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When You’re Beautiful Enough Already…

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Well now, since I found out a couple of weeks ago that my best friend is getting married, you my lovely followers will find that Diary of a Wedding Planner is about to become a little bit of a Diary of a Maid of Honour as well over the coming few months as I help my best friend plan her wedding day.


Despite having worked on many weddings, I’ve never actually been a guest at a wedding. I was a bridesmaid once, many, many years ago when I was about as tall as a foot stall and just about waddling about, but other than that, I have as yet not been invited to be a guest at any big affairs. But I diverge…

As I now get to play the role of maid of honour (and bridesmaid at another wedding too – oh yes!) I will probably be bringing you a few personal posts along the way about my experiences of balancing my passion of being a wedding planner with my love for my best friend and her big day.

One of the most exciting things about being a maid of honour is having the chance to go dress shopping with your best pal. Dress shopping is exciting enough on a normal day, but wedding dress shopping – oh! I was really looking forward to going dress shopping with my best girl and helping her find her perfect match in a bridal store.

However, this did not happen.

My beautiful friend went to a wedding show at the weekend which I unfortunately could not join her for. Now I don’t know if the second part of that sentence may shock you dear followers – “a wedding show and you didn’t go?!” –  but in my defence said best friend/wedding show are actually both a full 3 hours away from me and I was busy planning weddings closer to home!

At the end of the show my friend sent me an excited text message – she had found her dress. It was the first thing she had tried on, and she had found The One. On one hand my heart sank. On the other it skipped for joy.

Now my best friend won’t mind me telling you this, but I must admit I had been secretly rather worried about the dress shopping process too. In the past when my friend and I have been out on a nice Saturday afternoon shopping trip, things haven’t always gone so well. My friend can be very body concious at times (despite me forever telling her she’s beautiful, and believe me she is!) and I’ll spare her the embarrassment of going into detail here but I had a slightly nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that wedding dress shopping for this girl, who often fails to see her own qualities, could have gone down a bit of a bad route of not being able to find something she felt completely perfect in without her only seeing the bits that sometimes get her down instead.

So when I received a text saying:

“I have never put something on and felt so good in it. It was stunning.”

I knew immediately that any disappointment of not being there in the moment had vanished instantly. My beautiful girl had found a beautiful dress, and it had filled her with so much confidence and smiles that I can’t help but be anything less than over the moon for her.

She also informed me that when she stepped out of the changing room her mother immediately burst out crying and was handed a box of tissues and a hug from the assistant on duty… she then also started crying at a complete stranger in her dress as well because “she just looked so beautiful too.” So I think mother of the bride more than made up for my absence!

Sometimes, it can take months and months of searching to find the right dress to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. But other times you will just know as soon as you put the first dress on that, actually, you are beautiful enough already.

With love,
Samantha x

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