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Diary of a Wedding Planner

Weddings are happy occasions, and nothing makes me happier than seeing my couples smiling on their wedding day. Even more so when, a few weeks later, I receive a glowing testimonial or beautifully written thank you letter from Mr and Mrs… confirming that the day we spent months planning together was as wonderful as they’d hoped it would be.

But for a wedding planner, the big day can be a sad occasion too, because as well as saying hello to the new husband and wife, most of the time we have to say goodbye as well.

Let’s face it, we wedding planners get to know those couples pretty well in such a short space of time. The nature of my job means I get to share in some of the most intimate details of their relationship so far, and be a part of one of the most memorable days they’ll ever experience together. I learn about my couples’ personalities, loves, likes, dislikes, the little things that bond them, the bits that make them disagree, and by the time it comes to saying goodbye at the end of the day, I often feel like I’m saying goodbye to friends.

Sometimes it is just the couple who I have the pleasure of getting to know so well, but other times it stretches further than that. The bridesmaids and the best friends who know the details as well as the brides themselves; the fun-loving grooms-men who have kept me laughing all day with their mix of boyish behaviour and attention to their duties; and the parents of the bride and groom, to whom this day means so much as they let go of their little boy or girl and watch their son or daughter fall in love and grow. Sometimes, it can take a good half hour to say goodbye to them all, sharing hugs and kisses, smiles and thank-yous!

Usually, once the day is done, and it’s my turn to leave and go home, I drive home with the joy of knowing my couple’s wedding day has been the best it could have been, but the sadness too of knowing I’m unlikely to see this couple I know so well again.

So that’s why it’s always such a pleasure when, a few months down the line, I receive a call or email from another member of the family – a brother, sister, cousin, even friend, requesting my services for their future wedding too!

This weekend I was thrilled to catch up with one of my newest couples at their parent’s home to talk about their wedding plans, where not only did I get excited over having a new wedding to plan, but I got to reminisce and look back at one of my previous weddings too, as my new bride-to-be happens to be the twin-sister and maid of honour of one of my previous brides, and not only that but my previous couple came along for the catch up too! It was so lovely to see them all again and talk about their wedding, and to look back over the photo albums that had been put together by the bride’s (both of them!) mother – something I don’t often have the opportunity to do!

With love,
Samantha x

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