Oh So Perfect Have Got It Covered!

With only 7 days left to go before our first wedding of the 2012 season takes place, we’ve been busy at Perfect HQ this week re-stocking and sorting out our on the day coordination kit in preparation for tackling any possible eventuality at all of our couples’ wedding days.

Our ‘Oh So Oops!’ emergency kit box is packed to the max with every single thing you could think of to ensure that we’ve got every eventuality covered. From selotape to sticky dots, hairspray to handwash gel,  tissues to tit-tape, we’ve got everything you can imagine to help brides, grooms and all the attendants and guests feel totally relaxed and at ease on their special day.

Whether the groom is feeling stressed; a bridesmaid is feeling faint; a bra strap snaps; shoes get scuffed; the best man needs to floss before his speech; the decorations are falling down; the bouquet needs freshening up; you name it, we’re prepared!  Go on, test us, I bet we’ve got it packed!

“OK, smarty pants, you might be ready for anything, but you can’t prevent bad weather!”

Well no, that is true. But then we do have two fabulous big white umbrellas up our sleeves too!

The ‘Oh So Oops!’ emergency kit…. just one of the many reason you need Oh So Perfect to help coordinate your wedding day!

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning, styling and coordination packages and services.

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