Love Actually is All Around Us

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I have spent many an evening lately thinking that it has been quite a while since I last posted a floaty, heartfelt Diary of a Wedding Planner post on this here little blog of mine; but lovely followers, I have simply been too overwhelmed with actually being a wedding planner to take any time to write about it! Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like!) it has been so busy here at Perfect HQ with 3 weddings already delivered this year, the 4th looming ahead on next weekend’s horizon, that I have been so busy planning weddings, I have had very little spare time to write about them.

Today was one of those days. I spent my morning tap, tap, tapping away at my emails, making calls and generally pulling together all the strings for next weekend’s big, beautiful marquee wedding in Oxfordshire. By 2pm this afternoon, my brain was becoming frazzled and I decided it was time to treat myself to a little break away from the screen and away from Perfect HQ.

But it would seem that, when you are a wedding planner, there really is no break from weddings.

I decided to take myself, and Bella the dog, up to Gnoll Park here in Neath, for a little stroll around the woods and the ruins, and to take a little hour to myself for some ‘me’ time to reflect upon the past few weeks, and the next few to come. 

As I was wondering along, dog zipping about between the bushes next to me, and thinking about all the times Mr. Perfect and I had walked these paths together hand in hand, I saw a gorgeous tree in full bloom ahead of me – bright pink – and it caught my eye immediately (most bright pink things do afterall.) I decided to take a picture, I am an Instagram-addict. But something else caught my eye too.

I saw a bench – it must be a memorial bench I thought, as there are quite a few dotted about the Gnoll – and it had flowers on it. It must be new, fresh flowers for remembrance. But it wasn’t. The flowers, on closer inspection were not memorial flowers at all, they were wedding flowers, and believe me I know wedding flowers when I see them. A beautiful heart shaped wreath, full of big pale pastel blooms, drying out in the sunshine, and a glorious bridal bouquet casually placed next to it, tied with a silk ribbon.

Someone had left these pretty little wedding flowers here on the bench. Why? – I don’t know, and I probably never will either, but it made me smile.

As a wedding planner, I am a romantic at heart, and something about finding this little floral display so unexpectedly up the gnoll brightened up my day today. I often think about how some people sometimes forget about the love and the marriage itself when they are busy planning their weddings, perhaps I had even lost this thread a little myself this morning as I ploughed on through my own to-do list of the day, but these flowers came as a gentle little nudge to me this afternoon, reminding me exactly why it is that I do what I do. I do it for love. 

It just shows, to quote a well-known British rom-com, that love actually is all around us, afterall. 

Samantha x

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Round and Round the Garden

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I was up and on the road by 7am this morning, enjoying the early sunshine, as I headed west across Wales to the pretty little town of Aberporth, near Cardigan, where I met up with my next couple, Kate and Richard, and Kate’s mother, Ann, to discuss their upcoming marquee wedding.

The theme for this wedding is an eclectic mix of Edwardian dinner party meets woodland walk – think Downton Abbey in amongst the trees! I’ve already named it my ‘Manet’ wedding, as I can imagine the scene coming straight from a mid 19th Century painting of gentlemen in morning suits, lounging in the open air…

I’m really looking forward to seeing the floral arrangements in this wedding. Kate and Richard have set their hearts on centrepieces consisting of candelabras and hydrangeas in various shades of blue to white.

I adore hydrangeas. ADORE them. In fact, I love any wild garden flowers – hydrangeas, poppies, sweetpeas, daisies, lavender, the lot; bundled together in a vase or growing wild outside, they  are my absolute favourite. So driving home from Cardigan this afternoon, and feeling very inspired by my couple’s choices, I decided that this afternoon I would step away from the computer for half an hour and set about my garden here at Perfect HQ, snipping and collecting the various flowers and filling some vases of flowers to go around my house.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m no florist, but here’s what I ended up with…. aren’t they pretty?

What are your favourite flowers?

With love,
Samantha x


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It All Comes Together in the End

Here’s a little sneak peak photo of some of our wedding styling from Emma and Andy’s ‘Better Together’ wedding in Laugharne last Saturday (full photos soon to follow!).

This display was thrown together by our wedding planner Samantha late in afternoon at Emma and Andy’s wedding. It wasn’t planned, but as the guests retreated to the bar for coffee and cake after the wedding breakfast, and the staff at the venue began transforming the marquee for the evening reception, Samantha decided that rather than packing up all the odds and ends left over from the various displays around the room which were now being removed (e.g. the cake, favours table and top table), she quickly arranged this pretty little vintage cluttered display at the entrance of the marquee, for guests to oooh and ahh over as they re-entered the room.

Needless to say the bride and groom adored this impromptu little feature display and were delighted to see that the items they had spent so long preparing would be used throughout the evening as well…

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This week Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events caught up with Verity Sidgwick of Cardiff based florist, Blush

At Blush ….we love flowers!

     Specialising in unique & beautiful wedding flowers with an eye for original detail – Blush offer a boutique service at an affordable rate.

We work with each individual to help them tell their story, and create something unique and beautiful to make their day memorable. We have created dreamy vintage themes, welsh grown flowers with a flowered bicycle basket and a bridal bouquet with a hedgerow theme and berries….white and classic chandeliers with dozens of creamy roses & trailing amaranthus…

We had great fun with an Alice in Wonderland wedding – creating Mad Hatter tea parties on each table, with arrangements of peonies and roses in birdcages, teapots and teacups….we love to create something different and beautiful.

And we keep it green -where possible, we use locally grown flowers and foliage.

We love flowers & we want to share that with you!

We run fun flower-workshops where you can come to us or we can come to you and bring everything you need to create gorgeous flower arrangements – perfect for an afternoon tea or fun night in with the girls over a glass of fizz.

Inspired – Beautiful – Special

 We also run a special masterclass for the DIY bride where we can teach enthusiastic brides & friends all they need to know about how to design & create fabulous centrepeices, beautiful buttonholes & floral favours & place setttings to add the personal touch to your day. We will bring all the tools , flowers & all you need – we can even bring vintage china, tea and homemade cupcakes to create the perfect setting for your flower workshop!

Our festive flowers will help get you in the mood for the season & you will leave with a bespoke door wreath or party centrepeice or garland to decorate your home.


We don’t repeat designs & ensure that each wedding has bespoke flowers which stand out from the crowd. We book one wedding per date to ensure we can pay attention to every detail & get it perfect.

We love what we do, we are excited by each new wedding & working with each bride to ensure wedding flowers reflect individual taste and personality.

We work with integrity & the bride & groom’s best interests in mind being imaginative, flexible & organized.

 We source the highest quality blooms within budget & work with local growers to source local flowers & foliage where possible.

I just love flowers, meeting people & creating beautiful arrangements. It is a wonderful industry to work in, its such a privilege to create flowers which  are special and memorable for people on their wedding day.

 I was inspired to start up Blush bespoke wedding flowers after seeing the demand for different and unique flowers for weddings – it is a lot of work creating new designs. We are constantly getting inspirations, not just from our bride’s stories, but from everywhere – changing seasons, fashion designers, art & flower trends.

I have always loved fresh flowers and I have had a passion for floristry for as long as I can remember.

My grandmother  was an amazing florist and gardener. Her house was always filled with beautiful arrangements and I learnt so much from her about creating displays, as well as growing & caring for plants and flowers.

I have 8 years experience specialising in  designing wedding flowers & I am always learning & updating my skills – you have to, in order to keep things fresh. My background in fine art has certainly helps me with design, balance & colour.

Every bride is different & their flowers are always unforgettable of course! I will never forget Angela & Gary’s Alice in Wonderland extravaganza and the sumptuousness of hundreds of roses and peonies.

 I really loved creating the floral bicycle basket for Stephen and Cery’s wedding last year. We sourced Welsh-grown flowers, which I picked myself from a local farm the day before the wedding – which was just a joy. A last-minute addition of gorgeous sloe berries picked from the farm’s hedgerows made an inspired addition to her bouquet.

Creating bridal bouquets will never lose its particular magic for me – it is a moment I savour.

I tend to work on everything else and save the bouquet for a quiet moment to really treasure – I love it as a moment of stillness, where you know you are creating something that is really special.

We offer all prospective brides free consultations & can come to you or meet over tea or coffee.

 For more information about Blush, or to contact Verity direct

visit the website

or email

(Photography by Sacha Miller)

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