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It’s Your Wedding; It’s Up To You!

Yesterday I met with one of my couples at their venue to talk about their décor and design ideas. It was a cold and frosty morning, so the manor house venue looked absolutely stunning. We got so much done and discussed lots of ideas to take away and get working on over the next few weeks, and all whilst lounging in front of a big, cosy log fire. Looooovely, I could’ve stayed there all afternoon and evening too!

As we discussed the décor and design ideas, and began delving into the more personalised aspects of the day, something which my bride kept asking was, “but, can we do that?” or “will that be OK?”

The simple answer here was, “Yes!”

My bride was concerned that as we moved away from flowers in the centrepieces, and swapped some of the more traditional styles for something a ‘little bit different’ to match their modern theme, perhaps we were moving too far away from what is ‘OK’ to have at your wedding. In particular, as we discussed the ideas for favours, the groom asked, “but what would the guests think?”

It made me realise that there are still so many couples out there who are perhaps a little afraid to move away from what has come to be accepted as ‘normal’ at today’s modern wedding. But actually, there is no ‘normal’ – nothing is right or wrong on your wedding day. Ultimately, your wedding is your own, and you can do anything you bloomin’ well like really!

You don’t have to have flowers if you don’t want them – so many people seem to think you have to have flowers at your wedding, but you really don’t, in fact one of my favourite weddings I assisted at had not a single flower in sight. You don’t have to have chair covers either, or sashes and swagging, if that’s not your style. And your favours can be as quirky or sensible as you want them to be. My bride doesn’t want a sash on the front of her top table, but she was afraid to voice this at first, thinking she had to have this as, well, that’s what everyone else does, isn’t it? I reassured her it would be perfectly acceptable to go without, the guests would not be discussing the lack of table sashes behind her back after the wedding, and the day would certainly not be a let down without them!

There is no right or wrong, and your wedding really should reflect YOU – not everyone else in the world.

This not to say there is anything wrong with flowers, chair covers, sashes etc. but I believe that your wedding should be whatever you want it to be, and if you want to avoid the ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding of today, then do!

Last week, a friend asked me, “do you have to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day?” Now, I should at this point mention that said friend is in fact single, so I was a little confused by this random question popping up unprompted on my phone midway through the day, but I said to her exactly what I say to you: “It’s your wedding, you wear whatever the hell you want, love. “ And the same goes to your décor.

With love,
Samantha x

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