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Helpful Passport Advice for Newlyweds and Honeymoon Travellers


The lovely people at The Passports Office have sent us this helpful article containing all the advice you need for changing your name on your passport after getting married. Sarah Smith joins us on Oh So Perfect today to tell you eveything you need to know about going on honeymoon immediately after your wedding, and how to make sure your travel documents are valid for travel…   

Getting married is for most people the most the memorable and amazing day of their lives. So much time, effort and love goes into making every tiny detail Oh So Perfect. 

There are so many things to think about after you get married that lots of people tend to forget, not hard when there’s so many thoughts flying around such as where to go on honeymoon, your new marital home, who’s feeding the cat while we’re away, not to mention the tough stuff like changing your name! An endless amount of people need to be told whether you’re taking your loved one’s surname, you’re going doubled barrelled or you’re making up a new one all together and have decided you are now Mr and Mrs Loveheart-forever… (That’s what I’ve decided on, anyway!)


Aside from the usual Bank, Memberships and Utility companies there’s often one thing many married women overlook both before and after their wedding ceremony and that’s your Passport. Your Passport can be the most important document you hold as not only it is required to travel but it’s increasingly one of the only other forms of identification alongside a driving licence that most companies will accept to prove your identity. 


There are a few important things that most people do not know about passports before and after a wedding/name change that can make your life a lot easier. So if like millions of people around the world, you want to start your perfect married life together by jetting off somewhere romantic on honeymoon, we’ve compiled all this information in an easy to read format to help you avoid any headaches when planning your honeymoon.


Passport travel in your maiden name


It is often overlooked by the bride at the time, everyone assumes that you must change your passport even before you’ve booked your honeymoon into your new married name, but there is one exception to this rule. If this is your first marriage and you’re going to be changing your name from “Maiden” to “Married” name, you are able to still travel using your maiden name even after marriage! How is this possible you may ask? Well here’s the interesting bit, there is actually no legal requirement for a woman to change her name after marriage, its even possible that after becoming a Mrs you can continue to use either your married of maiden name in any future endeavours (this may prove difficult in certain circumstances but in terms of honeymoon travel it can make your life easier, see below).


You are legally able to still use your maiden name until your passport expires if you so wish, however if you decide to do this most travel agents/airlines will require that your name on the booking/tickets matches your maiden name shown on your Passport. As long as you abide by this rule you will not need to change your name on your Passport until after your honeymoon or when the Passport is due for renewal.


Changing name on your passport


When you change your name on your UK passport all depends on whether you want to do it before or after your ceremony. Either way really is down to you, if you’re so excited to use your new married name and just cant wait here’s how to go about it.


Before the ceremony


Many people are unaware that you can actually change your name on your passport up to 3 months before your ceremony. The passport office can post-date your passport with your change of name on it. There are a few things to remember though…your old passport will be cancelled and you will be unable to use your new passport until the date of your ceremony. 


You only need to add in one extra form with your application, this is called a PD2 Form:  and is also available at the Post Office or for more about marriage online see: www.gov.uk/government/publications/passports-for-newly-weds-and-civil-partners


This form must be signed by the religious minister or registrar performing the ceremony. Then you can just send it in with your normal application.


*Don’t get caught out though, some countries will not give visas for post-dated passports but if you know where you are spending your first romantic getaway then you can check here if that country will www.gov.uk/government/publications/foreign-embassies-in-the-uk 

 After the ceremony

Now if you decide to change your name after your ceremony and after your honeymoon that’s simple just continue to use your existing UK passport. And once you’re back and ready to get stuck into married life just send off your marriage or civil partnership certificate to the passport office with your application to renew your passport. Just bear in mind that standard applications via post do take 3-5 weeks, if you need this done urgently there are companies that can assist (see below).


Now we want your honeymoon to be as amazing and stress free as possible, so please remember as mentioned above the name on your passport, which would most likely be your Maiden Name in this case; will need to match the name on your holiday documentation/tickets of your honeymoon booking, this is why its important to plan your Passport name change in advance, as it can effect your plans in more ways than one.



Who can help?


If you are looking for more information and there are plenty of options, and all are designed to try and make the hassle of your passport application as smooth as possible.


The Post office can often help when applying for passports but tend to be less helpful when you require further help or special requirements such as post dated name changes. For all your facts and ins and outs there’s www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-passport-office with all the information you’ll need including the post-date name change form.

If you’re like me and would like someone to take all the stress and hassle out of the situation then you can use an independent Passport advice service such as www.passports-office.co.uk, they offer advice and checking services as well as services for urgent passports.


So pack your flip flops, your sun screen and your passport and go enjoy your amazing once in a lifetime honeymoon with your one true love.


Thank you to Sarah Smith at the Passports Office for sending us this useful information. If you would like to know more about passport advice post-marriage visit the website. All images in this article belong to Oh So Perfect. 

Need help planning your wedding day? Visit www.ohsoperfect.co.uk for our full list of wedding planning and coordination packages and services. 


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