‘The’ Dress Meets The Accessories…

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Regular readers of the blog and my Oh So Exclusive – Diary of a Wedding Planner will no doubt be well aware that I am currently putting together an outfit for the Under The Vintage Veil first birthday bash in Brighton next weekend… (read my previous ramblings on this here).

This outfit has become quite a feature on the blog! I’m now in serious danger of it becoming quite an anti-climatic reveal when I get to post about the party in two week’s time, but for now I’ll continue playing the game and posting about it’s progress!

Well I am very excited this afternoon to have an update – the outfit is almost complete… This morning the lovely man that is my postman delivered the handbag, shoes and, oh yes, that head dress to Perfect HQ, and I am delighted with the results!

The headdress has come from the wonderful creators at Crown and Glory, who you will know from my previous post, helped redesign and create my perfect floral headband in time for the event. I am very pleased with the result, although I must say it is slightly more on the pink side than I was expecting. However, I have decided that despite it’s current beauty, in order to tie it in just a little bit more with the colour of my shoes, I am going to pop down to Hobbycraft tomorrow morning and purchase just one or two more flowers in a bright purple to add to to the finished piece.

It’s lovely to be able to get dressed up and don a pair of heels for this event. I’m usually found in flats or teeny-tiny heels due to the nature of having to run about and stay standing for long periods of time at my weddings, so I’m relishing the chance to add a little bit more height and glamour to my outfit for the party. There is a little sneak preview of the finished look at the top of this post for you… I can’t wait to wear the finished result next weekend!

With love,
Samantha x 

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‘Love by’ Under The Vintage Veil

Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events are delighted to be ‘loved by’ the Under The Vintage Veil wedding blog

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Update on ‘The’ Dress and an Oh So Glorious Crown

Diary of a Wedding Planner

Regular readers may remember that last week I wrote about my search for the perfect dress and accompanying accessories for an event I am attending in Brighton next month: Flower Headbands and ‘The’ Dress

Well my first piece of exciting news this week is that I can now proudly announce that the event is the 1st Birthday Party of the wonderful Under The Vintage Veil wedding blog, which quite frankly all vintage-inspired brides reading this (or even just vintage fans in general!) need to go and check out right now…

The second piece of exciting news is that the dress I ordered online for the event has arrived and is a beauty! I’m normally quite reluctant to buy clothes online, I hate not being able to try something on before I make a purchase, and as I am pear-shaped I quite often flit between sizes and feel the need to take two of each item into the dressing room. I decided to take a risk last week however and bite the bullet – I ordered online. One of my ‘usual’ sizes was actually sold out,which ultimately made deciding on which one to actually buy to try at home a lot easier, and I so I was delighted to find that not only is the dress as pretty as the picture appeared, it also fits – hoorah! Now, I’m keeping the actual dress under wraps for now (just in case!) but you will of course see photos next month when I blog about the event.

So this brings me on to my next piece of exciting news… the flower head dress. As I expressed in my previous post, I am desperate to get my hands on a lovely Lana Del Rey-esque floral crown to wear with said dress for the event, and my desire to find one was slowly turning into an acceptance that I would probably have to get crafty myself.

Well, alas no! I have this week discovered the saviour of all saviours as far as flower head-wear is concerned…

Dear readers, I bring you Crown and Glory. I actually discovered this fabulous little accessory company mentioned on the Rock’n’Roll Bride blog earlier this week and thought I’d take a look at the website where I found this brilliant little button:

You can imagine my delight! A whole section of a website dedicated to purchasing Lana-esque headwear – just what I’ve been looking for!

I found ‘the’ crown to go with ‘the’ dress quite quickly as I already knew I was looking for dusky purple roses, and this one fit the bill. The only problem I found is that my perfect piece is in fact a bandeau, whereas I’m looking for a headband, but I noticed on the website that Crown and Glory also take commissions for bespoke designs and decided to get in touch.

Well I’m so glad I did. Sophie King, owner and creative genius at Crown and Glory got back in touch within the hour, and what a lovely lady she is. Sophie was quick to let me know that she’d be only too happy to turn a bandeau design into a headband, but unfortunately, my chosen piece was sold out (no!) so perhaps I could choose a different one for her to work on for me instead. I emailed back and explained about the event and the dress (yes, she was even lucky enough to see a photo!), and that the purple and roses were exactly what I’d been looking for, and she has kindly agreed to create me my perfect headband from another bandeau which had currently been on loan for a shoot and would be back with her next week. Happy, happy wedding planner!

So, I would just like to say a big thank you to Sophie for being so kind, polite and helpful with my enquiry yesterday afternoon, customer service at it’s absolute best, and now send you all off in the direction of Crown and Glory to go and look at the wonderful headbands, bandeau, clips, combs and fascinators on offer, while I can happily get back to working on wedding planning.

Here’s my pick of some of the other items I’m loving on Crown and Glory…

With love
Samantha x


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Flower Head Bands and ‘The’ Dress

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I’m absolutely delighted to have been invited to a very special birthday party being hosted by one of the UK’s leading wedding blog’s  in Brighton next month. It is a blog I simply love and adore, and I’m thrilled to be invited as not only will it be an incredible night but it will also be a fantastic opportunity to meet lots of other wedding industry names and faces who I admire and am inspired by in my own wedding planning work on a daily basis. (Plus I get to go ‘home’ to Brighton, where my Dad was born and raised and my family still live now).

I won’t name the blog for the moment, as I’m not 100% sure whether or not I’m allowed to just yet (although I will tell you when I know for sure!) but I can say it is a blog aimed at the vintage-inspired bride, and so of course I’m now on the hunt for the perfect vintage outfit to wear!

Today I had a break-through… I think I have found my dress, but I’m not going to share it with you just yet as I like to keep some things a surprise… (that and the fact that it hasn’t arrived yet and may not actually fit!) But even so, I am now looking for the ultimate accessory to go with it.

I’m feeling very inspired by Lana Del Rey’s flower head bands at the moment and think a 1920s style head garland of my own may just compliment this dress perfectly.

So tonight I have been looking for alternatives online, and below are some of the ones I have found so far. It seems though, that a lot of the hairbands I’ve come across are not for sale, instead they have been custom made by those crafty types who run their own DIY fashion blogs, and so that’s got me thinking I may well end up making my own headband too, which wouldn’t be so bad, after all regular followers of my blog know how much I love a trip to Hobbycraft!

Have you seen a Lana Del Rey inspired flower headband for sale online or on the highstreet? Leave your comments below…

With love
Samantha x

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Oh So it begins…

… our first blog post! And the celebration of the launch of our sparkly new website www.ohsoperfect.co.uk where you can find out everything you need to know about Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events. But first of all…


and welcome to what we hope will become your new favourite wedding blog!

The ‘Oh So Perfect’ blog is designed to become the ideal companion to any bride or groom currently planning their wedding, whether planning it alone or with the help of Oh So Perfect – Wedding and Events. But it’s not just designed for the happy-couple-to-be, it’s for anyone, male or female, single or coupled-up, who simply adores a good romance, a real-life-love story, or indulging in all things ‘wedding’.

Each week we will be updating our blog with everything you could possibly need to fulfil your inner romantic, and ideas to inspire your own wedding plans, with features including:

  • Examples of Oh So Perfect weddings, cataloguing our wedding planning work for you to see, including our ‘Oh So Honest’ client testimonials…
  • Perfect Love Stories offering you the chance to shout from the roof tops and share your own love stories with the rest of the world, and for all those romantics out there to indulge in a good tale of two sweethearts…
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  • And ‘behind the veil’ gossip from ‘Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events’, bringing you the latest goings on from our own wedding planners at work, and offering you our weekly ‘Friday Favourites’…

And we want to hear from you too! If you’ve got a theme you’d like us to investigate; would like to be featured in our Perfect Love Stories; want to share your Oh So Perfect experiences; or are a supplier who wishes to share their service with our readers, then please get in touch via our contact page.

We can’t wait to get started!

Best wishes,

Oh So Perfect x

And finally…

… want to thank you!

It’s been a long but exciting year pulling together all the pieces ready to launch our wonderful wedding and event planning business, and we’re so pleased to finally be here! But it isn’t without the help of some fantastic people that we did it, and so it’s only right that we thank them and commend their excellent work here in our first blog post, so…

A huge thank you to:

Bluesky Media – for the fabulous design work that has gone into creating our logo and brand, and for putting together such an incredible website which we’re so proud of!

The Wedding Planner School – who have provided us with the relevant qualifications and continued support to succeed.

Finesse Planning – for teaching us what to do when the wedding cake is a disaster, and showing us how to tackle a tea-light candle fire on a wedding breakfast table without the bride or groom ever finding out!!

Revue Studios – for being continuously supportive of our new venture by offering their assistance in our successful set-up, and providing the best knowledge and advice and  from one new business woman to another.

And most importantly of all…

…I’d like to personally thank the friends and family who have always believed in me and my determination to achieve my dream; with your enduring patience and honest feedback you have kept me motivated and positive throughout.  Thank you to all of you, you know who you are…

… and of course thank you to my very own Mr. Perfect – for simply being oh so you.

Samantha x

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