Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Top Tips!

I have planned plenty of weddings, I’ve coordinated dozens of wedding days, I’ve been a bride’s best friend on several occasions, but I have never been a Maid of Honour!

This year that changes as mixed in amongst the summer season of Oh So Perfect weddings, is the wedding of my best friend, and as such I have been bestowed with the ultimate wedding-planning privilege – I am her Maid of Honour. Excited, much?

As a wedding planner, I get involved in lots of lovely personal moments with my bride and groom, helping them to identify themselves as a couple and sharing their ideas for their perfect day, but I like to take a little step back when it comes to ‘being with the girls.’ One of the loveliest things about being a bride is choosing your bridesmaids, asking the ladies closest to you to support you in the biggest day of your life, and one of the fun parts of being a bridesmaid is going bridesmaid dress shopping!

From Sarah and Gareth’s movie wedding –

I recently had the pleasure of joining my best friend and two of her other bridesmaids for a very fun afternoon of bridesmaid dress shopping. We had a lovely day together all of us, and it only took 3 rounds of trying things on before we found the dress and what a gorgeous dress it was! It gathered a resounding ooooh! from all of us as we each slipped into it, and a a big thumbs up all round as we all realised it was perfect!


We were very lucky to find something so perfect, so quick, but it’s not always as easy… shopping with 5 – 7 – 10! other girls can be a lot harder than shopping with just 3, so with this in mind, here are a few little tips for brides and bridesmaids to consider when choosing the perfect dress…

1. Think about your colour scheme and theme.
OK, sound obvious, but it’s important to remember that your bridesmaids will play a big role in carrying on your chosen colour scheme and theme of the day! It is important to have a clear idea of the sort of colour you are going for – take some swatches or an example of your stationary to help you find the right shade, and if it’s a particular style you’re going for (50s/Gatsby/minimal etc.) then keep the theme in mind when choosing the dress. Cut out some images from magazines, or build up a board on Pinterest first to share with your girls so they all have a clear idea of what it is you’re looking ahead of the shopping trip.

2. Do your research.
Got a very specific style/colour in mind? Remember that the evening wear/bridesmaid dress shops on the highstreet will all be working to current fashion trends, so you may find it difficult to get the exact colour or fashion style you’re after if it’s not akin to what’s currently going on in the fashion catwalk too. Look online first, check which stores are currently stocking what dresses and what dress specialists are in the area, and draw up a plan of where you want to visit before you hit the shops.

3. All girls are different!
What do you love most about your bridesmaids – the fact that they’re your nearest and dearest friends, right? And with that, you must remember that each of them is an individual, they’re all different and that’s why you love them! But I’m not just talking about personality, it’s also important to remember that each girl looks different too. We all have different shapes and sizes, different hair and skin tones, and it can be very difficult sometimes to find one dress which ultimately suits all styles! We were very lucky when buying our dress – a long empire line with floaty fabric, and a bold dark colour tends to hit if off with all different body shapes and tones too, but bear in mind if your girls are really different, squeezing them all into an unusual shape, fit or colour dress may prove tricky!

4. Talk to your ladies.
It’s important to speak to your girls before you go shopping.Ultimately the final decision is yours, yes, but following on from my last point here, each girl knows her own style and has a pretty good understanding of what will or won’t look good on her – she’s been buying clothes for herself longer than you have don’t forget! Talk to your ladies about what styles they think suit them – and more importantly what styles they would feel most comfortable wearing, because you want your bridesmaids to look and feel good on the day too so that they can relax and enjoy themselves rather than worrying that they’re not comfortable in the outfit you choose. You never know, they may inspire you to think of something different you hadn’t considered!

5. Think about your own dress.
What does your dress look like? Remember to consider your own style, and perhaps even take a photo from your own fitting with you so you can decide whether the bridesmaid dresses you choose ultimately compliment the tones, fabric and styles of your own dress too.

6. Don’t be afraid to try something on.
My best friend was adamant that she wanted us in knee length dresses. Yet, take another look at the picture at the top of this post…. floor length! When we found these dresses, she ummed and ahhed as it was short she had in mind, but I suggested we simply try them on anyway – you never know – and fancy that, they were just the ticket and she loved them!

7. Be clear on your budget.
Before you hit the shops, make sure you’re clear about how much you want to spend and who is spending what. If you are buying the dresses for your girls, make sure they know the price tag limit and what is included – do you want to include the shoes and accessories in this budget or will the girls buy these themselves? Be clear. Talk to your girls, find out how much, if anything they’d be willing to contribute if the budget needed to be stretched, or, if you’re asking them to buy the dress themselves then be sure how much they are all comfortable to be spending (with all accessories considered too – do not forget those extra penny pinchers!) and remember to respect their set figure when you’re looking too.

8. One for the bridesmaids…
One final point, and this one goes to the girls themselves. Ladies, we all have our tastes, and as a bridal party it’s our job offer help and advice to a stressed out bride, but ultimately, and the very end of the day, the decision is hers. It’s your best mate’s big day, so let’s keep it that way. Sure, speak up if you’re really unhappy or uncomfortable, but for goodness sake do not cause a full blown drama because you’ll be off that bridal party list quicker than you can say “top table.”

From ’27 Dresses’

Remember that scene from 27 Dresses where Ms Heigl pulls out all her bridesmaid gowns-gone-by? Yeah, there’s some real stinkers there, but you know what, she wore them, because that’s what a good bridesmaid does.

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Top 10 Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts – Western Mail 24th August 2013

Oh So Perfect – In The Press

Our wedding planner Samantha has been at it again,  this time sharing her oh so handy tips and advice in South Wales’ biggest newspaper – The Western Mail. Samantha’s article ‘Top 10 Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts’ was featured in the Western Mail’s weekend supplement wedding special on Saturday 24th August 2013 – here’s a catch up of the article in case you missed it!

Samantha Imbimbo and Oh So Perfect in the Western Mail

Samantha Imbimbo and Oh So Perfect in the Western Mail

1. DO start with the budget. Sit down together and realistically discuss how much you would like to spend on your wedding, and how you will fund it. Will you use savings?  A loan? Will your family want to help out? Only spend what you can afford – you don’t want to end up with debt spoiling the honeymoon!

2. DO put together a rough guest list as early as possible. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, and it may change here and there as the months go on, but it will give you a clear indication of numbers for when you start booking your venue and catering.

 3. DON’T forget to think about your venue’s interior. If you’re already set on a colour scheme or theme, try to find a venue which compliments your existing choices, or else choose a theme which is supported by the colours already present in your venue’s décor. A blue colour scheme in a room with red carpets and gold curtains, for example, will only clash, so use your venue to its full aesthetic advantage!

4. DO design the invitations carefully. The wedding invitation is the first ‘clue’ guests receive about the overall style of your big day – so try to create an invitation which ties in to your colour scheme or theme so your guests have a clear indication of what they can expect on the day.

5. DO DIY Cut costs and add a personal touch by doing-it-yourself where you can. Involve your friends and family by asking them to help you make your own favours, build your own sweetie station or craft some decorations of your own. Online blogs are a great place to pick up ideas and tutorials.

6. DO seat friends and family together. It was once tradition at the wedding breakfast to seat your guests with people they hadn’t met before, but often this can leave the room feeling very sober as guests exchange polite chit-chat. Scrap formalities and seat your guests together with the people they know – the atmosphere will be lively and your guests will have a more enjoyable experience.

7. DON’T forget the kids. If you’ve invited guests to bring their children, make sure there is something available to keep them entertained. Place a colouring book or packet of bubbles on the tables with children seated at to play with during the speeches, or even hire-in an event nanny who will keep the children entertained with toys and games all evening while your guests are busy dancing.

8. DO practise your first dance. All eyes are on you here, and it can be embarrassing if you’ve not prepared. You don’t have to book a dancing lesson or choreograph a routine, but make sure you have a little slow dance at home together to your song a week or two before just to make sure you’re used to each other’s pace and movements before you take the stage. Plus it’ll spark a romantic evening for you both before the wedding!

9. DON’T forget the groom. Girls, it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of planning a wedding, but remember there will be two of you exchanging vows, so be sure to include your man in the decision making and allow him the personal touches he’d like too. (Except the perhaps the bunny-girl waitresses – there’s a limit!)

10. DO have fun, and hire an on the day coordinator! Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, and many people do it without the help of a wedding planner; but do consider hiring a coordinator for the big day itself– you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day you spent so long planning, knowing someone else is there to set up and keep watch while you’re focusing on having fun.

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Your South Wales Wedding Magazine May/June 2013

Perfect in the Press

May/June 2013Planning problems? Your County Wedding Magazine asked South Wales’ top experts to guide you through the what, where and when of weddings… including our very own Oh So Perfect Wedding Planner, Samantha Imbimbo.

Time seemed to stop as he bent his knee, your heart raced as you spied the unmistakeable glint of a diamond solitaire and somehow, you managed to blurt out the word ‘yes’ through tears of joy. Welcome to the whirlwind that is planning your wedding.

That first flush of engagement fever is to be savoured but it won’t be long before the planning starts in earnest. “Make sure you spend some time celebrating your new status – after all, there’s so much love in the air right now – but once all the chaos and celebrations fade, it’s time to get down to business,” advises Samatha Imbimbo of Oh So Perfect –Weddings and Events.

Pop into your local newsagent now to pick up your copy of the May/June 2013 Your South Wales Wedding magazine and turn to page 49 of the current issue to read on.

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DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial – a recap!

Emma and Andy's purple pompoms

Emma and Andy’s purple pompoms

Ever since we made these fabulous thrifty tissue paper pompoms for Emma and Andy’s Laugharne wedding last year, we’ve been inundated with requests to produce them for brides again and again!

This weekend I’ll be making 3 sets of big fluffy floofs in shades of violet, sugar plum pink and mocha for Samantha and Daniel’s vintage themed Gower wedding, so I thought since I’m getting crafty myself, perhaps I should share my step-by-step guide to DIY-ing your own pompoms all over again – happy crafting!

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel -

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel –

The original post can be found here: DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in your choice of colour (we recommend 10 sheets per pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon wire (or fishing wire)
  • Floristry wire (we’ve used silver, but you could match the colour to the paper if you like!)

Step 1

Layer up your 10 sheets of tissue paper (they should all be the same size and shape!) and begin to fold them concertina/fan-style.

Step 2

Snip off a length of the fishing wire. This will be used to hold your folded tissue paper together at the centre.

You can fold your tissue paper in half while it’s like this to help you find the middle!

Step 3

Wind the floristry wire around the centre and twist the wire together to keep it secure.

Step 4

This is a good moment to attach your length of nylon wire, as it will be a lot easier to add now then when the pompom is full. It also means you can hang it up as you begin separating the layers of paper.

Cut off your required length of nylon wire, and attach it around the floristry wire.

Fold the floristry wire over, or twist it together, to prevent the nylon wire from slipping off.

Step 5

You can now begin separating the layers of tissue paper using your hands.

You may find it easier to hang the pompom first, or ask someone to hold it up for you using the nylon wire, but we’ve illustrated this without hanging it first.

Lift the outer sheets to their highest capability.

Gently lift out the outer layers on the top and the bottom, and work your way towards the middle, pulling each inner layer out a little less each time.

The central layer shouldn’t need any tweaking at all.

Step 6

Your pompom should now be looking something like this…

Step 7

If you haven’t already hung up your pompom, now is a good time to do so. You will then be able to work on the other side with ease.

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the pompom…


Use your hands to tidy up the areas where the two sides of the pompom meet. They don’t need to touch perfectly necessarily, as long as they all open out fairly evenly.

Step 8

Stand back and look at your pompom in all its hanging glory!!


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It’s Your Wedding; It’s Up To You!

Yesterday I met with one of my couples at their venue to talk about their décor and design ideas. It was a cold and frosty morning, so the manor house venue looked absolutely stunning. We got so much done and discussed lots of ideas to take away and get working on over the next few weeks, and all whilst lounging in front of a big, cosy log fire. Looooovely, I could’ve stayed there all afternoon and evening too!

As we discussed the décor and design ideas, and began delving into the more personalised aspects of the day, something which my bride kept asking was, “but, can we do that?” or “will that be OK?”

The simple answer here was, “Yes!”

My bride was concerned that as we moved away from flowers in the centrepieces, and swapped some of the more traditional styles for something a ‘little bit different’ to match their modern theme, perhaps we were moving too far away from what is ‘OK’ to have at your wedding. In particular, as we discussed the ideas for favours, the groom asked, “but what would the guests think?”

It made me realise that there are still so many couples out there who are perhaps a little afraid to move away from what has come to be accepted as ‘normal’ at today’s modern wedding. But actually, there is no ‘normal’ – nothing is right or wrong on your wedding day. Ultimately, your wedding is your own, and you can do anything you bloomin’ well like really!

You don’t have to have flowers if you don’t want them – so many people seem to think you have to have flowers at your wedding, but you really don’t, in fact one of my favourite weddings I assisted at had not a single flower in sight. You don’t have to have chair covers either, or sashes and swagging, if that’s not your style. And your favours can be as quirky or sensible as you want them to be. My bride doesn’t want a sash on the front of her top table, but she was afraid to voice this at first, thinking she had to have this as, well, that’s what everyone else does, isn’t it? I reassured her it would be perfectly acceptable to go without, the guests would not be discussing the lack of table sashes behind her back after the wedding, and the day would certainly not be a let down without them!

There is no right or wrong, and your wedding really should reflect YOU – not everyone else in the world.

This not to say there is anything wrong with flowers, chair covers, sashes etc. but I believe that your wedding should be whatever you want it to be, and if you want to avoid the ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding of today, then do!

Last week, a friend asked me, “do you have to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day?” Now, I should at this point mention that said friend is in fact single, so I was a little confused by this random question popping up unprompted on my phone midway through the day, but I said to her exactly what I say to you: “It’s your wedding, you wear whatever the hell you want, love. “ And the same goes to your décor.

With love,
Samantha x

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Save The Date

How gorgeous is this Save The Date card sent to me yesterday in the post by one of my couples whose wedding I will be working on next September!

They have so perfectly captured both their theme (20s Art Nouveau) and colour scheme (gold, black and champagne) in this one little card, which will now be sent to all their guests ahead of their formal invites.

It’s so important when you send out your wedding stationery to consider your theme and colour scheme. This is the first glimpse your guests will receive of your wedding day to come, and it will set the scene on what they can expect. Laura and Phillip have made it perfectly clear in this one card exactly what their guests can expect to see on their big day. Some of your guests, particularly the closer friends and family members, may wish to dress to match the style of colour scheme, or to fit in with a theme if you have one, so a clear indication like this is an excellent way to help guests plan their outfit choices too.

It will also help create consistency throughout your wedding. A truly perfect theme is one which is executed in all the finer details, so matching your stationery even at this early stage will help tie everything together in the long run.

You can see just from this Save The Date card that Laura and Phillip’s wedding is set to be one gloriously, glamorous and classy affair; bring on next September!

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Dance The Night Together

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This week I have been busy researching musicians for one of my big theme weddings next year. It’s a break away from the themes and styles of the weddings I’ve delivered this year already, a fun modern Hollywood rom-com movie themed  and is so far proving great fun to design and style!

Researching the singers to perform in the church has got me thinking about how best to identify the right live music for your wedding, and the overall experience of planning a wedding as a whole.

It’s often very easy when planning your own wedding to get caught up in the stresses and trials of spending hours upon hours on the internet, flicking through magazines or gazing around wedding fairs looking for the different components of your big day, and as a result some couples find themselves in danger of loosing out on the enjoyment that planning your special day can bring, missing out on this opportunity to spend more time together as a couple, and on some very sad occasions even find themselves forgetting why they were planning a wedding in the first place!

My fab couple, Sarah and Rob, who booked an acoustic duo to play at their ceremony who they used to go and watch down their local pub.

I recently had the pleasure of discussing my job as a wedding planner with a very lovely lady – a writer – who wanted to know why I loved doing what I do. She told me that another, more unfortunate, wedding planner, had admitted that seeing her couples loose sight of their love as they became more concerned about flower arrangements and colour schemes drove the passion for wedding planning out of her system. I’m lucky enough that that has never, ever happened to me, and that’s because I believe it’s not just my job to plan and coordinate your wedding day (you lucky couples, you!), but also to help you along the way to feel excited about the decisions you make together and give you reasons to celebrate your love not only on the day itself, but in all the days leading up to this wonderful moment when you get to say “I do!”

So, going back to the live music… (I’m getting carried away in a love rant I fear), I feel it’s really important when you decide to go hunting for your live entertainment, to use this as an excellent opportunity to spend some time together, relaxing, and enjoying the experience of being oh so in love!

Get out there! Stop trawling online and look into your local area… Most of us live in or near enough to some brilliant towns and cities with plenty of opportunity to scope out some live bands who you may never have even heard of before, let alone found on a wedding directory. Head to your favourite pub or bar one evening when you know they have live music planned, and enjoy it! Listen to it, dance to it and perhaps if you like it, have a chat with the singer after their set.

Do you have a specific style of music in mind? Whether it’s a full band, a quartet, a harpist, acoustic duo, singers – whatever! Look up local music festivals and event listings in your area and go out on the town for a night to enjoy them in person. It’ll mean even more to you when you dance your first dance to the sounds of the band you first discovered in that little cocktail bar – your little cocktail bar – after that romantic wedding-planning-free evening you enjoyed 6 months ago…

Mr. Perfect and I in our favourite cocktail bar, shimmying along to the Spanish guitar, on one of the many occasions we failed to resist the urge for a little boogie… even on a quiet Sunday afternoon! 

Mr. Perfect and I used to spend many an enjoyable evening out just the two of us, dancing the night away together to whatever live band or duo happened to be playing that evening in our favourite little local cocktail bar. Yes, I admit it, we were that couple, the ones always dancing away whilst everybody else was sitting down with their drinks, but we never minded what people thought of us (well, maybe a little bit the next day!) – we were too busy enjoying what being a couple is really all about… spending time together and having fun with your best friend, and remembering why you got together in the first place.

Now, go book yourself a night out on the town!

With love,
Samantha x

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Midnight Lovers

This week wedding laws in the UK have changed, allowing couples to marry in England and Wales at any time of day or night.

From the 1st October 2012 this 176-year-old ban on 24 hour marriage was finally lifted, as previously couples were only allowed to marry between the hours of 8am-6pm, but now you can hold your ceremony at, well, any time you fancy really!

So, we’ve been having a bit of fun here at Perfect HQ this evening thinking up some suitable (and novelty!) themes and ideas to compliment these new changes in marriage law…

Las Vegas

Vegas themed weddings have always been fairly popular as fun themes go. Perfect for couples who wish to bring the casino style to their evening, or for Rockabilly lovers and Elvis fans, the Vegas theme always goes down a treat. But, what do you think of when you think of Vegas weddings? The Little White Wedding Chapel of course! Why not hold a midnight marriage in the style of this iconic wedding venue, you could even bring in a vintage car and re-create your own version of the drive-through wedding!

The Owl and The Pussy Cat

OK, we’re not suggesting you turn up at your wedding dressed as this famous pair as such, but remember the rhyme? “They danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon, they danced by the light of the moon.” The perfect poem to compliment a Victorian theme perhaps, or even a literary theme: dot plenty of old-fashioned bound books and candlesticks about your venue, and perhaps even design your colour scheme with the ‘pea-green’ boat in mind. Start the festivities with a hog roast, and don’t forget to pop a ring in poor Piggy-wig’s nose.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

While we’re on the subject of literary treats, this Shakespearean classic lends itself beautifully to the ceremony-by-night wedding. Use fairy lights and plenty of scented candles and tea lights to create a glittering, magical atmosphere, plus you can bring plenty of trees, shrubbery and flowers into your venue to create a forest-like setting. Fill the aisle with flower petals, line with lots of lanterns and keep the lighting low and atmospheric for that true midsummer night feeling. Style with Grecian dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, and perhaps even a flower girl in fairy wings, if she can stay awake that late of course!

The ‘Wedding Breakfast’

You could use the new laws to your advantage and take this traditional meal served after the wedding ceremony to very literal heights! Marry at dawn with the sounds of the dawn chorus behind you, then as the new day’s sun rises in the sky above, treat your guests to a full sit down breakfast meal; with a Champagne and juices reception, perhaps serve some very snazzy breakfast-inspired canapés (“mini-fried-egg, anyone?”) followed by the full-on cooked brekkie, and a wedding cake made of muffins and pastries… you’re guests will be all set for a full day of celebrations to follow.

Wedding Glamping

Tipi’s and yurts are becoming increasingly popular at weddings with a variety of bridal tents now available for married couples to enjoy their first night in together as husband and wife. If you’re planning a more intimate wedding, why not marry at sunset, then as the light fades your guests can enjoy a full taste of ‘wedding glamping’, singing songs around the camp fire as you dance your first dance, and sleeping under the stars on a bed of sheep skin rugs and Bedouin-style blankets.

The Witching Hour

Prefer something a little more alternative? Release your inner goth, don a black wedding dress and marry at 3am… that is traditionally the witching hour don’t you know?

What wedding themes can you think of to take advantage of the new marriage laws in England and Wales? Leave your comments below…

Photo credit: Hoffer Photography

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DIY Delicious Home-made Chocolate Cocktails

We’ve been cooking up a liquor-fuelled storm in the Oh So Perfect kitchen this week (all in the name of research!) creating these devilishly delicious alcoholic chocolate cocktails… it’s a wonder we’re still standing!

A cheeky treat for a fabulous home-made hen party, or bottled up and presented to your guests as luxurious DIY wedding favours, these two super-simple but seriously tasty cocktail recipes are the perfect chocolate accompaniment to any sweet-toothed couple’s wedding day.

Here we’re showing you how to make both a dark chocolate and vodka cocktail, and a white chocolate and peach schnapps cocktail, but these recipes are extra-fab as you can mix and match your favourite alcohol/chocolate combinations to really create your perfect dessert drinks – have fun!

You will need…

Don’t worry about the quantities, the more you have the merrier, as it’ll all get used in the end, right?! For these recipes, it’s all about finding the mixture and strength you prefer, so play about adding the alcohol and cream as you desire to find the taste that’s right for you.

  • Your desired choice of alcohol. We used vodka and peach schnapps, but you can use whatever you like! Don’t worry about using cheap spirits either, as the taste of the chocolate will mask the quality of the alcohol, whichever you choose to use.
  • Your desired choice of chocolate. We’ve used a mixture of milk and plain to go with the vodka, and white chocolate for the peach schnapps. You can use anything you like, or even go wild and use some chocolate caramel bars for extra naughtiness!
  • Single cream
  • A shallow pan filled with water
  • A glass bowl
  • A container or bowl for breaking up the chocolate (or just use the glass bowl!)
  • A mixing spoon or spatula
  • You may require a jug or funnel to help you pour the finished drink into the desired glass or bottle.

Step 1 – Let’s start with the vodka…

Break up your chocolate into a container or bowl.

Step 2

Heat up the shallow pan of water on the hob, so the water is boiling. Pop your glass bowl in the middle of the pan to create a bain-marie.

Step 3

Add your broken chocolate to the glass bowl. As the chocolate begins to melt, stir it with the spoon or spatula.

Step 4

Begin adding your chosen spirit little by little, to build up your required strength. Careful not to let the mixture boil though or you will evaporate the alcohol (disaster!)

Step 5

Pour some cream into the mixture, then keep on stirring until the chocolate is fully melted and the contents perfectly mixed to the desired texture. Remember, you can always add some more more alcohol/cream as you go, depending on the strength and flavour you are after.

Don’t panic if the mixture starts to look lumpy, just keep heating and stirring and it will get there in the end!

Step 6

Once the liquid is at the correct strength and consistency you can either pour it into a jug to cool down ready for your cocktails, or use a funnel to fill bottles to use as wedding favours. The alcohol content means that the chocolate will not solidify, so you can even bottle it and store it in the freezer for a cold after-dinner drink whenever you fancy it!

And as for the white chocolate and peach schnapps? Just rinse out the glass bowl and follow the steps all over again!


All images by Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events

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It All Comes Together in the End

Here’s a little sneak peak photo of some of our wedding styling from Emma and Andy’s ‘Better Together’ wedding in Laugharne last Saturday (full photos soon to follow!).

This display was thrown together by our wedding planner Samantha late in afternoon at Emma and Andy’s wedding. It wasn’t planned, but as the guests retreated to the bar for coffee and cake after the wedding breakfast, and the staff at the venue began transforming the marquee for the evening reception, Samantha decided that rather than packing up all the odds and ends left over from the various displays around the room which were now being removed (e.g. the cake, favours table and top table), she quickly arranged this pretty little vintage cluttered display at the entrance of the marquee, for guests to oooh and ahh over as they re-entered the room.

Needless to say the bride and groom adored this impromptu little feature display and were delighted to see that the items they had spent so long preparing would be used throughout the evening as well…

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