The Perfect Picnic

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Regular readers of my ‘Oh So Exclusive – Diary of a Wedding Planner’ will remember that a few weeks I posted a little piece called ‘It’s The Secrets You Discover‘ all about how sometimes you come across good things when you least expect them, or when you aren’t really looking out for them at all.

Well then you can imagine my delight can’t you when I found this little beauty last week whilst out having a little afternoon leisurely perusing  antique shops with a friend.

I have been working with a bride recently to style a wedding which is set to have a bicycle theme, as both her and her fiancé are keen cyclists, and we had been shopping around for a picnic hamper to use as part of the display on the card and gift table. Well so far on our trips to the shops we either haven’t found anything cost-effective enough for the display, or simply haven’t found anything at all, and so I was very excited indeed when my friend almost tripped over this sneaky little antique picnic hamper which was hidden at the back of the shop…

Not only is it super-cute and perfect for the display, but it was also only £5… Bargain! In fact it even came with some very bright retro Tupperware (double bargain!) which my friend quickly snapped up from me to take home and use for her little boy. I guess that’s fair enough, since she was the one who spotted it for me first.

I took a risk, I bought it for my bride (I had no phone signal to check she’d want it) but knowing my couples as well as I do I was pretty sure it would be exactly what she’s after, and even if not, I would quite happily hold on to this little treat for myself to use at wedding fairs or even keep at home. Luckily enough though, my bride loved it! And rightly so – once we’ve lined it with some fabulous fabrics to match her colour scheme, and the right accessories to turn this into a very cute picnic-style display, I’m confident all the guests will want to know where she got it from too!

With love,
Samantha x

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