully mister postman will deliver my nylon wire tomorrow too so that I can get started having fun making lots of big paper floofs in preparation for their wedding next month…

I’ll be bringing you a little tutorial of our tissue paper pompom making when he does so stay posted!

With love
Samantha x 

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