Save The Date

How gorgeous is this Save The Date card sent to me yesterday in the post by one of my couples whose wedding I will be working on next September!

They have so perfectly captured both their theme (20s Art Nouveau) and colour scheme (gold, black and champagne) in this one little card, which will now be sent to all their guests ahead of their formal invites.

It’s so important when you send out your wedding stationery to consider your theme and colour scheme. This is the first glimpse your guests will receive of your wedding day to come, and it will set the scene on what they can expect. Laura and Phillip have made it perfectly clear in this one card exactly what their guests can expect to see on their big day. Some of your guests, particularly the closer friends and family members, may wish to dress to match the style of colour scheme, or to fit in with a theme if you have one, so a clear indication like this is an excellent way to help guests plan their outfit choices too.

It will also help create consistency throughout your wedding. A truly perfect theme is one which is executed in all the finer details, so matching your stationery even at this early stage will help tie everything together in the long run.

You can see just from this Save The Date card that Laura and Phillip’s wedding is set to be one gloriously, glamorous and classy affair; bring on next September!

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‘Best New Business’ Regional Winners at the 2012 Welsh National Wedding Awards

We are absolutely thrilled, amazed, delighted and generally chuffed to bits to announce that Oh So Perfect were presented with the award for…

‘Best New Business – South Wales and Central’

At the 2012 Welsh National Wedding Awards, at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea.

We’d like to extend a huge, huge thank you to all you delicious people out there who nominated and voted for us; in particular to our wonderful couples who we so enjoyed working with this year – we couldn’t have won this without meeting such gorgeous, loved-up lovelies like all of you and we’re so proud to have been able to get to know you and be included in the making of your perfect day – thank you!

It is, of course, our duty and pleasure to thank all of the suppliers who we worked with this last year as well for making our job so much more fabulous than it already is! Well done to all of our friends in the industry who won awards this weekend in their respective categories, and commiserations to our friends who just missed out although being¬†shortlisted¬†is such a huge recognition in itself, you are winners in our eyes too. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so much Welsh wedding talent in one room, and hearing the names of the suppliers we’ve worked with directly this year (and working with already next year!) called out in the running for big awards made us so proud to be working with some of the UK’s best industry pros.

A personal thank you as well to all my wonderful, wonderful friends and family for all the support you have given me over the last 12 months, I don’t know what I would do without you all. Every last one of you. Mwah!

And finally, if you have made it this far through my gushy ‘speech’ then you’ll have to put up with just one more before I’m done…

The biggest thank you of course goes to my very own Mr Perfect – my partner, my soulmate and my best friend – for¬†believing¬†in me and helping me to follow my dreams from the very start, for always being so proud of me, and for all the hours you smiled politely and humoured me as I made girlie squealy noises and got excited over chair covers/flowers/paper pompoms, the lot. I remember the day you asked me, “so how does it feel to be a wedding planner?” after my very first meeting, and my answer now is still the same: “not half bad, boy.” xx



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‘English Wedding Blog’ gives us a mention!

We were absolutely delighted (though a little delayed!) to discover that we had a mention on the English Wedding Blog back in September as one of their featured blogs in their “Best Wedding Blogs: the ones I’m reading” feature.

They loved our beautiful vintage wedding in Laugharne this summer and were inspired by the rich colour scheme chosen by our gorgeous couple Emma and Andy. Click this link to look back at this very pretty wedding in all its glory.

They also included one of our photos – featuring yours truly in amongst my hand-made pompoms.

English Wedding blog was ranked No.8 in’s top 100 Best Wedding Blogs so we’re pretty chuffed to be noticed by them too!

Thank you to Mark Hawkins for taking this fab photo too!

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2012… Our Best Bits!

We’re only a few days away from the Welsh National Wedding Awards and so in honour of these incredible awards¬†recognising wedding industry legends¬†in Wales, we’re taking a gander back over our own 2012 wedding season to find some of our very own wedding bests from the last year… ¬†enjoy!

Starting with the serious ones…

Best Ushers

Winner: Dave, Ali, Simon, James, Paul and Scott

Not only the most fantastic, friendly bunch of lads we have ever met, but also the most switched on ushers this season, on the ball throughout the duration of the day and approaching me to offer help at every opportunity. Plus the only ushers who have insisted on me sharing a shot with them at the bar at the end of the day (physically catching me before I could escape!) – thank you, lads!

Best Best Man

Winner: South-African Andrew

An absolute star with a sense of humour to match. I have never met a Best Man more comfortable with a microphone in all my experience… there was a moment where I wondered if we’d ever get that microphone back!

Best Bridesmaids

Winner: Steph, Kelly and Emma

These ladies came from the same wedding as our Best Ushers, and what a wonderful group of friends offering their bride and groom so much support throughout the day. These ladies certainly weren’t just in it for the pretty dresses!

Best Maid of Honour

Winner: Sarah Borland

We met some wonderful women this season, all very much deserving of their titles and this winning post, however we’re going to have to give it to Sarah for attending all the bridal meetings and spending hours upon hours lovingly DIYing and teas-cup candle making for her twin-sister’s wedding.

Best Dress

Winner: Sarah Knott (and her Jimmys)

This is a tough one, because let’s face it, all our brides looked completely stunning this year… however this year we’re presenting this to one bride in particular, not because she had the best dress, but because she had Jimmy Choos, and we love Jimmy Choos!!

Best First Dance

Winner: Kate and Richard

They chose a song – we loved the song (I even bought the album a week before the wedding!) – however a few days before wedding day a last minute change¬†occurred¬†as the DJ felt a different song would be easier for them to dance to. All set and ready to go. That is until minutes before the dance was due to commence, Kate insisted the DJ revert back to the original, and thank goodness she did. Watching our couple¬†humorously¬†twirl about completely un-choreographed¬†but totally perfect, as Kate danced in a divine dress and cowboy boots we couldn’t help but enjoy the performance. Here’s a link to their song: The Chills – Peter, Bjorn and John

Runner up: Sarah and Rob

We had to have a runner up in this category. For Sarah and Rob’s ‘second’ dance a plan was in place for our couple to leave the dance floor and seek out their¬†respective¬†parents, with the bridesmaids and ushers joining them on the dancefloor. However, something went wrong, Sarah and Rob stayed on the floor into the second song and so some quick eyebrow movements and head tilting from the bride meant me zipping about amongst the attendants with orders of ¬†‘run on and join the party’. They did. It was magnificent.

Best Theme

Winner: Emma and Andy

This was a tough one this year – we had modern, vintage, lots and lots of lace, trees in marquees and a whole castle to play with, but with exact colour-match glorious bespoke bunting and big, beautiful paper floofs involved we had to hand this one over to our Laugharne Couple.

Best Cake

Winner: Emma and Andy

The level of detail in the sugar craft on this cake made it very difficult to tell apart the real flowers from the fake ones – it simply had to be our winner.

Runner up: Eleri and Tim

But we couldn’t ignore this beautiful table either by Darcy’s Cupcake Creations.

And now for some fun ones….

Biggest ‘almost’ Disaster

Let’s face it, there are very few disasters when Oh So Perfect are involved, after-all that’s one of the reasons we’re there to help! However, being a wedding planner involves thinking on your feet and this year we saw flowers changed a day before the wedding, suppliers insisting in sudden changes of schedule, a mother’s tears for cake wrongly placed in a fridge, a missing DJ moments before a first dance, delayed whiskey tents, rain rain and more rain… but ultimately we’ll be keeping the biggest disasters to ourself for this category… will have to keep you guessing!

Longest Speech

Definitely awarded to Mr Randall this year, there were rumours amongst the guests that this father of the bride was famed for his long speeches and they weren’t wrong. Almosty 40 minutes later we were finished, but by golly it was a lovely speech he could have carried on for the rest of the evening if he fancied!

Funniest Speech

There’s always a lot of pressure on the Best Man to provide the best speech – this year our favourite came from Ollie at Richard and Kate’s West Wales Wedding who had plenty of funny tales to tell us about the former Cambridge-student groom.

Most Famous Guest 

BBC Radio 1’s very own Mr Matt Fincham!

Strangest Wedding Planner Request

Our Oh So Emergency Kit Box is full of wonderful tricks and treats for couples and their attendents… this year we found ourselves spraying peppermint foot spray onto many a bridesmaid’s feet, sticking toupe-tape in loose high heels, glueing together corsages at the last minute and stuffing tissue in places you didn’t know existed!

Biggest Surprise

First place goes to Emma and Andy who enjoyed a surprise firework display organised by the bride’s parents, whilst in second place we award Eleri and Tim for treating their South African guests to a surprise from a traditional Welsh Male Voice Choir.

Most Unglamorous Moment

It’s not all glamour being a wedding planner! Looking back over the season, eating my dinner of a car bonnet in a field was probably my most unglamorous moment, but there were plenty of others believe me!

Most Heart-felt Moment

Weddings always bring on tears, and I love the moment when a father walks his bride down the aisle. However, watching the groom choke up to see his long distance family all together in one room on his big day was probably one of the loveliest things¬†I’ve¬†seen this year.

Favourite Photo

We’re wedding planners, not photographers, but even so we still like to take a few snaps on the day to profile our work and bring the best shots to you our followers. But my favourite self-taken picture this year has got to be the mother of the bride in all her Jimmy Choo glory, doing what mum’s do best… preparing the room for her beautiful daughter’s dress:

What an incredible year of weddings…. and so much we simply don’t have time to tell you about! But, all our weddings are available to view on our blog so click the following link to visit them all….

Oh So Perfect Portfolio

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Oh So It’s Your Birthday!

Well don’t mind us while we just wish ourselves a big, fat, fabulous


One year ago today not only did we¬†launch¬†our official website¬†¬†but we also brought you our first little blog post… ‘Oh So it begins…’

We can not believe a whole year has flown by since Oh So Perfect became oh so independent, established, professional wedding planners and what a wonderful year we have had…

So, don’t mind us either while we say a big, fat, fabulous THANK YOU! to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far… the suppliers, followers, friends, family and of course our gorgeous, gorgeous couples… you have made this year marvellous!

So how will we be celebrating you wonder? Well there’s no time for a big party this year (we’re just oh so busy these days!) but next Sunday sees the 2012 Welsh National Wedding Awards and we’re delighted to have been shortlisted for two awards… so our table of 10 will be wined, dined and entertained as we join the best businesses in the country to celebrate all things amazing in this super-talented Welsh wedding industry… and whether we come home winners or not, we’ll certainly be toasting to an Oh So Perfect first year!

In celebration of our 1st year on the blog, here’s a few links to some of our favourite posts from the last year for your pleasure:

Dance The Night Together РOh So Exclusive Diary of a Wedding Planner takes a look at the real romance behind a wedding with a view to finding your live wedding entertainment.

Happy Fathers Day – Why we love daddy-dearest on wedding day.

Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts – Well we wouldn’t be wedding planners if we didn’t give you a few of these along the way.

An Evening In Laugharne – Combining business and pleasure in one of our favourite Welsh towns earlier this summer.

International Women’s Day – We saluted all of the inspiring ladies in our life back in March!

DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial – A how-to on these super-cheap, super-effective decorations.

Something Kinda Vintage Wedding Fair – and relax! – The photos from our fab day out at the Brangwyn Hall.

A Perfect Anniversary – Samantha takes a trip down memory lane with Mr Perfect, and asks when do you celebrate your anniversary?

Kate and Richard – We loved all our weddings this year but something about the exquisite Edwardian dinner party theme of this wedding really tickled your fancy… or was it just the magic of seeing trees inside a marquee?

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Dance The Night Together

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This week I have been busy researching musicians for one of my big theme weddings next year. It’s a break away from the themes and styles of the weddings I’ve delivered this year already, a fun modern Hollywood rom-com movie themed ¬†and is so far¬†proving¬†great fun to design and style!

Researching the singers to perform in the church has got me thinking about how best to identify the right live music for your wedding, and the overall experience of planning a wedding as a whole.

It’s often very easy when planning your own wedding to get caught up in the stresses and trials of spending hours upon hours on the internet, flicking through magazines or gazing around wedding fairs looking for the different components of your big day, and as a result some couples find themselves in danger of loosing out on the enjoyment that planning your special day can bring, missing out on this opportunity to spend more time together as a couple, and on some very sad occasions even find themselves forgetting why they were planning a wedding in the first place!

My fab couple, Sarah and Rob, who booked an acoustic duo to play at their ceremony who they used to go and watch down their local pub.

I recently had the pleasure of discussing my job as a wedding planner with a very lovely lady – a writer – who wanted to know why I loved doing what I do. She told me that another, more unfortunate, wedding planner, had admitted that seeing her couples loose sight of their love as they became more concerned about flower arrangements and colour schemes drove the passion for wedding planning out of her system. I’m lucky enough that that has never, ever happened to me, and that’s because I believe it’s not just my job to plan and¬†coordinate your wedding day (you lucky couples, you!), but also to help you along the way to feel excited about the decisions you make together and give you reasons to celebrate your love not only on the day itself, but in all the days leading up to this wonderful moment when you get to say “I do!”

So, going back to the live music… (I’m getting carried away in a love rant I fear), I feel it’s really important when you decide to go hunting for your live entertainment, to use this as an excellent opportunity to spend some time together, relaxing, and enjoying the experience of being oh so in love!

Get out there! Stop trawling online and look into your local area… Most of us live in or near enough to some brilliant towns and cities with plenty of opportunity to scope out some live bands who you may never have even heard of before, let alone found on a wedding directory. Head to your favourite pub or bar one evening when you know they have live music planned, and enjoy it! Listen to it, dance to it and perhaps if you like it, have a chat with the singer after their set.

Do you have a specific style of music in mind? Whether it’s a full band, a quartet, a harpist, acoustic duo, singers – whatever! Look up local music¬†festivals¬†and event listings in your area and go out on the town for a night to enjoy them in person. It’ll mean even more to you when you dance your first dance to the sounds of the band you first discovered in that little cocktail bar – your little cocktail bar – after that romantic wedding-planning-free evening you enjoyed 6 months ago…

Mr. Perfect and I in our favourite cocktail bar, shimmying along to the Spanish guitar, on one of the many occasions we failed to resist the urge for a little boogie… even on a quiet Sunday afternoon!¬†

Mr. Perfect and I used to spend many an¬†enjoyable¬†evening out just the two of us, dancing the night away together to whatever live band or duo happened to be playing that evening in our favourite little local cocktail bar. Yes, I admit it, we were that¬†couple, the ones always dancing away whilst everybody else was sitting down with their drinks, but we never minded what people thought of us (well, maybe a little bit the next day!) – we were too busy enjoying what being a couple is really all about… spending time together and having fun with your best friend, and remembering why you got together in the first place.

Now, go book yourself a night out on the town!

With love,
Samantha x

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Eleri and Tim Satow ~ Testimonial

Oh So Honest ‚Äď Client Testimonial


Such a pleasure to have received this wonderful email and testimonial from our Caerphilly Castle couple, Eleri and Tim. Oh So Perfect were delighted to be involved in the Oh So Supportive – On The Day Coordination of this beautiful Welsh castle wedding…

To view all the photos from our day at Eleri and Tim’s wedding please click on this link.

Dear Samantha

We’ve got back from an amazing honeymoon in Bali and have just been watching our wedding¬†DVD and thought before we start out on our many thank you’s the first person we need to formally thank is you!!

We enjoyed every part of organising our wedding and had not even considered a Wedding Planner until we met you. We were so lucky to have come across you at the Swansea wedding fayre and learn of your ‘On the Day Coordination’ as we are not sure how we would have managed without it.

Every bride loves choosing her theme and organising little finishing touches to her wedding but on the actual wedding day¬†you want to be stress-free to spend as much time as possible with friends and family enjoying the party! This is exactly what you enabled and we couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

Tim and I were so impressed you had so much time for us before the day, meeting us at Caerphilly Castle¬†in order to know exactly what we wanted. It was so nice to know that you had everything in hand and that you were as excited for our big day as we were! As a bride to be organising a wedding in Wales from London, I really appreciated you¬†organising timings and drop offs for the florist, cake, chair covers and liaising with the caterer on our behalf before the big day. Your calming nature especially you saying that you were available any time, even when texting you at midnight the night before the wedding to say we’d had a guest¬†cancel put me at ease and enabled me to get a good nights sleep before the big day! You were such a nice calming addition to¬†my parents house on the morning of the wedding as well and to collect our bits and pieces for the venue the wedding tree, favours, sweet stands,¬†and welsh cakes and south african treats for the canopies. It left us free to be able to get ready in the morning and to not even think about the reception venue until we arrived.

When we did arrive at Caerphilly Castle we could see straight away that everything had been set up exactly as we had imagined it and could see you had everything in hand we were delighted!  You also provided so much support to our wedding party, our two rather nervous best men both told us how you made them feel so much at ease, and really helped them with their roles on the day particularly Andrew who was acting as our MC. Our bridesmaids loved your amazing box of tricks and really appreciated your assistance with emergency wardrobe adjustments! Your presence also put our parents at ease, knowing who to come to with any queries and not having to worry about anything themselves. Nothing was too much trouble for you and any little blips that occurred on the day you took in your stride providing solutions to any problems. It put us at so much ease to come to you with any queries we had with your calm structured approach to everything. In particular we appreciated your re-jigging and help with our male voice choir due to the over running of the speeches.

Thank you for enabling us to enjoy every moment of our special day. We would recommend every bride and groom use your On the Day Coordination to ensure a stress-free, unforgettable, fantastic, smooth-running day.

Eleri & Tim aka Mr & Mrs Satow


To view our full portfolio with photos and details of Eleri and Tim’s wedding, please follow the link: Eleri & Tim ~ Key To My Heart (Wales vs. South Africa) 

To read the testimonial from the mother of the groom, please follow the link: Sheryl Satow ~ Testimonial

To read the testimonial from the parents of the bride, please follow the link: Peter and Margaret Randall ~ Testimonial

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