Oh, so what’s been happening?

Hello darling followers of Oh So Perfect… did you think we had forgotten you?

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I know, a long time a go this blog used to be a lot more regular in its posts, didn’t it? But over the last year at Perfect HQ things have just become so wonderfully busy and our schedule so bursting full that we haven’t had as much time to dedicate to our little corner of the business blogosphere and perhaps, as a result, we have let you down a bit…

So, since I have 5 minutes of down time this afternoon I thought I would write you a little love letter, from Perfect HQ, explaining where we have been and what is happening next…

Dear Oh So Perfect blog follower,

My lovely follower, my sweetest friend – please understand… life lately has just been so full, and we’ve barely had time to breathe!

Weddings have been flying by each week at a crazy pace. It seems only 5 minutes ago we were looking forward to the start of the season, yet now we’re approaching the last few miles in the race to the end. 

Oh, and we’ve seen some beautiful weddings along the way…

Alicia and Tom – what an excellent start to the season and really just grand. An elegant, stylish marquee filled with red roses and a beautiful bride in a horse and carriage. 

Helena and Steve, our Hong Kong couple, their family party over in the Midlands went off royally in a medieval inspired setting.

Charlotte and Nick. There are no words for the beauty of this Buckinghamshire wedding. Utterly divine and packed to the barn’s rafters (literally!) with the most exquisite flowers you have ever set your petal-loving eyes on. Pure wedding day bliss. 

Rhiannon and James, so sweet and so pretty was their wedding last weekend in Wales, and a joy to be a part of too.

Yes, dear follower, I know what you ‘re thinking: “How on earth would we know, you haven’t shown us any pictures!”

Eeek, yes, slaps on the wrists all round it’s true we haven’t! But the thing is my darlings, in the excitement of all the planning and coordinating of these luxurious days we simply haven’t yet had a moment to edit and share with you the glorious details of each one individually.

But don’t fret, not for a second – we haven’t forgotten, and once the season is out we shall indeed relish in delighting you with all the images. I promise.

Next week we head to Wales again, this time to deliver our Radiant Orchid wedding for Jill and Nick, our gorgeous pair from across the pond. As I write this to you, sweet follower, they are already boarding their plane in Washington and are about to jet over for the fun to begin. We’ve been planning this wedding for a year and I can not believe it is so close to being here now – how exciting! 

Following Jill and Nick, we’ll assist Laura and Rob in a delightful intimate tea party wedding too. Then it’s on to Hollie and Andrew who will marry in a winter castle, no less.

Of course, we’re taking bookings and enquiries as ever too. Already down for next year we have mansions, marquees, gardens and a new international couple joining our books, so it’s all go, go, go then too!

But for now, it’s on with the show. A few more weddings to see out and then we’re done. We can come back and visit you some more, perhaps? We’ll share those photos as promised and who knows, maybe we’ll even find time to write a new post or two with some tips, some stories, little features – those things you once loved reading on our blog; because we still love writing them as well! 

So stay patient, pretty one. We haven’t forgotten you at all. We’re just a little preoccupied at the moment, making everyone else’s day Oh So Perfect, of course…

Perfect HQ xx


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Testimonials from Charlotte and Nick’s wedding

Oh So Honest – Client Testimonial


I’m always so very touched to receive such lovely thank you gifts and kind words from my clients following their wedding day. Yesterday I was delighted to receive the most beautiful bunch of peonies from the mother of the bride, Dr Ann Canham, following Charlotte and Nick’s wedding in Buckinghamshire – they really are just gorgeous and have opened up to full bloom this morning making my little office space at Perfect HQ smell just divine!

“Yet another Samantha triumph last Saturday. Thank you so much for all you did and especially your calm and reassuring presence throughout.” Ann Canham, Mother of the Bride

Ann has sent such lovely words in her emails to me following Saturday, and herself, the bride and groom and all the family were so very kind with their thank you’s both in person and in their speeches on the day too. We previously worked with the family at Kate and Richard’s wedding in Cardigan back in 2012 (follow this link to view our photos), and Ann wrote me such a kind testimonial afterwards:

I cannot recommend Samantha highly enough following my daughter and son in law’s wedding on 15th September. She is calm, professional, supportive and prepared for all eventualities. She has a lovely manner and gave us all a huge degree of confidence and comfort that everything would be wonderful – it was! Thank you so much Samantha.

It’s always so wonderful to receive kind words from our clients after their wedding day, but even more rewarding sometimes is receiving incredible compliments and words of thanks from the suppliers we work with too.

These are the professionals who have worked at hundreds of weddings, with hundreds of different people, and sometimes with 10 or 20 (sometimes more!) years experience, so to receive the following words from last weekend’s excellent florists, caterers and photographers commending my work and thanking me for my coordination on the day really is just an honour too:

“You were an absolute delight and pleasure to work with – so lovely when one meets a consummate professional who is also a total kindred spirit with a good sense of humour…..a tremendous hug to you too from all of us – lets hope lots of lovely weddings come our way and we can work together again very soon.”
Maison de Fleurs

“You were just brilliant and so nice to work with… I will recommend you to future brides and grooms.” Seasons Catering

“It was a pleasure for us to work with you too and I found the day a real joy and having such lovely people to work with as well as the gorgeous family and all of their guests it was the perfect day! Thank you very much for all your help and coordination throughout the day, it really made a difference.” Wendy Aldiss Photography

We have heaps of gorgeous photos to share with you soon from this wedding and will share them all with you in a just a few more week’s time… for now, it’s onwards with the next oh so perfect wedding day!

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination packages and services.

Congratulations Charlotte and Nick!

I can not even begin to describe how utterly beautiful yesterday’s Buckinghamshire wedding was – utterly, utterly divine! – and I feel so proud to have been a part of such an exquisite day.

Congratulations to the radiant Charlotte and her new husband Nicholas, such a wonderful pair of people so very in love and so perfectly suited; you both were simply stunning, all day long.

Such an honour, also, to work not just with them these last few weeks but also with their wonderful family. It is always such a joy to work with a family a second time; having previously coordinated sister Kate and Richard’s wedding in West Wales in 2012 (follow this link for the images) we were delighted to be asked to work with this family again, and it has been a pleasure to get to know them all even better and say hello once again to past guests, family members and old faces.

I am so lucky in this job to work with such warm, welcoming families like these, who were overwhelmingly full of gratitude to to have me on board once again – I can not thank them enough for their kind words yesterday both in their speeches and in the quiet words between family moments. I am truly touched, blessed and honoured to have been a part of both of these special occasions.

Yesterday was a very long day, 20 hours coordinating from start to finish, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat for a wedding – and a family – like this one.

The above is just a little taster of images from their day for you to enjoy on this lovely Sunday afternoon, but you can expect much more photos from this wedding and indeed all of the beautiful weddings I have been honoured to coordinate this season in a few weeks to follow.

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination packages and services.


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