Save The Date

How gorgeous is this Save The Date card sent to me yesterday in the post by one of my couples whose wedding I will be working on next September!

They have so perfectly captured both their theme (20s Art Nouveau) and colour scheme (gold, black and champagne) in this one little card, which will now be sent to all their guests ahead of their formal invites.

It’s so important when you send out your wedding stationery to consider your theme and colour scheme. This is the first glimpse your guests will receive of your wedding day to come, and it will set the scene on what they can expect. Laura and Phillip have made it perfectly clear in this one card exactly what their guests can expect to see on their big day. Some of your guests, particularly the closer friends and family members, may wish to dress to match the style of colour scheme, or to fit in with a theme if you have one, so a clear indication like this is an excellent way to help guests plan their outfit choices too.

It will also help create consistency throughout your wedding. A truly perfect theme is one which is executed in all the finer details, so matching your stationery even at this early stage will help tie everything together in the long run.

You can see just from this Save The Date card that Laura and Phillip’s wedding is set to be one gloriously, glamorous and classy affair; bring on next September!

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