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Children at weddings. Now there’s a sentence which can bring about a lot of conversation, controversy and debate…

For some people, children are an added element of the day – they bring joy, laughter, and make very pretty flower girls and page boys. For others, they may be an undesired distraction. But whatever your feelings on the subject of children at weddings, here are our top tips on how to plan your big day whether or not you choose to invite young guests…

1. It’s OK to say no!
Inviting children to weddings is not for everyone, and if you and your partner decide that you would prefer not to have any under5s/under 12s/under16s etc. attending your special day, then you do have the right to say so. But do so politely, and clearly.

2. Divide the Day
If you’re worried about upsetting your guests, one of the easiest ways to keep everyone happy is to divide the different parts of the day into child-friendly and non-child-friendly sections. For example, ask that only adults attend the actual ceremony and/or wedding breakfast, but invite families with children to the evening reception only.

3. Be clear on your invitations
If all the family are invited, include all their names on the invitation, so that your guests aren’t left feeling embarrassed and unsure as to whether or not their little ones will be welcome. If you’d prefer to have no children attend, make this clear on the practical information part of your invite, but remember to remain polite. State at what age your cut off is, and if possible include a reason to assure your guests it’s nothing personal e.g. Unfortunately due to limited seating arrangements, we have decided not to invite children under the age of 12.

4. No exceptions!
Remember, it’s unfair to make exceptions for close friends and family. If you have asked your guests not to bring their children, then you mustn’t either! Your guests might feel annoyed to find that after they went to the effort of finding a babysitter for the day, your cousin’s toddler is chirping away at the back of the church.

5. But she looks so sweet…
Little girls make beautiful flower girls and bridesmaids, but remember you are allocating a very little lady with a very big task! Walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people can be a daunting prospect for even the adults amongst us, but for a young child not only might this prove frightening, it may also prove a little distracting. Ask an adult that your child attendant knows well to accompany him/her with the task.

6. Plan your pews
Print out  some ‘Reserved for Families’ signs and ask the grooms-men or your wedding planner to place these on the seats nearer the back of the ceremony. That way, families with young children can sit towards the back and make an easy exit without any embarrassment should they need to pop out during the ceremony. It will also prevent any particularly loud children from disrupting your wedding wedding vows. Similarly, plan your wedding breakfast seating so that parents can make an unnoticed escape should they need to during the speeches.

7. Favours should be fun
If you are giving out wedding favours, make sure you include something child-friendly and fun for the children. One wedding we attended placed a big teddy bear on every child’s seat at the wedding breakfast, which made them feel extra special. Bubbles are another great idea to entertain children (and adults!)

8. Something for the speeches
Include a little something extra on the tables with child guests seated to keep them entertained during the speeches. Colouring books and crayons are excellent examples as these will keep children seated and quiet throughout the speeches, and will keep young children busy for a fair while.

9. Don’t just entertain your adults!
Remember to provide some entertainment for children at the reception too. Set-up a small corner of the venue with some giant games such as a Connect4  board or small ball pool where children can entertain themselves. You may even wish to ask your DJ to provide a few children’s songs at the beginning of the night to give young guests the chance to enjoy themselves before the adults take to the floor.

10. Hire a wedding nanny
Weddings today will often hire in a pop-up nursery for during the reception. If possible, book a small, separate room at the venue and hire an event nanny to come along and provide entertainment, games and child care for the evening, meaning the children are being kept entertained and out of sight, and parents can relax and let their hair down too, knowing their children are being looked after.

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‘Love Story’ Invites and Artwork

How gorgeous are these Love Story invites by wedding stationery designers
Something Kinda Cute…?

I create a bespoke design to really capture your own true love story.

Available as either a wedding invitation, or as artwork for your home; Something Kinda Cute will ask you a handful of questions to help ignite memories of your relationship milestones, and to decipher aspects of your personality, combined with a couple of key photos of you both together, which then go into creating a bespoke design to reflect your own love story.

Something Kinda Cute offer different size options to suit your wedding stationery budget, just email for a quote.

Or for bespoke artworks they will send you a printed version of your love story that you can frame, as well as a PDF if required for £75 (for up to A3 in size).

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Wedding Stationery Tips and Advice from White Crafts

As wedding planners, Oh So Perfect work hard to bring our clients the best advice possible to help make planning a wedding an enjoyable, stress-free experience for all our couples. 

We invited Wales-based wedding stationery designer, Kelly White of White Crafts to appear as a guest writer on the Oh So Perfect blog, to offer our readers an insight into what to think about when choosing your wedding stationery and sending your invites. Here Kelly gives her tips and advice to help you on your way…

There are a number of aspects to take in to consideration when ordering your wedding invitations, here are a few helpful tips to help you on your way to STRESS FREE wedding stationery delights!

Number of Invitations

Before you even begin to look at designs, colours, lay out of invitations make sure you know how many you need! Remember 100 guests will mean approximately 50 invitations, as many will be couples or families who only require 1 invite. This is only a rough guide and it’s well worth the time sitting down and going through the list properly with your partner to get a precise number.

Style of Wedding

Is your wedding a formal affair, sticking to all the traditions? Are you taking a modern twist on some of the old favourites? Are you heading for an informal relaxed celebration? Whatever you decide, your invitations/save the dates are the very first encounter your guests have with your wedding. They set the scene for what your guests can expect on the day itself, and have the power of determine dress choices (especially colour) and whether or not your guests will make the effort to attend.

Who’s inviting Who?

Sit down and talk openly about whom will be hosting (inviting people) to the wedding. Traditionally the Brides parents invite guests to the marriage of their daughter, but with more and more Brides and Grooms paying for their own weddings or multiple parties contributing then who’s name goes on the invitation can become a taboo subject, if not approached head on! There are many different wording options that can include everyone, so if you find yourself lost just ask your wedding stationer for help.


You have to think not only about the Bride and Groom’s names here. For example, do you want to include middle names or even surnames? Whose name is first? I could go on… but you’d probably stop reading. You also need to consider how you’re going to display your guests’ names. Some choose not to include names on their invitations. In my experience I personally would always recommend stating exactly who is invited and more importantly who isn’t!! You don’t want to be in a situation on the day where you assumed Auntie Sue & Uncle Pete are coming to the wedding but their 24 year old son with his new girl aren’t, only for them all to turn up on the day with nowhere to sit, and nothing to eat. Awkward! Better to make it clear from the very beginning whom is and isn’t invited.


It’s always a good idea to include an RSVP to ensure you get your responses in the time frame you want, including all the information you need. Always check with your venue when they need your final confirmed numbers, and how many vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, allergies etc. meals you require. This way you can make sure you ask your guests for their responses in a reasonable time, plus a little extra for you chase any one slacking.


I have this question A LOT, ‘we’ve lived together for years, and we have everything we need, so is it cheeky to just ask for money?’ This is completely personal to you. In my experience, approximately 1 in 50 weddings have a traditional gift list, all the others ask for money contributions towards home improvements, or the honeymoon. There are polite ways of doing this, but remember your guests will bring you something. They’ll want to give you something. If you don’t tell them what you want, you face the awkwardness of having three kettles, towels that don’t match your bathroom, and a toaster you don’t need. Whether you choose money, a gift list, charitable donations in lieu of gifts, or strictly no gifts at all, you have to give your guests this information.

Your day!

Above all, remember it’s YOUR WEDDING. There are no rights or wrongs, I can tell you the traditions but in the end it is up to you and your partner what you want to include and don’t want to include. Happy Planning!

Kelly x

For more information about White Crafts Hand-made Wedding Stationery visit the webiste

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Cardiff Invitations

Choosing the perfect stationery for your wedding is very important to the marrying couple. Your wedding invitation is often the first ‘clue’ your guests receive regarding the style and theme of your wedding, and so it is important to ensure that you have a design which captures the feel of your big day from the beginning… 

After 6 years of experience designing and creating invitations for special occasions, Anna Carter formed her bespoke wedding stationery business, Cardiff Invitations in 2011. Last month, Cardiff Invitations were named ‘Best Wedding Stationery 2011’ for the East Wales Region at the Welsh National Wedding Awards. We caught up with Anna to find out more about how Cardiff Invitations can create the perfect stationery designs for you…

Cardiff Invitations offer high quality, hand crafted wedding stationery and special occasion invitations. We are based in Cardiff, however are happy to offer consultations throughout South Wales, and our orders can be posted anywhere too.

Our style could be described as elegant and simple with lots of ribbon and a bit of sparkle. However we do also offer bespoke design, so are able to produce the perfect invitation for each couple. We are also happy to tailor all of our designs to Civil Partnerships.

In three words? We’d describe our business as: quality, friendly, customer-focussed… We are most likely to attract couples who want quality stationery and give their guests a wow first impression of their wedding, without any stress!

Cardiff Invitations’ absolute dedication to their previous and existing customers is clear, due to their recent win at the Welsh National Wedding Awards…

Our recent award was voted for by our previous and current clients, and we have a number of reviews on our website to testify that customer service is vital to us.

Picking wedding suppliers is a personal choice for each couple, however I would say that if a couple wants a friendly service from a business dedicated to creating amazing wedding stationery, just how you want it, then check out our website. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so let the stationery be the easy part!

Anna’s love for designing and creating the perfect stationery pieces to compliment a couple’s wedding theme reaches out further than simply being her job…

I made my own wedding stationery and then was asked by friends/family to do theirs. After I had my daughter I wanted a change of career and I relished the opportunity to be involved in more weddings!

I love it when a couple comes to me with ideas of how they would like to do things differently and I am able to create just what they want! I recently worked with a couple who were getting married in her native South Africa and wanted to incorporate that into their invitations, without losing the elegance.

 And she clearly understands what makes a couple’s big day Oh So Perfect too…

A couple having what is special to them makes a wedding Oh So Perfect. When I got married, it was having all my family there, where as for somebody else it might be marrying in a special venue or wearing the dress of their dreams…

Cardiff Invitations is part of the ‘Wedding Wonderland’ at The Bridal Boudoir wedding dress shop in Cardiff. You can also view which wedding fairs they will be exhibiting at on the website, along with a full gallery and information on current stationery designs available to order. Why not get in touch with Anna through the website to find the stationery which is perfect for your wedding…


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