Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – the hype continues!

Well regular followers of our little blog, and of Oh So Perfect in general, will know that earlier this year our wedding planner Samantha gave her wedding planning skills over to Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert as his mentor in the series 4 episode of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience: Wedding Planner.

We blogged plenty about it at the time of filming, and we were even featured in a fabulous article in the Western Mail newspaper not long before it hit the telebox, and back in June Oh So Perfect made our TV début on BBC1 Wales Рyipee!

Rhod Gilbert and Samantha Imbimbo reflect on the day.

Rhod Gilbert and Samantha Imbimbo reflect on the day.

Well last Thursday we were at it again,¬†Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience received it’s second television outing, this time debuting nationally in the UK on BBC2, and what an exciting week it has been! On Wednesday last week Rhod was spotted on the One Show talking about the show, and the following morning a whole clip featuring Rhod Gilbert and Samantha was played out on ITV’s Day Break. Not only that, but less then 24 hours after the show made it’s BBC2 debut, Samantha was interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio talking to Roberto Perrone about brides making speeches.

We’ve received lovely comments, emails and messages of support from lots of people out there in wedding land, and even lots of enquiries from budding wedding planners in the making looking for guidance and advice – thank you to all of you!

Now I expect things will start to quieten down once again from here on, and gladly so as it’s busy, busy here at Perfect HQ at the moment as we prepare to deliver another 3 weddings before the close of summer and continue working with couples not just across the UK but even half way across the world right now (that’s right!), so we haven’t got the time to be too famous just yet – we’ll leave that job to Rhod I think!!

If you haven’t had chance to catch us on the tele just yet, then there is still time to view the show on BBC iPlayer until this Thursday, or if you’ve still missed it, well you’ll just have to buy yourself the DVD come Christmas, hehe!

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Star Letter in Your South Wales Wedding Magazine!

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Samantha ImbimboSo, as some of you regular blog followers may know, I’m going to be a bridesmaid in December (sans clipboard!) and you real avid blog fans you’ll also know that I appeared giving my expert advice in the May/June issue of Your South Wales Wedding magazine.

Well, a sneaky bride by the name of Victoria Price has only gone and got me featured in the July/Aug issue again, this time with a snap of me trying on my blue bridesmaid dress a few weeks back in the garden! It’s only gone and made the ‘Star Letter’ too!

Now then, if the cheeky madam had warned me of her plans I might have at least made a little effort to style my hair before hand, but nooo – you can imagine my surprise when I opened my latest issue and spotted it in there!

So, if you haven’t seen it yourself already, go out now and grab your July/August copy of Your South Wales Wedding magazine to see me in all my bridesmaid – ahem – glory.


Samantha x

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Favours for Favours

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Last Wednesday I found myself off on a jolly little bike ride to Bristol.

I say ‘bike ride’ but, actually, I went in the car. A car ride… to Bristol… for bikes.

Bike biscuits.

Last Wednesday I found myself on a jolly little car ride to Bristol for bike biscuits!


At Oh So Perfect we offer a fab little pay as you go service called ‘Oh So Helpful – As and When’¬†to lend a little helping hand to couples as and when they need it.

You don’t need to have booked another package with us already to take advantage of this service, you may well be planning and coordinating your wedding completely without our assistance, but sometimes in those last few days and weeks of pulling everything together, you may find yourself with a little less time on your side than you’d hoped for.

Oh So Helpful is a service designed exactly for that purpose – you can book our help by the hour to assist you with those last little bits you simply can’t find the time for by yourself, whether it be to:

  • help run a final few errands in those last few days
  • pick up something which may be a little drive away
  • making some phone calls or sending out some emails to chase up contact with your suppliers
  • lending an extra pair of hands to do some DIY d√©cor, stationery or a display on the day
  • or even if you need a little help a few months in advance running a supplier search
  • or any thing else!

Wednesday’s bride booked our Oh So Helpful – As and When service at the last moment when she realised that picking up those yummy biscuit favours for her guests herself would involve taking 3 hours out of her already very busy day to go and collect them from all the way across the border, but we were more than happy to embark on a little road trip to the Bristol-based bakery on her behalf to ensure that her guests had a little extra something special to enjoy after dinner on the wedding day.

A small favour that made a big difference to our bride’s time, although how we managed to get them all the way back to Swansea without gobbling one or two along the way, I’ll never know!

With love,
Samantha x

P.S. If you’re interested in our Oh So Helpful – As and When pay as you go hourly service, or any of our wedding planning and coordination packages in fact, then please do come and say hello at enquiries@ohsoperfect.co.uk

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Love Actually is All Around Us

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I have spent many an evening lately thinking that it has been quite a while since I last posted a floaty, heartfelt¬†Diary of a Wedding Planner post on this here little blog of mine; but lovely followers, I have simply been too overwhelmed with actually being a wedding planner to take any time to write about it! Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like!) it has been so busy here at Perfect HQ with 3 weddings already delivered this year, the 4th looming ahead on next weekend’s horizon, that I have been so busy planning weddings, I have had very little spare time to write about them.

Today was one of those days. I spent my morning tap, tap, tapping away at my emails, making calls and generally pulling together all the strings for next weekend’s big, beautiful marquee wedding in Oxfordshire. By 2pm this afternoon, my brain was becoming frazzled and I decided it was time to treat myself to a little break away from the screen and away from Perfect HQ.


But it would seem that, when you are a wedding planner, there really is no break from weddings.

I decided to take myself, and Bella the dog, up to Gnoll Park here in Neath, for a little stroll around the woods and the ruins, and to take a little hour to myself for some ‘me’ time to reflect upon the past few weeks, and the next few to come.¬†

As I was wondering along, dog zipping about between the bushes next to me, and thinking about all the times Mr. Perfect and I had walked these paths together hand in hand, I saw a gorgeous tree in full bloom ahead of me Рbright pink Рand it caught my eye immediately (most bright pink things do afterall.) I decided to take a picture, I am an Instagram-addict. But something else caught my eye too. 


I saw a bench – it must be a memorial bench I thought, as there are quite a few dotted about the Gnoll – and it had flowers on it. It must be new, fresh flowers for remembrance. But it wasn’t. The flowers, on closer inspection were not memorial flowers at all, they were wedding flowers, and believe me I know wedding flowers when I see them. A beautiful heart shaped wreath, full of big pale pastel blooms, drying out in the sunshine, and a glorious bridal bouquet casually placed next to it, tied with a silk ribbon.


Someone had left these pretty little wedding flowers here on the bench. Why? – I don’t know, and I probably never will either, but it made me smile.


As a wedding planner, I am a romantic at heart, and something about finding this little floral display so unexpectedly up the gnoll brightened up my day today. I often think about how some people sometimes forget about the love and the marriage itself when they are busy planning their weddings, perhaps I had even lost this thread a little myself this morning as I ploughed on through my own to-do list of the day, but these flowers came as a gentle little nudge to me this afternoon, reminding me exactly why it is that I do what I do. I do it for love. 

It just shows, to quote a well-known British rom-com, that love actually is all around us, afterall. 

Samantha x

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Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – the day is done!

So, here I am as promised following on from my previous blog post about Oh So Perfect‘s involvement in series 4 of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience.

Samantha, Rhod and the film crew play with the photobooth.

Samantha, Rhod and their big pink boxes!

Samantha, Rhod and their big pink boxes!

I’m not going to say much though, as I think some things are better left unsaid for now – instead I shall keep you waiting until later on this summer when the programme hits our screens here in Wales and iPlayer across the border!

But to summarise – wow what a wedding! The day was fabulous, the room looked incredible, Rhod not only rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in in-front of the cameras, but he genuinely took a shine to my couple and joined in with helping me to deliver the greatest day they could have even when the camera stopped rolling.

But most¬†important of all, on the day itself my couple were smiling: and not just ‘oh this is nice’ smiling but really, truly grinning their socks off, big cheesy grins from ear to ear! Rhod and the crew did such a cracking job of arranging a handful of extra surprises on the day that my couple’s wedding went from being incredible to ‘oh my!’ in a matter of minutes; and the bride, groom and their family couldn’t have been more thrilled to say the least.

But that’s it. Shhh! I’m not saying any more, you’ll simply have to wait to watch the show and see all the¬†shenanigans¬†that went on behind the scenes later this year!

That’s all for now!
Samantha x

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Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – the filming begins

Well it is with absolute delight that I let you in on what we’ve been getting up to recently!

Rhod Gilbert and Samantha

It all started a few weeks ago when I received a little phone call from a certain set of TV people in Cardiff, working on a rather well known little TV programme over here in Wales, with a rather well known Welsh comedian recognised right the way around the UK.

The¬†programme: Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience
The series: 4
The episode: Wedding Planner

Yes, ladies and gents, I will be acting as Rhod Gilbert’s mentor as he learns to become a wedding planner. Rhod Gilbert will be my work experience assistant. Oh yes, Rhod Gilbert will be helping to coordinate one of my weddings.

I am so lucky to be working with such a lovely, willing couple; brave enough to put their trust in me and allow Rhod Gilbert to help plan and coordinate their wedding with me this coming weekend!

Rhod meets my couple and their family.

We’ve had so much fun already. Just over a fortnight ago I was joined by the lovely Amber Hunter from the Wedding Planner School where together we gave Rhod a master class in wedding planning, and then last weekend I took Rhod to meet my gorgeous couple, Sarah and Gareth, and their family. I entrusted Rhod with a big task, he was to meet my couple and go through their final details with them, gathering all the bits and pieces of information to help him finalise the planning and help deliver the weekend in just a few weeks time. He also had to gain their trust, building a relationship with the couple I’d been working with for the last year in just a couple of hours, and he had to get to know the parents who would be entrusting him to deliver their daughter’s dream day. Big task. I watched on from the corner and giggled to myself.

Well, so far so good, Mr. Gilbert has been just wonderful. Not only has he managed to charm me (it wasn’t difficult…) but he has well and truly charmed my lovely couple and the bride’s family too, taking them to a national wedding fair and showing a genuine interest in their big day. It is safe to say that Rhod Gilbert really does care about this wedding too, and he’s been working so hard over the last week pulling together all the final bits of planning, organising the¬†d√©cor, photobooth and much, much more in preparation for the big day on Saturday. Everything is coming together just wonderfully, and I’m confident that Oh So Perfect’s first wedding of the 2013 season is certainly not going to be one to forget!

I told Rhod that as a wedding planner it is my job to become like the bride’s best friend. She has to trust me enough to deliver her perfect day exactly as she dreamt it. I think Rhod is doing a very good job of this so far, and if he really does deliver this wedding quite as well as I expect he will on Saturday then he’ll certainly have made it as my BFF for sure!

So lovely followers, please wish us all good luck for Saturday – the day is going to be very long, very stressful, and very tiring, but my gosh it’s going to be bloomin’ brilliant. I simply cannot wait.

The programme will be on BBC1 Wales later this year, and on the iPlayer for all of you lot watching on across the border – I’ll be shouting about it plenty when it airs, you won’t be able to miss it!

With love,
Samantha x

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We’d like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of the Brides and Grooms we’ve worked with over the last year – I hope your daughters/sons/daughters-in-law/sons-in-law are all treating you with plenty of pampering and love today! Mwah!

Here’s a little pic of me and my mum from last November’s Welsh National Wedding Awards – big kisses mum!

With love,
Samantha x

When You’re Beautiful Enough Already…

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Well now, since I found out a couple of weeks ago that my best friend is getting married, you my lovely followers will find that Diary of a Wedding Planner is about to become a little bit of a Diary of a Maid of Honour as well over the coming few months as I help my best friend plan her wedding day.


Despite having worked on many weddings, I’ve never actually been a guest at a wedding. I was a bridesmaid once, many, many years ago when I was about as tall as a foot stall and just about waddling about, but other than that, I have as yet not been invited to be a guest at any big affairs. But I diverge…

As I now get to play the role of maid of honour (and bridesmaid at another wedding too – oh yes!) I will probably be bringing you a few personal posts along the way about my experiences of balancing my passion of being a wedding planner with my love for my best friend and her big day.

One of the most exciting things about being a maid of honour is having the chance to go dress shopping with your best pal. Dress shopping is exciting enough on a normal day, but wedding dress shopping – oh! I was really looking forward to going dress shopping with my best girl and helping her find her perfect match in a bridal store.

However, this did not happen.

My beautiful friend went to a wedding show at the weekend which I¬†unfortunately could not join her for. Now I don’t know if the second part of that sentence may shock you dear followers – “a wedding show and you didn’t go?!” – ¬†but in my defence said best friend/wedding show are actually both a full 3 hours away from me and I was busy planning weddings closer to home!

At the end of the show my friend sent me an excited text message – she had found her dress. It was the first thing she had tried on, and she had found The One. On one hand my heart sank. On the other it skipped for joy.

Now my best friend won’t mind me telling you this, but I must admit I had been secretly rather worried about the dress shopping process too. In the past when my friend and I have been out on a nice Saturday afternoon shopping trip, things haven’t always gone so well. My friend can be very body concious at times (despite me forever telling her she’s beautiful, and believe me she is!) and I’ll spare her the embarrassment of going into detail here but I had a slightly nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that wedding dress shopping for this girl, who often fails to see her own qualities, could have gone down a bit of a bad route of not being able to find something she felt completely perfect in without her only seeing the bits that sometimes get her down instead.

So when I received a text saying:

“I have never put something on and felt so good in it. It was stunning.”

I knew immediately that any disappointment of not being there in the moment had vanished instantly. My beautiful girl had found a beautiful dress, and it had filled her with so much confidence and smiles that I can’t help but be anything less than over the moon for her.

She also informed me that when she stepped out of the changing room her mother immediately burst out crying and was handed a box of tissues and a hug from the assistant on duty… she then also started crying at a complete stranger in her dress as well because “she just looked so beautiful too.” So I think mother of the bride more than made up for my absence!

Sometimes, it can take months and months of searching to find the right dress to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. But other times you will just know as soon as you put the first dress on that, actually, you are beautiful enough already.

With love,
Samantha x

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Love At The Movies

Diary of a Wedding Planner

It’s not often I get to make a movie story board for one of my couples, but when my¬†Hollywood couple suggested they’d like to have a selection of movie clips from their favourite rom-coms rolling¬†¬†out across their wedding breakfast to compliment the theme, I knew my Film and Television degree would come in handy at last!!

So tonight I am putting together a selection of film clips from some of the UK and America’s greatest funny romances into a story board design along with details of why my couple chose the films and some famous quotes from the characters, ready to send off to our dedicated film editor to run it all together for the big day itself.

So, I figured since I’m indulging in a little bit of Hollywood myself this evening, I’d invite you to join me by sharing a couple of my personal favourites with you too… enjoy!

The last clip is a personal favourite of mine since Mr. Perfect always used to compare me to the wedding planner, Franck. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me to be honest!

Which is your favourite rom-com scene?

With love,
Samantha x

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I just can’t help myself!

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Even when I’m supposed to be having a nice weekend off with friends I still find myself event coordinating! Here I am scrubbing away at the washing up bowl preparing for yesterday afternoon’s little party here in Swansea…

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of joining the lovely ladies at the Revue Studios in Swansea to sip some champers and celebrate 10 years of business for Holistic Harmony! Hip hip hooray!

The studios are a fab place to pop in for a pre-wedding massage with Lisa in her brand spanking shiny new therapy room, or you can even book yourself in for a hen party or wedding dance choreography lesson!

Visit both their websites for¬†respective¬†details…. I’m off for another piece of cake!




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