Sarah and Rob One Year On – and a little video to celebrate


My, my how time does fly! It’s been a whole year since we assisted the gorgeous Sarah and Rob Knott with their wedding on Gower, on a scorching summer’s day hitting almost 30C outside their marquee. We hope they’re enjoying the heat this year for their first anniversary too!

We’d like to wish this lovely pair a very happy first anniversary, and thought we would celebrate today by sharing Aurora Video’s incredible film of Sarah and Rob’s wedding to enjoy for yourselves as well. It really is just stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree…

Sarah and Rob from Aurora Video on Vimeo.

If you’d like to see our portfolio of photos from this summer Gower Romance, just click on this link to see them all on our blog.

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A Perfect Anniversary

Diary of a Wedding Planner

The day you walk down the aisle, look your partner in the eye, and say those magic words “I do” is a day you’ll never forget, and one you will look back on for years to come, as every year, on that day, you celebrate your anniversary. But what other anniversaries do we celebrate in love? And when is it appropriate to celebrate your love before you get married?

Once a couple is married, that date becomes the ‘anniversary date.’ It’s the day that you openly celebrate your love with friends and family, or together on your own. It is the day you count as ‘Day 1’ – the day your lives came together in love and unity, and the marker from which you refer to when considering how long you have been together as couple.

But what about before you became Mr & Mrs, which day did you celebrate your anniversary on then? And do you still celebrate that day even after you’ve tied the knot?

Today, for me, is a special day: 6 years ago yesterday, I moved to Wales. 6 years ago today, I met a boy with a black eye. 6 years ago tomorrow, my jigsaw puzzle was complete.

I’d found the missing piece: I’d met my Mr. Perfect, and today is the day we celebrate the most, as it was the day our story started. Not only that, but trying to pin down an actual ‘anniversary date’ was quite a task for us, and so generally speaking the next fortnight or so is full of memorable dates we celebrate together, day by day.

2nd October… the first kiss… 1st October… the first almost kiss!

8th October… the date we pretty much called ourselves a couple… 17th October… the date everyone else called us a couple!

14th October… the date I giggled like a school girl, twiddled my hair and said ‘Will you be my boyfriend?… or is that the 15th October…? It was 4am after all! (Incidentally the ‘giggling like a school girl’ bit was quite apt. It was ‘Back To School’ night and we were both dressed as school girls… was it the blond wig that finally sealed the deal perhaps?!)

5th December… our first date (work that one out!)

But whichever date we finally called ‘ours’ we knew one thing for sure; when we met on 23rd September 2006 something started that would last forever. I knew I had to be near this boy, and he knew he needed me near him too. So, happy anniversary to my very own Mr. Perfect. The black eye faded, but the love never will… xx

When do you celebrate your anniversary? Do you mark all those little dates that tell your story, or stick to the one day you define as yours? Will you change your anniversary date once you’re married, or celebrate both? 

With love,
Samantha x

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