DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial – a recap!

Emma and Andy's purple pompoms

Emma and Andy’s purple pompoms

Ever since we made these fabulous thrifty tissue paper pompoms for Emma and Andy’s Laugharne wedding last year, we’ve been inundated with requests to produce them for brides again and again!

This weekend I’ll be making 3 sets of big fluffy floofs in shades of violet, sugar plum pink and mocha for Samantha and Daniel’s vintage themed Gower wedding, so I thought since I’m getting crafty myself, perhaps I should share my step-by-step guide to DIY-ing your own pompoms all over again – happy crafting!

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel -

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel –

The original post can be found here: DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in your choice of colour (we recommend 10 sheets per pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon wire (or fishing wire)
  • Floristry wire (we’ve used silver, but you could match the colour to the paper if you like!)

Step 1

Layer up your 10 sheets of tissue paper (they should all be the same size and shape!) and begin to fold them concertina/fan-style.

Step 2

Snip off a length of the fishing wire. This will be used to hold your folded tissue paper together at the centre.

You can fold your tissue paper in half while it’s like this to help you find the middle!

Step 3

Wind the floristry wire around the centre and twist the wire together to keep it secure.

Step 4

This is a good moment to attach your length of nylon wire, as it will be a lot easier to add now then when the pompom is full. It also means you can hang it up as you begin separating the layers of paper.

Cut off your required length of nylon wire, and attach it around the floristry wire.

Fold the floristry wire over, or twist it together, to prevent the nylon wire from slipping off.

Step 5

You can now begin separating the layers of tissue paper using your hands.

You may find it easier to hang the pompom first, or ask someone to hold it up for you using the nylon wire, but we’ve illustrated this without hanging it first.

Lift the outer sheets to their highest capability.

Gently lift out the outer layers on the top and the bottom, and work your way towards the middle, pulling each inner layer out a little less each time.

The central layer shouldn’t need any tweaking at all.

Step 6

Your pompom should now be looking something like this…

Step 7

If you haven’t already hung up your pompom, now is a good time to do so. You will then be able to work on the other side with ease.

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the pompom…


Use your hands to tidy up the areas where the two sides of the pompom meet. They don’t need to touch perfectly necessarily, as long as they all open out fairly evenly.

Step 8

Stand back and look at your pompom in all its hanging glory!!


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DIY and Sunshine

Diary of a Wedding Planner

What a beautiful weekend we had here in the UK! Absolutely gorgeous weather graced us all weekend, with pure blue skies and sunshine – lovely!

This weekend I took a break from weddings to focus on finishing off some of the jobs left to do at Perfect HQ (for those regular followers of the blog you’ll remember we moved HQ last month). There’s still a lot of boxes to be unpacked, and DIY jobs to get finished, so Mr Perfect and I set aside Saturday and Sunday to get on with settling in…

The weather, however, came as a bit of a distraction! How could we stay indoors in such glorious weather? So while me may not have got all the ‘indoor’ jobs done, we did manage to spend a good bit of time out in the garden getting things sorted out there ready for the Spring and Summer. And I did manage to paint my radiator covers too!

Hope you like the photo – it’s our magnolia tree out in full bloom…

Did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend?

With love
Samantha x

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