Emma and Andy ~ Testimonial

We received this pretty little thank you card through the post today from our recent couple Emma and Andy, with a lovely little photo of the happy pair inside too!

Dear Samantha,

Thank you so much for making our day ‘oh so perfect.’ The marquee looked amazing and we have had so many comments about how wonderful everything looked!

You were so helpful on the day, being there to calm me down and spray my feet in the warm weather – you really do have a treasure chest of goodies!

Thank you so much for making our day so special!

Emma & Andy Morris x x

Ahh, and it was such a pleasure to be part of such a lovely wedding! And yes, peppermint foot-spray is all included in the Oh So Oops kit – we just draw the line and feeding our brides grapes on the big day!!

To view the full photo set from Emma and Andy’s ‘Better Together’ wedding, just click this link or to view the testimonial from Emma’s parents, click along here too.

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