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Love Actually is All Around Us

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I have spent many an evening lately thinking that it has been quite a while since I last posted a floaty, heartfelt Diary of a Wedding Planner post on this here little blog of mine; but lovely followers, I have simply been too overwhelmed with actually being a wedding planner to take any time to write about it! Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like!) it has been so busy here at Perfect HQ with 3 weddings already delivered this year, the 4th looming ahead on next weekend’s horizon, that I have been so busy planning weddings, I have had very little spare time to write about them.

Today was one of those days. I spent my morning tap, tap, tapping away at my emails, making calls and generally pulling together all the strings for next weekend’s big, beautiful marquee wedding in Oxfordshire. By 2pm this afternoon, my brain was becoming frazzled and I decided it was time to treat myself to a little break away from the screen and away from Perfect HQ.


But it would seem that, when you are a wedding planner, there really is no break from weddings.

I decided to take myself, and Bella the dog, up to Gnoll Park here in Neath, for a little stroll around the woods and the ruins, and to take a little hour to myself for some ‘me’ time to reflect upon the past few weeks, and the next few to come. 

As I was wondering along, dog zipping about between the bushes next to me, and thinking about all the times Mr. Perfect and I had walked these paths together hand in hand, I saw a gorgeous tree in full bloom ahead of me – bright pink – and it caught my eye immediately (most bright pink things do afterall.) I decided to take a picture, I am an Instagram-addict. But something else caught my eye too. 


I saw a bench – it must be a memorial bench I thought, as there are quite a few dotted about the Gnoll – and it had flowers on it. It must be new, fresh flowers for remembrance. But it wasn’t. The flowers, on closer inspection were not memorial flowers at all, they were wedding flowers, and believe me I know wedding flowers when I see them. A beautiful heart shaped wreath, full of big pale pastel blooms, drying out in the sunshine, and a glorious bridal bouquet casually placed next to it, tied with a silk ribbon.


Someone had left these pretty little wedding flowers here on the bench. Why? – I don’t know, and I probably never will either, but it made me smile.


As a wedding planner, I am a romantic at heart, and something about finding this little floral display so unexpectedly up the gnoll brightened up my day today. I often think about how some people sometimes forget about the love and the marriage itself when they are busy planning their weddings, perhaps I had even lost this thread a little myself this morning as I ploughed on through my own to-do list of the day, but these flowers came as a gentle little nudge to me this afternoon, reminding me exactly why it is that I do what I do. I do it for love. 

It just shows, to quote a well-known British rom-com, that love actually is all around us, afterall. 

Samantha x

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