Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Morris

We’d like to wish a very happy first anniversary to our beautiful ‘Better Together’ couple – Emma and Andy – who were married in a gorgeous ceremony in Laugharne on 4th August 2012, followed by a vintage garden party celebration at Broadway Country House, for which we had the pleasure of assisting with the design and coordination of this lovely, lovely little affair. We hope you two have a gorgeous day together drinking plenty of champagne!


Looking back to last year, I remember sound of the rain slamming into the sides of the marquee as we set up that morning – I must admit I was starting to worry! – but by the time the afternoon set in and the guests began to arrive, the rain cleared up and the sun shone so brightly, there was nothing to worry about in the slightest, and a beautiful day was enjoyed by all!

We had meters and meters of bespoke bunting custom made for Emma and Andy which not only went all around and across the marquee, but also adorned the conservatory, walk ways and a little romantic outdoor pagoda, with a few spare strands to decorate the bridal suite too. Emma and Andy were also the first Oh So Perfect couple to request our hand made paper pompoms, which have since become a popular feature at OSP events having been requested by our couples time and time again after seeing these lovely purple ones!

Here’s a little look back at some photos of the set up of this pretty purple reception; stringing up all the bunting and pompoms with the help of my two assistants Christina and Mark…

IMG_1739 www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

And of course, my favourite part of the day – showing my couple what their venue looks like before the guests get to see! www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

If you’d like to see all the photos from Emma and Andy’s purple vintage ‘Better Together’ wedding, just follow this link! 

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Samantha & Daniel ~ Birdcages and Bunting

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On Saturday 27th April 2013, Samantha Wills married Daniel Morgan in a ceremony at Mumbles Methodist Church, followed by a reception at Oxwich Bay Hotel. Oh So Perfect were delighted to be involved with the On The Day Coordination of this birdcages and bunting themed vintage fabulous wedding.

www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The shabby chic inspired wedding stationery was designed and produced by Something Kinda Cute.www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

You can’t beat an Oh So Perfect pompom! We made these handmade pompoms especially for Samantha and Daniel the night before the wedding to be hung in the wedding breakfast marquee. The colours matched the carefully chosen colour scheme.www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The bride designed her own place cards, using luggage tags and lace. We clipped these onto each guest’s napkin with a little heart.

The boys were given a little moustache on a stick for their wedding favours, whilst the girls had wooden hanging hearts. Everyone also had a homemade cupcake on their table, all piled high on vintage cake stands. www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Grandma’s and Grandpa’s even had a little something extra on their place setting!www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Tables were named after inspirational couples in film, television and history. www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Guests enjoyed a wonderful view over Oxwich Bay as they tucked into the main meal – what a glorious sunny day for it too! www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Samantha’s grandparents featured on the list of inspirational couples too!www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The centrepieces were made up of birdcages filled with flower petals, supplied by Enchanted Décor. Samantha had also cut a square of fabric to sit underneath the centrepieces, all of which matched the handmade bunting on the top table and cake table.  www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The Vintage Tea Party Company provided a mix match of vintage china side plates, tea cups and saucers, which were used for the tea, coffee and cupcakes at the end of the meal. www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The top table included the words ‘Mr & Mrs Morgan’ in wooden letters, along with a floral display, wicker heart and beautiful bunting hand-made by the DIY bride herself.www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Fresh roses were added to the wedding cake, and later in the evening we moved the bridesmaid’s bouquets around the base of the cake for added effect. So pretty!www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

And what evening reception is complete without a sweetie table – this popular trend just keeps on coming back!
www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The bridesmaids’ bouquets were made up of fresh flowers, but Samantha’s own bouquet was designed and created using a mixtue of crystals, pearls, broaches and jewellery, which perfectly complimented her fitted lace dress.www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

As a little surprise for Samantha and Daniel, the bride’s mum had arranged for doves to be released during the drinks reception. www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The couple were so lucky to have the sun shining down on them as they took to the beach for their photos with photographer Maria Farrelly and Richard Shelton of Aurora Video.www.ohsoperfect.co.uk www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

What a glorious wedding, and such a pleasure to be a part of. The bride smiled all day long, and the groom looked so pleased to see everyone enjoying themselves! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Morgan!

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DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial – a recap!

Emma and Andy's purple pompoms www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Emma and Andy’s purple pompoms http://www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Ever since we made these fabulous thrifty tissue paper pompoms for Emma and Andy’s Laugharne wedding last year, we’ve been inundated with requests to produce them for brides again and again!

This weekend I’ll be making 3 sets of big fluffy floofs in shades of violet, sugar plum pink and mocha for Samantha and Daniel’s vintage themed Gower wedding, so I thought since I’m getting crafty myself, perhaps I should share my step-by-step guide to DIY-ing your own pompoms all over again – happy crafting!

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel - www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

Violet, Sugar Plum, Mocha and White for Samantha and Daniel – http://www.ohsoperfect.co.uk

The original post can be found here: DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in your choice of colour (we recommend 10 sheets per pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon wire (or fishing wire)
  • Floristry wire (we’ve used silver, but you could match the colour to the paper if you like!)

Step 1

Layer up your 10 sheets of tissue paper (they should all be the same size and shape!) and begin to fold them concertina/fan-style.

Step 2

Snip off a length of the fishing wire. This will be used to hold your folded tissue paper together at the centre.

You can fold your tissue paper in half while it’s like this to help you find the middle!

Step 3

Wind the floristry wire around the centre and twist the wire together to keep it secure.

Step 4

This is a good moment to attach your length of nylon wire, as it will be a lot easier to add now then when the pompom is full. It also means you can hang it up as you begin separating the layers of paper.

Cut off your required length of nylon wire, and attach it around the floristry wire.

Fold the floristry wire over, or twist it together, to prevent the nylon wire from slipping off.

Step 5

You can now begin separating the layers of tissue paper using your hands.

You may find it easier to hang the pompom first, or ask someone to hold it up for you using the nylon wire, but we’ve illustrated this without hanging it first.

Lift the outer sheets to their highest capability.

Gently lift out the outer layers on the top and the bottom, and work your way towards the middle, pulling each inner layer out a little less each time.

The central layer shouldn’t need any tweaking at all.

Step 6

Your pompom should now be looking something like this…

Step 7

If you haven’t already hung up your pompom, now is a good time to do so. You will then be able to work on the other side with ease.

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the pompom…


Use your hands to tidy up the areas where the two sides of the pompom meet. They don’t need to touch perfectly necessarily, as long as they all open out fairly evenly.

Step 8

Stand back and look at your pompom in all its hanging glory!!


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