DIY Delicious Home-made Chocolate Cocktails

We’ve been cooking up a liquor-fuelled storm in the Oh So Perfect kitchen this week (all in the name of research!) creating these devilishly delicious alcoholic chocolate cocktails… it’s a wonder we’re still standing!

A cheeky treat for a fabulous home-made hen party, or bottled up and presented to your guests as luxurious DIY wedding favours, these two super-simple but seriously tasty cocktail recipes are the perfect chocolate accompaniment to any sweet-toothed couple’s wedding day.

Here we’re showing you how to make both a dark chocolate and vodka cocktail, and a white chocolate and peach schnapps cocktail, but these recipes are extra-fab as you can mix and match your favourite alcohol/chocolate combinations to really create your perfect dessert drinks – have fun!

You will need…

Don’t worry about the quantities, the more you have the merrier, as it’ll all get used in the end, right?! For these recipes, it’s all about finding the mixture and strength you prefer, so play about adding the alcohol and cream as you desire to find the taste that’s right for you.

  • Your desired choice of alcohol. We used vodka and peach schnapps, but you can use whatever you like! Don’t worry about using cheap spirits either, as the taste of the chocolate will mask the quality of the alcohol, whichever you choose to use.
  • Your desired choice of chocolate. We’ve used a mixture of milk and plain to go with the vodka, and white chocolate for the peach schnapps. You can use anything you like, or even go wild and use some chocolate caramel bars for extra naughtiness!
  • Single cream
  • A shallow pan filled with water
  • A glass bowl
  • A container or bowl for breaking up the chocolate (or just use the glass bowl!)
  • A mixing spoon or spatula
  • You may require a jug or funnel to help you pour the finished drink into the desired glass or bottle.

Step 1 – Let’s start with the vodka…

Break up your chocolate into a container or bowl.

Step 2

Heat up the shallow pan of water on the hob, so the water is boiling. Pop your glass bowl in the middle of the pan to create a bain-marie.

Step 3

Add your broken chocolate to the glass bowl. As the chocolate begins to melt, stir it with the spoon or spatula.

Step 4

Begin adding your chosen spirit little by little, to build up your required strength. Careful not to let the mixture boil though or you will evaporate the alcohol (disaster!)

Step 5

Pour some cream into the mixture, then keep on stirring until the chocolate is fully melted and the contents perfectly mixed to the desired texture. Remember, you can always add some more more alcohol/cream as you go, depending on the strength and flavour you are after.

Don’t panic if the mixture starts to look lumpy, just keep heating and stirring and it will get there in the end!

Step 6

Once the liquid is at the correct strength and consistency you can either pour it into a jug to cool down ready for your cocktails, or use a funnel to fill bottles to use as wedding favours. The alcohol content means that the chocolate will not solidify, so you can even bottle it and store it in the freezer for a cold after-dinner drink whenever you fancy it!

And as for the white chocolate and peach schnapps? Just rinse out the glass bowl and follow the steps all over again!


All images by Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events

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  1. Oooo thanks for this! Will certainly have to give it a go, especially as I’ve had a bottle of vodka in the cupboard for ages now!


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