It’s All In The Design

One of the most exciting things on your wedding day is seeing all those grand plans, little touches and finer details come together exactly how you hoped they would, bringing your perfect day to life.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

It’s a dream come true for any happy couple on their big day to see the wedding they’ve worked so hard on creating come to life, and even more so for us here at Oh So Perfect, as we get to transform the designs we’ve worked so hard on with our couples into a reality. If there’s ever a reward for doing your job, it’s seeing the smile on a bride’s face as she enters the room and sees the designs we worked so hard on paper and portfolio in all their finished glory for the first time!

With that in mind, we thought we’d share our original designs, the venue ‘before shots,’ and the final photos from Emma and Andy’s ‘Better Together’ wedding with you to show you an example of the Oh So Fabulous – Wedding Design process from Oh So Perfect.

Table Plan

Marquee Interior

Top Table

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DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Tutorial

We’ve been getting crafty at Oh So Perfect this week in preparation for Emma and Andy’s wedding in Laugharne next month. Tissue paper pompoms, or ‘floofs’ as we love to call, them are inexpensive and easy to make, yet they can add so much colour and fun to a venue.

Here’s our DIY tutorial of how to make these lovely, puffy paper balls for yourself!

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in your choice of colour (we recommend 10 sheets per pompom)
  • Scissors
  • Nylon wire (or fishing wire)
  • Floristry wire (we’ve used silver, but you could match the colour to the paper if you like!)

 Step 1

Layer up your 10 sheets of tissue paper (they should all be the same size and shape!) and begin to fold them concertina/fan-style.

Step 2

Snip off a length of the fishing wire. This will be used to hold your folded tissue paper together at the centre.

You can fold your tissue paper in half while it’s like this to help you find the middle!

Step 3

Wind the floristry wire around the centre and twist the wire together to keep it secure.

Step 4

This is a good moment to attach your length of nylon wire, as it will be a lot easier to add now then when the pompom is full. It also means you can hang it up as you begin separating the layers of paper.

Cut off your required length of nylon wire, and attach it around the floristry wire.

Fold the floristry wire over, or twist it together, to prevent the nylon wire from slipping off.

Step 5

You can now begin separating the layers of tissue paper using your hands.

You may find it easier to hang the pompom first, or ask someone to hold it up for you using the nylon wire, but we’ve illustrated this without hanging it first.

Lift the outer sheets to their highest capability.

Gently lift out the outer layers on the top and the bottom, and work your way towards the middle, pulling each inner layer out a little less each time.

The central layer shouldn’t need any tweaking at all.

Step 6

Your pompom should now be looking something like this…

Step 7

If you haven’t already hung up your pompom, now is a good time to do so. You will then be able to work on the other side with ease.

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the pompom…

Use your hands to tidy up the areas where the two sides of the pompom meet. They don’t need to touch perfectly necessarily, as long as they all open out fairly evenly.

Step 8

Stand back and look at your pompom in all its hanging glory!!

Stay posted as next month we’ll be bringing you the full story of Emma and Andy’s wedding which we’ve designed, styled and will be coordinating  on the day, with full photos and details of how we made their special day Oh So Perfect!

Here’s some of our purple practice floofs for their wedding…

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1920’s Veils and Frocks

Diary of a Wedding Planner

We received an enquiry today to possibly help with the style and design of 1920s themed wedding next year. Well, I must say I am excited – I adore all things art deco and feathers and pearls make my heart flutter! Fingers crossed we’ll be working on this one as the era is one I share a passion for…

I adore the wedding fashion of the 1920s, those beautiful, beautiful long veils! Only last week I found myself yakking on to Mr Perfect about how much I adore those veils the women wore back then. We were watching a programme about King George V and it showed images of the wedding of King George VI where the late Queen Mother as we now remember her wore a real stunner of a veil. Mr Perfect said he thought they looked silly, but I guess you can’t please them all…

So it inspired me this afternoon to have a gander over Google and some original photos of 1920s weddings, and those beautilful frocks and veils, to share a few with you on the blog:

and more recently…

With love,
Samantha x


– King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
– From
– From (original source unknown)
– From (original source unknown)
– From
– Lily Allen image from

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Word Of The Day – ‘Floof’

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon today at the very picturesque Broadway Country House near Laugharne in Carmarthenshire. What a gorgeous venue, and what an even more gorgeous couple I’m working with there!

Today I met with one of my current  brides and grooms, and a few of their nearest and dearest attendants, to talk about the venue design and décor for their reception at this lovely location and I think it’s fair to say that today’s word of the day was definitely ‘floof!’ 

‘Floof’ – what  a cracking word. It makes you feel just a little bit fabulous when you say it out loud doesn’t it? For anyone unsure, a floof is a tissue paper pompom ball,  and they’re looking likely to feature heavily in this particular wedding design, which means I get to keep saying it again and again… hoorah!

I’m so excited about this wedding, it truly is going to look beautiful, and I’m so lucky to be working with such a wonderful bride and groom on it – so fresh and full of creativity! My bride today even arrived armed with collages and cut outs, as well as plenty of props and photos to add some inspiration to our designs. Fantastic.

The photo above is a snap I took of the chandelier in Broadway’s orangery. I can’t wait to see it again with some added ‘floof’…

With love,

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‘Purple, Elegant, Vintage’ Wedding Design Portfolio

Diary of a Wedding Planner

This evening finds me creating the first draft of a design portfolio ready for a meeting with one of my lovely couples this coming weekend.

My couple’s colour scheme is predominantly deep purple, and we’re focusing on the key words ‘vintage’ ‘classical’ ‘elegant’ and ‘country garden’ .

I’ve had lots of fun pinning images and ideas onto their Pinterest board and have now developed these images and the feedback from my couple into creating a portfolio to help us start pulling together the elements they like and love, to help us work together to refine their own wedding design ideas so that I can get started turning them into a reality.

Every wedding theme is a joy to work on because every wedding is so different, and the more creative the brief the more fun it can be realising the couple’s dream theme!

I have particularly enjoyed working on this particular wedding design this evening. I’ll save the full portfolio for my couple of course, but here are a few sneak peeks at some of the ideas we currently have floating around for this very pretty Carmarthenshire wedding…

L is for…



and Lace

With love
Samantha x 

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Oh So Fabulous – Wedding Design

Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events are wedding planners first, and wedding bloggers second.
Here’s an example of one of our wedding planning packages ‘Oh So Fabulous- Wedding Design‘  to help you style and design your perfect wedding day.

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The ‘Oh So Fabulous Wedding Design‘ package is the ideal service for any couple who wish to plan their own wedding, but need a little bit of help creating a style and theme to wow their guests.

Perhaps you’re struggling for inspiration and don’t feel you have the creative spark you desire; or you can’t make your mind up on just one theme from all the choices and ideas out there; maybe you’ve got a great idea but don’t know where to start in bringing it all together; or sometimes you simply haven’t got the spare time available for you to research and design your theme to perfection.

Oh So Perfect will meet with you at a time and place to suit you to discuss your ideas and thoughts so far, taking into account your venue, requirements and budget. We will then identify elements of your personalities, likes and dislikes, background, and important moments in your relationship together to help you find the theme that is oh so you.

Once you have chosen your perfect theme, we will then get to work designing plenty of ideas and suggestions to help bring together the elements of your wedding day. All the ideas will be presented to you in a portfolio for you to use to help you continue with your wedding plans on your own, knowing that you have the designs at hand to be able to communicate your needs to your suppliers in order to make sure your theme is Oh So Fabulous.

Oh So Perfect will help you design the following elements of your wedding to fit in with your chosen theme:

  • Ceremony and reception venue décor
  • Colour schemes
  • Table centrepieces
  • Flowers for attendants including bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Bride, Groom and attendants styling including outfits, accessories hair and makeup
  • Stationary
  • Cake
  • Favours and gifts

From £450
(Marquee Weddings from £575)

Book ‘Oh So Perfect’ Wedding Design and ‘Oh So Supportive’ On the Day Coordination together for the discounted starting price of £750 (marquee weddings from £995)

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Getting to grips with Pinterest

Diary of a Wedding Planner

I joined popular website Pinterest quite a few months ago, but have been forever putting off using it, mainly due to the fact that I was slightly clueless as to what I’m actually meant to do with it…

However, this week I have decided that it really is the time to for me to finally get to grips with this little ‘pin thing’ – especially since I keep receiving emails to let me know that another person has started ‘following’ me and I feel slightly guilty that I’m not providing them with anything to follow!

So here I am – giving it a go.

I have decided to use it primarily as a handy online tool to share ideas with my current Oh So Perfect couples when working on their own wedding design. I will create a board for each of my Oh So Fabulous Wedding Design couples, and allow them the ability to add to it also, so together we can share thoughts and images at the touch of a button. Not only will it make it much easier for me to share ideas and inspiration online with my brides and grooms quickly without too much back and forth emailing, it will also give me an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with others in the wedding industry too.

Give it another few weeks and I’ll be a pro, I’m sure!

Here’s my profile address if you’d care to join me in my new pinning adventure…

With love
Samantha x 

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