Baptisms and Botticelli

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This weekend saw Mr. Perfect and I crossing the Severn Bridge on a road trip to Surrey for a reunion with old friends, all coming together to celebrate the first birthday and baptism of Mr.Perfect’s Godson, James.

It was lovely to take a weekend away and visit a different part of the country. Surrey is beautiful, some stunning houses and hotels in the areas we visited, and weren’t we so lucky with the weather? Beautiful blue skies all weekend, and Saturday evening was mild enough to go out into the town without having to get wrapped up!

Definitely very lucky weather for any couples who got hitched this weekend, and wonderful for everyone at the baptism as we were all able to enjoy our friends’ parents’ garden for the buffet afterwards – lovely salmon and cold meats, potatoes, salad and a dessert table which did them proud… I struggled to resist.

Sunday afternoon then Mr.Perfect and I parted ways, as he endured the 3-hour drive back to Wales (which became a 6-hour nightmare due to bad traffic on the motorway, poor boy!) and I joined some of the party on the train into London, where I was staying Sunday night.

Lucky me had the chance for a quick whizz around Oxford Street on Sunday evening – I may have over indulged on the Jo Malone counter in John Lewis  – before catching up with another old pal for a long cuppa. I love making the most of opportunities to meet up with friends when in London.

I thought that Monday would flash by in a succession of meetings (the reason I had really gone to the big smoke) before catching my train home at 6pm, but by chance I was all done and dusted by 3pm and found myself with a spare hour or two to kill before heading home!

So, to Trafalgar Square I went! Having studied History of Art at A Level, I absolutely adore any opportunity to visit a gallery, and what better than a few hours in the National Gallery yesterday afternoon. I checked my suitcase into the cloakroom and enjoyed a long hour and a half wondering around some of my favourite artists; Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto, the Dutch artists, Manet, Monet, Pissaro, and Turner, to name just a few, and discovered some new pieces that I hadn’t seen before. I was particularly drawn to a painting by Emile-Jean-Horace Vernet which really surprised me as it wasn’t the sort of thing I usually appreciated, but found myself unexpectedly mesmerised enough to come home still talking about it to Mr.Perfect last night.

I also picked up a new book – ‘London’s Strangest Tales – Extraordinary but true stories’ full of quirky and interesting facts and tales from the previous centuries of London’s greatest eccentricities and hidden tales, a real gem! I can’t wait to get stuck in…

What did you get up to this weekend?

With love,
Samantha x

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