There’s Always Time For Tea

Diary of a Wedding Planner


Being a wedding planner means I spend a lot of my time out on the road, visiting venues, meeting suppliers, and coordinating with my couples. Getting out and about every few days is an enjoyable part of my job – fortunately I rather enjoy driving – and I’m lucky enough to discover lots of fabulous venues to add to my books, visit historic sites you’d normally be charged to explore, and identify new towns and villages to go back and browse through when you get another chance.

I also get to lounge about in an awful lot of coffee shops…

OK, I say ‘lounge about’ but there’s actually very little lounging to be done when you’re a wedding planner in a coffee shop. Usually I’m so busy catching up with my couples, going though their dreams and plans with them, and getting over-excited with the bride about the exact colour match she’s managed to source for the wedding cake ribbon and flower girls’ dresses that often my cappuccino or pot of tea has well and truly gone cold before I get to enjoy it!

So sometimes when I know I have a meeting planned in a coffee shop, I like to arrive a little early, not just to be here ready with a big enough table reserved for when my couple arrive, but to take 10 minutes to myself and be able to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the pleasures of discovering the many little coffee shops and tea houses dotted around on my routes.

Oh, and it gives me a little bit of time to update my blog too!

With love,

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