Sunshine, Poppies and Silly Cats

Diary of a Wedding Planner

The sunshine is certainly making us smile at Perfect HQ this week, hasn’t the weather been beautiful? The smell of fresh cut grass (cut by Mr Perfect, his dad and baby brother on Monday evening – it was like watching The Three Stooges out there), bonfires in nearby gardens, and BBQ wafting across the streets – perfect! And those longer evenings always feel so much more productive don’t they, like there’s more time in the world to actually get things done after the 6pm evening switch off. OK, I admit, I very rarely salute to the 6pm evening switch off, but it doesn’t feel so bad when the sun is still glimmering…

I have temporarily moved my office into (what I am now calling) the ‘summer room’ at Perfect HQ, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself working away here with the double doors open to the garden next to me. I have been able to sit here tapping away on my laptop, occasionally looking up to see the sparrows and great tits on the lawn or hanging from bird feeders and trees, and when I need a little break it’s up I get and out I go for a quick stand in the sun.

We moved into the new Perfect HQ back in February, and it’s delightful now discovering what pretty plants and flowers are hidden around the garden as each week something new surprises us by coming into bloom. This week saw the first openings of our giant poppies. They’re so beautiful, but don’t last very long. I’d love to style a gorgeous outdoor wedding with lots of hay bales, cornflowers and giant poppies colouring the tables and walkways, but it would have to be very carefully planned to ensure they open at just the right moment for the wedding day itself!

Early this morning, whilst tapping away in the summer room, I looked up to see this silly thing staring right back at me, and it did make me chuckle… perhaps Meg is enjoying seeing me in the summer room too…

What have you been doing to make the most of the good weather this week? Do share…

With love,
Samantha x 

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