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Oh, so what’s been happening?

Hello darling followers of Oh So Perfect… did you think we had forgotten you?

Bunting just married wedding cake topper www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

I know, a long time a go this blog used to be a lot more regular in its posts, didn’t it? But over the last year at Perfect HQ things have just become so wonderfully busy and our schedule so bursting full that we haven’t had as much time to dedicate to our little corner of the business blogosphere and perhaps, as a result, we have let you down a bit…

So, since I have 5 minutes of down time this afternoon I thought I would write you a little love letter, from Perfect HQ, explaining where we have been and what is happening next…

Dear Oh So Perfect blog follower,

My lovely follower, my sweetest friend – please understand… life lately has just been so full, and we’ve barely had time to breathe!

Weddings have been flying by each week at a crazy pace. It seems only 5 minutes ago we were looking forward to the start of the season, yet now we’re approaching the last few miles in the race to the end. 

Oh, and we’ve seen some beautiful weddings along the way…

Alicia and Tom – what an excellent start to the season and really just grand. An elegant, stylish marquee filled with red roses and a beautiful bride in a horse and carriage. 

Helena and Steve, our Hong Kong couple, their family party over in the Midlands went off royally in a medieval inspired setting.

Charlotte and Nick. There are no words for the beauty of this Buckinghamshire wedding. Utterly divine and packed to the barn’s rafters (literally!) with the most exquisite flowers you have ever set your petal-loving eyes on. Pure wedding day bliss. 

Rhiannon and James, so sweet and so pretty was their wedding last weekend in Wales, and a joy to be a part of too.

Yes, dear follower, I know what you ‘re thinking: “How on earth would we know, you haven’t shown us any pictures!”

Eeek, yes, slaps on the wrists all round it’s true we haven’t! But the thing is my darlings, in the excitement of all the planning and coordinating of these luxurious days we simply haven’t yet had a moment to edit and share with you the glorious details of each one individually.

But don’t fret, not for a second – we haven’t forgotten, and once the season is out we shall indeed relish in delighting you with all the images. I promise.

Next week we head to Wales again, this time to deliver our Radiant Orchid wedding for Jill and Nick, our gorgeous pair from across the pond. As I write this to you, sweet follower, they are already boarding their plane in Washington and are about to jet over for the fun to begin. We’ve been planning this wedding for a year and I can not believe it is so close to being here now – how exciting! 

Following Jill and Nick, we’ll assist Laura and Rob in a delightful intimate tea party wedding too. Then it’s on to Hollie and Andrew who will marry in a winter castle, no less.

Of course, we’re taking bookings and enquiries as ever too. Already down for next year we have mansions, marquees, gardens and a new international couple joining our books, so it’s all go, go, go then too!

But for now, it’s on with the show. A few more weddings to see out and then we’re done. We can come back and visit you some more, perhaps? We’ll share those photos as promised and who knows, maybe we’ll even find time to write a new post or two with some tips, some stories, little features – those things you once loved reading on our blog; because we still love writing them as well! 

So stay patient, pretty one. We haven’t forgotten you at all. We’re just a little preoccupied at the moment, making everyone else’s day Oh So Perfect, of course…

Perfect HQ xx


Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination packages and services.








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